The K Line opens Friday, October 7!

The wait is over!

The K Line will open to the public at noon on October 7, Metro announced today. Opening event details here.

As part of the celebration of Metro’s seventh rail line, rides will be free across the entire Metro bus, rail and bike share system from Friday, Oct. 7 through the end of service on Sunday, Oct. 9.

We know our riders, community members and so many others have been waiting for this moment. Everyone at Metro is excited to give everyone a chance to ride the K Line. And we are eternally grateful to the many residents and businesses who showed patience during construction.

The K Line will initially serve seven new stations between Expo/Crenshaw and Westchester/Veterans — see the map at right. The city of Inglewood will have three stations and many other communities will finally have easy access to the Metro Rail system, including Baldwin Hills, the Crenshaw Corridor, Hyde Park, Jefferson Park, West Adams and Westchester.

Other K Line facts:

•Please see the K Line page on for tons more info on the new rail line, including station information, how to ride Metro and all the vibrant artwork that is part of each station.

•At Expo/Crenshaw Station, riders will be able to make an easy transfer between the K Line and the E Line (Expo) that runs between downtown Santa Monica, Culver City, USC, Exposition Park and downtown L.A.

•As mentioned above, the K Line includes three stations in the boomtown that is Inglewood, including the Downtown Inglewood Station that provides easy access to busy Market Street.

•And this spot of good news: Metro is also planning to launch a SoFi Stadium shuttle bus between the K Line and the stadium, in addition to the existing shuttle from the C Line.

•The K Line will also eventually offer service to LAX community and the airport. The K Line’s Aviation/Century Station is expected to open in 2023 and the LAX/Metro Transit Center Station along the new K Line tracks is under construction and planned to open in 2024. That station will serve as the transfer point between Metro Rail, many Metro and muni bus lines and the LAX Automated People Mover that will serve airport terminals.

•The K Line will eventually connect to the C Line. Metro is in the process of planning a C Line extension to Torrance.

•On the north side of the K Line, we’re in the early planning stages of a project to extend the K Line north to the D Line (Purple) subway, West Hollywood and the B Line (Red) in Hollywood.

The K Line project has literally been decades in the making.

The last of the streetcars that served the Crenshaw Corridor stopped running in the mid-1950s and were replaced by buses. A regional rail plan in 1967 — yes, 1967, not a misprint — included a Crenshaw Corridor project. Three more studies in the 1990s and early 2000s identified potential routes for a project most everyone agreed was needed.

But it took the passage of the Measure R sales tax by LA County voters to finally deliver the funds needed to build a Crenshaw project. One year later, the Metro Board of Directors voted to make the project light rail instead of bus rapid transit. Several more years of planning took place before the project broke ground in 2014.

As many of you know, construction was a long process, owing in part to the rail line having two underground sections and running in a long trench on the south side of the LAX airfield before its junction with the C Line. One upside: Metro developed several strategies to help local businesses survive and hire more local workers.

Finally, we want to reiterate how excited we are to open the K Line for you — our customers, our neighbors, our stakeholders, our taxpayers and so many others who fought to improve transit in the area. Please keep an eye on our social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for more details on opening weekend and how to ride. See you soon!

View of the street running section of the K Line on Crenshaw Boulevard.

The K Line next to Edward Vincent Jr. Park in Inglewood.

A train west of Downtown Inglewood Station along Florence Avenue.

Crossing the 405 freeway on the new rail bridge built for the K Line — the new bridge rises above the old train bridge from the days when freight trains ran in this corridor.

Looking up the escalators and stairs at Expo/Crenshaw Station — one of three new underground stations along Crenshaw Boulevard. Riders can transfer to the E Line at street level.

The new Expo/Crenshaw Station — the walls on both sides of the stations are lined with artworks.

A look at the platform for the Fairview Heights Station in Inglewood.

Another view of Fairview Heights Station, along with the artwork above the platform.

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  1. Can anyone please explain to me why here in the country’s second largest city, they’ve chosen to use light rail rolling stock that besides being slow, cramped and uncomfortable, looks as if it was designed in the 80s? I would post photographs of Washington DC’s Metrorail cars here for contrast but no gifs allowed.

  2. Steve…

    Can you get answers from Metro leadership to address these issues and comments?

    The Source is not responding unless you’re pushing Metro spin on complete failures!

  3. I think my only disappointment about not being in the states right now is the pending backlash from the general public (not just transit weebs) when they realize this rail line won’t even go to LAX yet upon opening. That would be the point where the majority of voters (who actually voted to tax themselves on these projects) that their return on investment will be delivered half-baked, further destroying an opportunity to tax to expidite these projects in the future.

    I’ll reiterate one more time, residents of LA county: you all voted for these people into office, you can easily vote them off and begin the process of restructuring the entire agency from the top down. Please consider doing such. As long as these people are in control of the agency they will say YES on a $5 billion on a subway to the citadel with only 3.5 daily riders when for that same amount of money and time the Vermont Subway can be extended to the Expo Line for 10x the ridership number due to its new south terminal location.

    In the meantime, Im gonna enjoy my reverse peak commute from Yokohama to Tokyo (Distance Between LA and Long Beach) on a Limited Express train, only 35 min (50 door to door) while Metro at best can do an hour and some change on the same distance. Oh and did I mention clean, efficient, and the “unhoused” NOT taking over all train cars after 8pm, of which by the way, most trains still run at 8-10 min frequency until 10:30pm? Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t expect government-run transit agencies to figure it out. Shame on me for that one I guess.

  4. I am ashamed to live in a world renowned city that cannot figure out how to provide simple airport transport to citizens and visitors (LAX)! It is such a hassle to try to board steps up into a crowded airport shuttle with cumbersome baggage, be jostled all around, then get off and have to figure out what to do and where to go from there! Shameful.

  5. Is the timetable available yet on I dont see it, six days to go for opening.

  6. Is Metro leadership clueless or careless about how it looks throwing a party to open a $2 billion line that does not serve the airport as intended after a 3 year delay ????????

  7. “The wait is over!” – The Source, October 7, 2027

    … celebrating the K Line opening after years of delays from the boondoggle Centenela project.

  8. How much is metro wasting on the opening celebration and not having revenue service for an entire weekend to celebrate an incomplete line?

    What a complete waste of money. Everyone on the Metro board should be ashamed of themselves. The Source should be ashamed as well for promoting an incomplete line celebration.

    When absolute waste of public transportation, dollars.

  9. With this opening Metro moves up from the fourth largest urban rail system in North America to the third largest. Metro, start acting like it.

    • Metro is #1 in failure to plan or communicate honestly with citizens.

      Also #1 agency in allowing rampant drug use (just ride the red/purple and blue lines.)

    • Not sure if that’s an exaggeration or truth, but with the region’s geographical size and polycentric nature, It should easily be close 2nd to NY. After all, it did once have over 1,000 miles of rail.

  10. Why doesn’t Metro have any answers for all these delays for a line that may not even completely open until 2027.

  11. It’s a bit of a shame that the Aviation/Century station will sit unused for a while. Had they considered running the C line up there until then?

  12. Hi Im struggling to find information on Metro Line B (red) running during late October on my transportation apps it stops showing Line B being open past October 7th, is there something happening to that line correlated to what is happening here?

    • Hi Marina —

      Which apps are you using? The B Line will be running in October!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  13. I hope some entrepreneur starts running a “Dollar Van” from the end of the line to LAX to help airport workers get to their jobs. What a TYPICAL TOTAL FAILURE by Metro and LAWA that they can’t work together to run a shuttle from Westchester/Veterans to the World Way Loop.

  14. What a cavalier an arrogant attitude from LA Metro to think they can throw a party for a half built rail line that won’t be even ready for two years.

    Maybe longer if Metro tears up existing track for a pointless bridge.

    Its so egotistical to be wasting taxpayer money while riders in South LA suffer because of their failures.

  15. Is anyone at Metro going to take responsibility for opening an unfinished rail line?

    This was sold to residents of South LA as being a benefit for the community by 2019. Now Metro delayed the line for another two years and potentially until 2027.

    How shameful! LA deserves better, not propaganda and lipservice.

  16. Why can’t the tracks be diverted around the construction area of the LAX/Metro Transit Center Station similar to what was done for Little Tokyo Station to allow the trains and riders to go through. Similarly they should do the same at Centinela when that work begins. Hopefully this train line gets signal priority at traffic lights and never has to stop for one unlike the other lines that run at street level. How dumb is it that? Cars take priority over the train at signal lights even though the train only takes a few seconds to clear the intersection. I know what the response will be something like LA DOT is at fault. Why isn’t pressure put on them to change that out of date policy. Other cities have done it. Riding the train should be the most efficient and quickest way to get around but when it has to stop, it is not. One last thing, hopefully this line has better security than the other lines. It has become such an unpleasant experience riding the trains in LA. People need to feel safe to ride and the train needs to be kept clean and free of unpleasant smells.

  17. Will many of the routes be changed to reflect on this change when Phase 5 (December 2022) of the NextGen Plan roll out? I ask because many transit enthusiasts say that when the Downtown Inglewood (K Line) station is fully opened on October 7, Line 40 will end there, while Line 212 will extend from the Hawthorne/Lennox (C Line) station to the South Bay Galleria, replacing the aforementioned sections that Line 40 currently serves. Line 212’s new southern terminus will be the South Bay Galleria.

    The Line 211/215 split, which is seen in the NextGen plan, is half-true/half-false. While it was rumored that Line 211 would split from Line 215, someone who works for Metro (Manny Hernan) debunked it, saying that said plan is not set in stone at the moment (Phase 6 may happen when school is out for the Summer). Line 211 would serve Prairie Av and Inglewood Av in a loop between the Downtown Inglewood and Hawthorne/Lennox stations, while Line 215 serves Prairie Av and Inglewood Av in another loop between the Hawthorne/Lennox station and the South Bay Galleria. That’s what it said in the booklet.

    P.S. I bussed past the new Redondo Beach Transit Center (which will be next door to Target) and construction looks like it is almost done.

  18. Metro leadership keeps collecting huge salaries while failing riders in South Los Angeles!!!!!!! No thought process about what workers have to go through to get to the airport.

  19. How can anyone trust Metro when Metro failed to catch so many Crenshaw line contractor errors?


    Riders won’t get to LAX until 2025… maybe 2027 if the pointless bridge is built. At this rate, make it 2030.

  20. To The Source…

    No major US city spends public money to celebrate an unfinished rail project.

    No city in the US would allow a line to be delayed 8 years from planned opening (now expected to be 2027 with the possible rail bridge.)

  21. Its factually incorrect for Metro to write “The wait is over! ” South LA residents have to wait another 2 years to get to LAX. If Metro funds Centinela, the wait will be 5 more years.

    The Source needs to be honest with LA. Stop spinning Metro’s management failures.

  22. Hey LA Metro,

    Why has Metro been ignoring that slowing down the AMC build caused the K-Line delay?
    Why is Metro not listening to riders who don’t want the Centenela project to delay the line to 2027?
    Does anyone at Metro leadership actually take public transportation in South Los Angeles?

  23. This is absurd. During the previous community meetings, Metro said there would be a bus to connect the C line to the K line until stations by LAX were complete. What changed? The entire point of the K line is to connect all the lines North of LAX and South of LAX to promote a better way into the airport. Now, we just get that, “The K Line will eventually connect to the C Line.” with NO TIMETABLE of completion. This is absolute garbage. And don’t put that the K line is done. The K line is not done until it actually connects to the C line as the projected previously outlined.

    • There is going to be a bus, the C to K Link. Also, timetable for connection is iirc supposed to be 2023. Still a mess, failures both on Metro’s part and on LAWA for screwing up the APM.

  24. Why is Metro celebrating a Line that is incomplete, $90 Million over budget, with track that may be under construction again through 2027?

    Why didn’t Metro build AMC station in time?
    Why doesn’t Metro work with LAWA on an interim airport shuttle?

  25. Hey Steve, you need to edit the headline to read:

    “The K Line Partially opens Friday, October 7. 2 years behind scheule and $90 Million overbudget.”

  26. Congratuations LA Metro on a job well done! Can’t wait to ride the complete K-Line in 2027.

    Everyone at LA Metro should be so proud of their work on flawless execution of the K-Line.

  27. Why has Metro failed to run shuttles from the incomplete K-Line to LAX?

    Does Metro not care about workers and travelers to the airport for which the line was designed to open in 2019?

    Why did Metro fail to build the AMC station in time and cause a 5 year delay?

    Why will Metro potentially close the K-Line again for the Centinela Grade Separation project? South LA can’t wait until 2027 for a functioning line.

    Does anyone at Metro actually care about riders?

    • Of course they don’t. They only care about themselves. Has that not been obvious. This isn’t about doing the right thing, it’s about saying “look, we gave you this half naked project, vote for me.”

  28. The photo at top of this post, as well as the photo of the Fairview Heights station, show a sign above the platform pointing to Norwalk. Strange, the K line doesnt go to Norwalk. The Green line does, though.

    • IIRC the wye being built at Aviation/LAX will take K riders directly onto the C line without a transfer, so the signage for Norwalk is correct – just not in the moment.

      Wonder when they’ll have A/E/L sign stations updated for Regional Connector…

  29. The Inglewood grade separation project that will once again push this project back is just the icing on the cake on what appears to be a long and tragic comedy of error and incompetence. Metro says it will be done by 2026 – Metro’s history with the project leaves us will no reason to believe that it will be done anytime before 2030.

    Actually, that’s not the icing – the icing is the almost $1 billion for a single station to connect to LAWA. It doesn’t matter how complex Metro claims it is, because if that’s the case, simplify the design. A single station should not cost more than a skyscraper.

    I’m a huge fan of public transit, but it seems less apparent to me as time goes on as to whether Metro is a competent enough to provide the transit that LA needs, and whether it should be trusted with anymore money.

    • 100% correct.

      Metro is patting themselves on the back for a project that is $90 Million over budget, won’t be complete as intended for 2 more years, then may shut down a continuous line until 2027.

      The K-Line is a failure at every level and disadvantages transit riders.

      • The worst part: this line was not supposed to end at Expo. It was supposed to connect further north to Wilshire and the Purple Line (Measure R language promised it would connect from LAX to Wilshire). But Metro cut that due to funding concerns.

        Instead of building a complete line that connects to Metro’s other important rail lines like the Purple Line subway, Metro wants to prioritize building a subway to Citadel Outlet Mall for over $5 billion first. All to attract less than 3,500 riders. While this line, which would increase by 50,000 riders if it connected to Purple Line, and the Vermont corridor, which could serve over 140,000 riders, get the shaft. This vital LAX connection will never go past Expo until after construction and completion of the Citadel Outlet Mall subway.

    • “I’m a huge fan of public transit, but it seems less apparent to me as time goes on as to whether Metro is a competent enough to provide the transit that LA needs, and whether it should be trusted with anymore money.” I’m seriously questioning that myself. But the problem is, what other entity is going to do it given the current structure? Short of Metro being completely gutted and restructured as an agency (basically being dissolved altogether), it’s either the status quo incompetence or no more transit for the foreseeable future. Tragic really…

    • Hi R Khan and others;

      The Centinela Grade Separation project is currently in the 30% Preliminary Engineering (PE) design development phase and is continuing to advance to pre-construction design work. However, the Metro Board has not yet approved a full funding plan for construction of the project.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Centenella project shouldn’t even been in the planning stages at all. What a complete waste of time and tax dollars. Metro screws up again!

      • Why is Mayor Butts telling Inglewood city council that Centinela Grade Separation project construction will begin?

        Either Metro or Butts are lying to the public!

        Riders don’t need a Crenshaw Line delay through 2027!!!!!!!

  30. Why is not possible to run the train all the way to C Line while the LAX/Metro Transit Center Station is completed? Can a canopy not be installed over the tracks in this section? Or is it because the Aviation/Century or Aviation/LAX stations are not finished?

    • Hi Thomas;

      It’s a safety issue. The platforms for the airport station need to be built along the K Line tracks, as well as other station infrastructure, and that would put workers right in the way of trains. Plus very difficult to get trains through with the work that needs to be done.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • but hasn’t work on the wye (specifically the switching and signaling) been taking the end of the C line many days over the last 4 years? What is actually left to do there?

  31. Are there maps showing that this is not currently going to LAX? I’ve received numerous texts from people today who saw the map and thought it was opening to the airport. It is not helping to temper expectations.

    • Metro doesn’t care about expectations.

      Metro is pushing a misleading map with dotted lines going to LAX. There won’t be a direct connection from the K line to the airport for two years.

      This confuses residents and tourists.

      Metro seems to be OK with low expectation that the K line could even be delayed till 2027.

  32. Worse than I thought. K line only goes to Westchester/Veterans station. The full connection to Green Line and LAX connector to People Mover won’t be finished until 2024. They might as well start the Centilla bridge in Inglewood before this project drags down the line.

  33. Can we get a little clarification on the LAX/Metro Transit Center station and the Aviation/Century station? On the map they appear very close together and both essentially at LAX. If LAX/MTC is the main transfer hub I have to assume Aviation/Century has a different intended use?

    • Hi Christopher–

      They are very close together. Aviation/Century provides access to the Century corridor — hotels, freight hubs, etc. — and MTC is transfer point to the people mover. Long story short — the K Line was planned and designed prior to the people mover. For a variety of reasons, the people mover was not built at or adjacent to Century, so we added a station just north of Century to serve as transfer point. It’s unusual to have two stations so close, but given the destination that is LAX I think in this case it will work and make transit more convenient to more riders.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Hi Justin;

      There will be a K Line commemorative TAP card available at TAP machines along the K Line on opening weekend.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • I wish they had a way to transfer passes onto the commemorative cards – and also for them to be used when purchased from the Metro Shop. I’d absolutely love to move my GoPass, for instance, from my standard blue TAP card to the purple/pink one they made for the mobile app launch.

    • Hi Sean —

      That has been fixed but thanks for heads up.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  34. hi steve hymon this is big t ross from usbc la metro bowling team capt. a 4 game tournament starts on oct 2 to oct 6 at 12am opening eve on my thursday night league at gable house bowl.

  35. So, I’m guessing that the grade separation at Florence and Centinela isn’t happening anytime in the near-future?

  36. So for that entire weekend, the entire LA Metro system is free for usage?
    Not simply just the K Line?

    Can we just have that clarification, and will all the operators and riders know of this?

    • Hi Marcus;

      Correct — the entire bus, rail and Metro Bike system will be free from noon Friday through 11:59 pm on Sunday, Oct. 9.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  37. As we all know the K Line was severally delayed due to construction defects and was an embarrassment not only to Metro but the whole community. Now, it will still be at least two additional years, if not longer before it is running to the C Line because apparently LAX did not start their people mover it time.

    • LAX is not to blame here. The people mover was planned after the K line had its route approved. The LAX/96th street station is considered “infill” on the K line that was projected to open 3 years ago.

  38. Congratulations on the long-awaited opening.

    An exception to the description about the connection between the E and K lines – one wouldn’t classify that necessarily as “easy”. Eastbound E riders need to cross Crenshaw Blvd to get to the K station entrance. Westbound E riders need to cross the east bound track and Exposition Blvd to get to the K entry. “Easy” transfers apply to same track stations like Pico or even one flight stations like 7th/Metro or Willowbrook (avoiding vehicular traffic entirely).

    • I’d note that even 7MC, for how easy it is to transfer from A/E B/D, isn’t fun for going AE. Pretty much you either have to suck it up and ride to Pico, go up and down if you have a multi-use pass through the B/D platform, or take the annoying stairs around to get to the other platform. Not fun, especially when you’re coming up from B/D and you accidentally end up on the wrong side.

  39. Congrats Metro and the Source team!

    1. Are there schedules available and what will transfer/interline look like at Aviation/LAX?
    2. Can we get an update for the Regional Connector? Last major construction update (on the RC website) was about deck removal over a year ago.

    • Hi —

      Timetables aren’t ready yet. I’ll post as soon as they are ready for public release. As for the Connector, I don’t have a date and I don’t want to speculate. I’ve been doing this a looooong time and have learned that when it comes to major infrastructure projects, there are a lot of balls in the air. The project is near completion but some work and testing to be done.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Steve, would many Metro routes be impacted by said change? Many of my transit enthusiast friends say that when the K Line is fully opened, Line 40 is expected to end at the Downtown Inglewood station, while Line 212 now ends at the South Bay Galleria. There haven’t been any news for the Line 211/215 split, which is seen on the NextGen Plan.

        • Hi Alexandros;

          We do have some bus changes coming in late October — we’ll post those details soon.

          Steve Hymon
          Editor, The Source

          • Steve,

            Would we be wary of some of the route changes, via semi-annual NextGen phases, through “Notice” signs at our favorite bus stops? Particularly on the impacted routes in a given phase that is.

            For example, on our last NextGen change in June 2022, Metro let us know up to a month in advance that Line 130 would become Long Beach Transit Route 141 effective June 26, 2022.

  40. Does an approval by the State of California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) come into the picture at this time?

  41. Well, that’s unfortunate as I’m leaving a week sooner but hey at least I have an alternative on the way back. Or I’ll probably stick to the LAX flyaway since it’s direct to LAUS.

  42. While awaiting the 2024 opening of the LAX/Metro Transit Center Station, has Metro given any consideration to working with LAX to create a shuttle bus service running from the Westchester/Veterans terminus *directly* to LAX terminals? The current plan of having passengers transfer twice – once to a line 857 shuttle to Aviation/LAX and then a second time to an LAX terminal shuttle – just doesn’t seem like a practical alternative.

    • Hi Allon;

      At this time, the shuttle will run from K Line to C Line’s Aviation station. If that was to change, we’ll let folks know.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Hey Allon —

        A little more info — my response could have been better. Sorry!

        Metro and the other muni bus lines don’t directly serve airport terminals — it’s up to the airport to provide that service. There are two options to get from K Line to airport terminals:

        Riders can either:

        –Ride the bus from K Line’s Westchester/Veterans Station to C Line’s Aviation/LAX station and catch the LAWA LAX shuttle to the terminals.

        –Hop off K Line at Downtown Inglewood station and ride Metro Line 111 to LAX City Bus Center to catch the LAWA LAX shuttle to the terminals.

        Hope that helps.

        Steve Hymon
        Editor, The Source

        • Hi Steve,

          Precisely. That’s why I wrote “working with LAX to create a shuttle bus service”…this would clearly require LAWA’s cooperation. But I think it’s essential, because the idea of taking the K Line and then transferring twice more, however well intended, is unfortunately a non-starter for the vast majority of airport travelers.

          • Sure, Metro does not want to run shuttle service to the airport, but the Mayor of Los Angeles controls four votes on the Metro Board as well as the LA World Airports department and could direct the airport management to run a shuttle (or extend the existing Lot South-Bus Center shuttle 1.25 miles). This is embarrassing to have a line end 1.5 miles from the airport, much more so than the Green Line since that had a shuttle running from day one. The crazy thing is though, you CAN take Metro Micro from Westchester/Veterans to the Hyatt across the street from Terminal 1 and walk in or take the airport loop buses, which run much more often than the Lot South or C Line connector buses.

          • Literally 90% of people watching this project just need a simpler way to get to/from LAX terminals. Why can’t LA get it together to provide a single shuttle bus? What a huge miss, metro.

          • Why is Metro wasting more taxpayer dollars on an opening “celebration” with ZERO fare revenue on the system for the entire weekend?

            The project is incomplete. Get to work with LAX and have interim bus shuttles.

          • It sucks for the airport staff too. Coming from the expo line, the amount of transfers required is ludicrous. I can’t believe that this is the best interim solution that is being offered between LAWA and Metro, all because they can’t seem to work together to run a single shuttle from the temporary terminus. Breathtaking ineptitude here. Truly.

        • So when Mayor Garcetti departs for India, will he be taking the Red line to the Expo line to the K line to the 111 to the LAWA shuttle with his luggage? I hope so. Maybe he can live stream it.

          • Believe it or not, even if he said “fine, I’ll do it” you don’t think that whole thing would be staged?

            This is why I’m not excited for the opening of this line at all. I’m better off having this thing shut down until it is 100% ready for operation to Aviation and not this half baked project.

            But if any of you are angry, remember this: People in the Metro Board who voted for these bad decisions were voted in by the people of LA county themselves. Get these people out. The ENTIRE agency need a serious restructuring issue.

            Also, if the regional connector isn’t ready by mid-November, I wouldn’t hold my breath until at least mid January. Anyone really think these politicians will take the time to open the line Thanksgiving week or the week before Christmas/New Years? Yeah, neither did I, but I’m not gonna be in LA during this period so *shrugs*

          • Personally, I’d go B-A-C-LAWA, but point still taken. Hopefully 2029 or so they can get the extension to the Vermont corridor up and running, then it’d be Vermont-K-APM.

        • Why would it even be considered OK to take the K line, take a bus and then another bus to get to a major international airport?

          Has anyone at Metro leadership actually traveled outside of LA to see what functional transit looks like?

          Does anyone at Metro actually ride Metro?

    • I think we should pressure LAX to have their shuttle add a stop at the Westchester/Veterans Station in addition to the Aviation/LAX station.

    • After recently being attacked on the train, and finding no security anywhere, I’m not sure I’d add luggage to the mix. What’s the point of extending if it’s still not safe?