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  1. Beach Cities Transit should adopt Metro’s former Line 126, which ran from Manhattan Beach to the Hawthorne/Lennox station until December 2020.

    When Beach Cities Transit had their Service Change proposal meetings in July 2022, I brought up Metro’s former Line 126 when representatives brought up “Pollywog Park” and “Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center”, it made me think: “Beach Cities Transit should adopt the former Line 126 as their own route to better serve these points of interests”.

    What made me bring up the former Line 126, and suggesting that BCT adopts the line as their own route, is to make commuting to El Camino College more easier and safer for many Manhattan Beach residents who choose to attend ElCo after finishing Mira Costa High. The only benefit on BCT adopting the former Line 126 is that for Manhattan Beach and North Redondo (Lincoln) residents, it’s safer to travel to El Camino College instead of transferring buses at the South Bay Galleria, which is an unsafe area, according to many. A real life example took place in early June 2022 as I was heading home from work. As the Line 102 stopped on Artesia/Kingsdale, a crazy man threw a (thankfully, closed) beer can in the bus when the driver ignored his questions. I discussed the incident on Nextdoor. They tell me to avoid the Galleria as it is not safe. I told that person that I was lucky to become a licensed driver that following morning, as I finally won my driver’s license from the Hawthorne DMV.

    Taking one person’s suggestion about avoiding the Galleria to heart, I mentioned Metro’s former Line 126 to BCT, hoping they would adopt it as their own route. In addition to executives mentioning serving Polliwog Park/Manhattan Beach Middle School, as well as the Performing Arts Center, in the near future, I feel that BCT adopting the 126 would make commuting to El Camino College safer and easier for many Manhattan Beach residents who would attend El Camino College. Easier and safer, meaning they don’t have to transfer buses at the Galleria, which is dangerous given what happened on the night before I got my driver’s license.

    I used the [beer can] episode as a reason why BCT should adopt Metro’s former Line 126 in the near future; to make traveling to El Camino College much safer for North Redondo (Lincoln) and Manhattan Beach residents that attend El Camino College.

  2. Hopefully on the December 2022 service change may be happen by effect on the revision bus lines just like according to similar as local Line 224 for sample. Line 256 should be start revision change for previous (former Line 258) on Monterey Pass Rd with analyzing to East LA area extension sounds like a deal. But I totally disagree with Wayne Wright ecomments by August 2022 Westside/Central board meeting says “rerouted Line 256 to County USC Hospital (LAC+USC Medical Center) via Huntington Drive / Mission Road. My reply suggestion to Wayne Wright: It will be duplicate with other LACMTA bus local line which is Line 78 that runs along Huntington Dr/Mission Rd but I don’t think is going to be rerouted Line 256 toward LAC+USC Medical Center. If going to LAC+USC Medical Center: 1. Take Line 78 then get off Mission/Marengo with transfer Line 251 or other bus lines or walk down to the County USC Hospital on left. 2. Take Line 78 then get off Mission/Griffin via Zonal then walk down to the County USC Hospital on right. So Line 78 is still served on Las Tunas Dr/Main Street/Huntington Dr/Mission Rd goes to Downtown. I am not tried to against him but I totally agreed of Line 182 extension to Cal State University LA Transit Center by Wayne Wright ecomments by August 2022 Westside/Central board meeting as well. Line 182 Vermont Ave/Sunset Bl Red (B Line) Station to CSULA Transit Center sounds like a deal too because I hear the Gateway Cities Council Chair by board meeting are made to recommended for extend Line 182 toward the Cal State University LA Transit Center from last time.

    The San Gabriel Transit Feasibility Study is already in progressed with proposed NextGen Rapid (BRT) Line along San Gabriel Valley area along major street corridor which is expected happened on future service change when the SGV Transit Feasibility Study is approved in favor with rapid bus lines by operation transit agencies but I already missed the meeting on SGV Transit Feasibility Study Virtual Meeting by February 2022 so I don’t know anything but that is my apology by the way. If I were myself, I should have coming to the SGV Transit Feasibility Study Virtual Meeting February 2022 on Zoom with comment or speaking up which I supposed to do.

    Since the NextGen Plan 2020-2021 service change are already failed leads to inconvenient seat ride with making up drastic revised change and cause for reduced ridership with high-frequently slower bus routes by eliminating rapid bus lines 704, 728, 733, 734, 740, 744, 745, 750, 757, 760, 762, 780 and 788. Without the NextGen Plan 2020-2021 service change so that could be delayed in least 18-24 months according to riders from previous comment of February 2022 service changes at this blog. I already noticed is too late for Metro because they choose not to listen by riders are asked not to leave from restore to reduce ridership so that couldn’t be restored on June 2020 change in first place as long and short-term by waiting for Covid pandemic is over.

    To be honest, San Diego MTS did good job for keeping freeway rapid routes without elimination and I will give credit SDMTS but unlike LA Metro with elimination one freeway rapid line which is used to be served rush hours on Line 788. I might to tried riding on the MTS Rapid Route 280 and 290 rush hours but I have been tried riding on the MTS I-15 Rapid Route 235 before at lot time but it was very comfortable seat so I will stick with SDMTS Rapid bus line that are convenient seat ride without inconvenient.

    By the way, no wonder how the LA Metro did not purchase comfortable seat in first place so I already seen the video of SGV Transit Feasibilty Study Virtual Meeting back in February 2022 by rumor says “LACMTA has terrible jobs and aftermath not to be involved with LACMTA”. That’s how I don’t support with NextGen Bad Plan 2020-2021 service changes with eliminating rapid line and slower high-frequency line.

    On the Montebello Bus Moves Service Changes may be happen on next year if the MBL are approved with selecting revised service changes. The Regional Connector may be effected after Phase 5 service changes which is Phase 5.2 for renumbered Line 262 and A (Blue Line) will be remain including Expo Line will became Gold Line which is E (Gold Line) then L Line will discontinued. On the OCTA Making Better Connection Service Change will be effected by next year as wlll. Hopefully the Intercounty OCTA Express which is goes to LA should not be discontinued service or if unless the OCTA are decided of discontinued freeway express to LA service which is Route 701/721 should be problem and issues for inconvenient with ending up driving automobile, riding on Amtrak/Metrolink/Greyhound/FlixBus alternative.

  3. Lines 180 and 217 should of start to merge and become as a single Line 180 extending from Pasadena City College to La Cienega/Jefferson (E) Expo Line Station because we’re fed up riding Line 217 to transfer to Line 180 this is totally unacceptable especially when Line 217 is always late Line 180 should go from Point A to Point B Line 180 should start to become a higher speed service nit slower speed service hopefully this will happen on the next shake up Service Change in December

  4. This is so fabulous. I’m really thrilled about the Service Changes that are happening in three weeks. I’m not sure if this is Phase 5 of the NextGen Plan, as Phase 4 was in June 2022, but this is so exciting.