Join us for the grand opening of the K Line this weekend!  

After many years of waiting, the first segment of the K Line is opening to the public at noon on Friday, October 7.  

The entire Metro bus, rail and bike system will be free from Friday through Sunday, Oct. 9, to celebrate our newly expanded transit network and show everyone the many places that are easy-to-reach via Metro.  

Among some of the big events you can ride free to this weekend: USC football at the Coliseum on Saturday night, Rams-Cowboys at SoFi on Sunday, CicLAvia in downtown L.A. on Sunday and the LAFC-Nashville match on Sunday at Banc of California Stadium in Exposition Park.  

And, of course, you can ride Metro free to the K Line corridor if you would like to take the new train for a spin.  

We’re very excited to finally get riders on board your new train. 

There has been talk about improving or restoring rail transit to the Crenshaw Corridor since the late 1940s. That is not a misprint. The K Line is finally happening because L.A. County voters in 2008 approved a half-cent sales tax (Measure R) to fund many projects, the K Line included.  

The K Line’s first segment to open serves the Crenshaw Corridor, Inglewood and Westchester. The K Line will speed up transit, add capacity to our system and will be a key first step toward a rail corridor that will one day stretch from Torrance to LAX to the Crenshaw Corridor to West Hollywood and Hollywood. More below on that.  

We know there’s a ton of interest among readers about the K Line and opening weekend, so let’s get straight to it:  

•On Friday, we’re opening the first seven stations of the K Line — between Expo/Crenshaw Station and Westchester/Veterans Station. Trains on the K Line will begin running around noon. You can board trains at any of the K Line’s seven new stations. As with other rail openings we’ve had, there may be lines on opening weekend — especially when service begins Friday. 

•There will be a public celebration — The K Line Fest at Leimert Park Plaza — from noon to 6 p.m. on Friday that will include live music and dance from noteworthy local artists, food and booths with information from a variety of agencies and  organizations, including Metro. Click here for the stage line-up. 

•A new commemorative K Line TAP card will be available for purchase for $2 starting Friday at TAP vending machines at the seven K Line stations and Metro Customer Centers. Here’s the design at right.

•The easiest way to reach the K Line via transit is to take the E Line, our light rail line that runs between downtown Los Angeles and downtown Santa Monica. Metro Bus Lines that connect to the K Line will include Lines 40, 108, 111 and 210. To plan your transit trip, we recommend using the Transit app for smartphones or the trip planner on

•There will be a shuttle bus running between the K Line’s Westchester/Veterans Station and the C Line’s Aviation Station. The shuttle bus will begin service Oct. 7 and run duringK Line service hours. Riders can catch a shuttle to LAX terminals from the C Line’s Aviation Station.  

•The K Line will run every 10 minutes during weekday peak hours, every 12 minutes during off-peak weekday hours and weekend days and every 20 minutes in early mornings and evenings after 8 p.m. Here’s the schedule. Note: the K Line will run every 10 minutes all-day servicefor opening weekend; the normal schedule will begin Monday, Oct. 10.

•To ride Metro Bike free this weekend, select 1-ride and use code 100722 at Metro Bike stations.

•We will be running a shuttle bus between the K Line and SoFi Stadium for Rams and Chargers games beginning later this NFL season, as well as for the College Football National Championship game at SoFi on Jan. 9, 2023. We’ll continue to run the SoFi shuttle between the C Line’s Hawthorne/Lennox Station and SoFi for every Rams and Chargers game. We’ll let everyone know via this blog and Metro’s social media when the K Line’s SoFi shuttle begins service. 

•Looking beyond this coming weekend, the K Line is a great way to get to the extremely popular Taste of Soul on Saturday, Oct. 15, which takes place between Barack Obama Boulevard and Stocker Street. Taste of Soul attracts many thousands of people and the K Line is an easy way to reach the festival without the hassles of traffic and parking. Use the K Line’s Expo/Crenshaw, Martin Luther King Jr. or Leimert Park stations or the E (Expo) Line’s Expo/Crenshaw Station.

We want to emphasize: this is the first K Line segment to open. We’re not done!

The K Line’s Aviation/Century Station is expected to open in 2023 along with a rail connection to the C (Green) Line.

The LAX/Metro Transit Center Station along the new K Line tracks is under construction — at Aviation and 96th — and is planned to open in 2024. That station will serve as the transfer point between the Metro system and the LAX Automated People Mover that will take riders to and from airport terminals.

The building of that station involves work along the new K Line tracks — the reason why we’re not opening the K Line to Aviation/Century and the C Line at this time. We want to keep workers safe and we want to get the work done as quickly as possible. 

This segment of the K Line is the first step in a much longer north-south rail corridor. The extension of the C Line to Torrance is in the environmental study phase, as is an extension of the K Line north to Wilshire Boulevard and the D Line, West Hollywood and the B Line in Hollywood. These are longer range projects. But both already have hundreds of millions of dollars of local funding thanks to sales tax measures approved by L.A. County voters in 2008 and ’16. 

The K Line helped Metro pioneer three key programs that are now here to stay. Our Business Interruption Fund and Business Solutions Center helped local businesses during construction — and will be deployed to other Metro transit projects. Similarly, our Project Labor Agreement helped local workers get jobs building the K Line, providing many a pathway to a new career.

Finally, this: we broke ground on the K Line in 2014 and we know that construction of this $2.2-billion project has been a slog, as is often the case for major infrastructure projects.  

We cannot thank enough the residents and businesses along the rail line for their patience, support and oversight of this project. In the days and decades ahead, the K Line will carry tens  of millions of people. Not only will the rail line better connect our region, but it will better our region to the world via LAX.  

Please join us in celebrating this victory for Southern California. We can’t wait to see everyone on board.  





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  1. Hello! Thanks for posting this, and the 100722 code to use “To ride Metro Bike free this weekend”! It got us out to use two bikes for CicLAvia. We entered the code and were still charged for the time we used the bikes beyond 30 minutes. This press release does not say that “free this weekend” is limited to one 30-minute ride. A helpful customer service rep. already refunded the charge for me, but I am wondering – can you refund it for others? And next time, make the bikes truly free? Thank you!

    • Hi David —

      Our apologies for that. I’ll pass this along to our Bike staff. I think the challenge is making the bikes both free and ensuring the codes cover enough time. Thanks for feedback — helpful.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Surprisingly fast light rail line, definitely an improvement on the designs of the others. Lots of gates and underground and elevated segments.

    Please do not close it for 2 years to elevate the Centinella section, which is already served well (for riders) by gates allowing the train to pass right through. Cars are capable of waiting 20 seconds.

    Already noticing the station announcements/displays calling out the wrong stations (a la the Expo Line) confusing pretty much everyone on board lol though lol. Given that this has been happening for years on the Expo Line, I don’t expect any sort of solution.

    • We admit that Metro has terrible management. Metro does not care about riders, but uses transit funds as a perpetual piggybank for bloated salaries and pet projects.

      We’re OK with the K Line shut down until 2027 because nobody at Metro has the backbone to stand up to Inglewood’s mayor.

  3. You can take Metro Micro to Century and Sepulveda but you have to walk inside from there. The estimated time from LAX terminals to boarding a train on the K Line is around 45 minutes, and that’s if you hit exactly half the headways on the LAX C Line shuttle and the C/K link.

  4. Another free train for the homeless and bums to ride. No turnstile to control this problem! Send managers and officials to London England and see how it’s done right. The blue and green lines are no longer safe to ride !

  5. Do you know how many cards have been produced & how many were stocked at each machine along the new stations? I want to make sure that I can actually get the cards on the opening & not end up getting a generic blue card.

  6. The link does have connect to the pdf timetable. When do you you think that will be available?

    Also when will metro publish the service modifications to the adjacent bus lines to compliment the K line service?

  7. Steve:

    Why is Metro running bus shuttles to football games on the K LIne when Metro won’t run bus shuttles to LAX for a line that was promised to run to LAX three years ago?

    Are taxpayer dollars funding the football shuttles for these for profit events?

    Another miss by Metro LA!!!!!

  8. Hold up… the K-Line isn’t done. Why celebrate a Grannd Opening for something that’s not ready yet?????

    This was supposed to open in 2019 and won’t be ready until 2024. KLine won’t go to LAX because Metro and LAWA won’t work together and provide a shuttle.

    The Mayor of Inglewood wants to delay the K-Line to 2027 with the Centinela rail bridge.

    Get to work Metro LA and connect to LAX as promised with our tax dollars!!!!

    • The connection to Aviation/LAX is opening 2023. The 2024 is just for the APM station.

  9. Please consider implementing shuttle service for other SoFi and YouTube theater (i.e. located at SoFi) entertainment and concert events, not just football games.

  10. Is the new K line shuttle going to stop at Aviation/Century also to serve the unopened stations.

    • Hi H;

      No — it will run directly to Aviation/LAX Station on the C Line.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source