K Line’s Downtown Inglewood officially dedicated last Saturday

On Saturday, September 10, Metro hosted a celebration to dedicate the K Line’s Downtown Inglewood Station, which will connect riders to a revitalized Downtown Inglewood, major entertainment venues, mom-and-pop shops, parks, housing developments and schools. The station is one of three K Line stations serving Inglewood. Local, county, state and federal officials were also in attendance.

You can watch a recording of the event on our  Facebook page.

The K Line is officially expected to open this fall, with future rail connections to the South Bay region expected in 2023 and to Los Angeles International Airport in 2024.

The Downtown Inglewood Station is in the heart of Inglewood, at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and West Florence Avenue. The station will easily connect riders to the Grace Hopper STEM Academy, Crozier Middle School, Inglewood High School and the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles. Patrons will also have quicker access to the Market Street Shopping District, Grevillea Art Park, Inglewood City Library, Inglewood City Hall, SoFi Stadium, KJLH radio station, The Kia Forum, YouTube Theater, Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen and Hill Top Café.

In the future, the Downtown Inglewood Station will act as a transition station to the Inglewood Transit Connector’s Market Street/Florence Avenue Station that is just a block north of the station. The Inglewood Transit Connector is expected to break ground in 2024, open in 2027 and will help provide access to the LA 2028 Olympic venues in Inglewood.

Metro and the City of Inglewood have also entered into an agreement to implement Metro’s First/Last mile improvements that will serve the city’s Fairview Heights, Downtown Inglewood, Westchester/Veterans stations and the Crenshaw C Line Station. The First/Last mile amenities will enhance safety, promote and improve walking and add street furniture and biking access to each station.

As one of the three stations serving Inglewood, the station will also provide an essential transit link for commuters heading to the South Bay, Downtown Los Angeles and the Westside via connections with the E Line (Expo). Another nearby station, Aviation/Century, is projected to open in fall 2023 and will provide access to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and is one stop away from the C Line (Green).

The Airport Metro Connector (AMC) Project will provide a connection to LAX’s People Mover and is planned to open in late 2024, giving the Inglewood residents access to the airport by train for the first time.

During Metro’s station dedication ceremony, the agency also celebrated the importance of station art. Officials recognized Downtown Inglewood Station’s commemorative pin contest winner, high school student Cecilia Vasquez.

All K Line stations include artwork commissioned through the Metro Art program. Artists were selected through an open, competitive selection process following the recommendation of a panel of community-based arts professionals.

Artwork commissioned for the Downtown Inglewood Station features Sonder by Kenturah Davis that portrays the aim to encourage connections between strangers while riding transit.

For additional information about the station, please visit https://kline.metro.net/about-downtown-inglewood/.

For more information about Metro Art, please visit metro.net/art.


“The Downtown Inglewood Station will bolster the downtown shopping district where you can feel the nostalgia in the air and where a rich history is reflected in its historic buildings,” said Glendale City Council Member and Metro Board Chair and Ara J. Najarian. “The K Line will connect Inglewood with the rest of the county and bring Angelenos to the City of Champions to enjoy sports and entertainment without the hassle of traffic congestion, high gas prices and parking fees.”

“The Downtown Inglewood Station will have a solid presence in the heart of Inglewood, as it will provide a gateway to jobs, education, healthcare, shopping and of course entertainment,” said Metro First Vice Chair Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker. “Downtown Inglewood attracts locals and visitors to popular restaurants, shopping at mom-and-pop businesses and entertainment venues range from the Miracle Theater to the SoFi Stadium. Metro’s system will connect Downtown Inglewood with the long-awaited and growing transportation network to the rest of Los Angeles region.”

“When the K Line opens, Inglewood will have three light rail stations in the City of Champions that will link residents and patrons to The Kia Forum, Sofi Stadium and soon, Intuit Dome, the future home of the Los Angeles Clippers,” said Mayor of Inglewood and Metro Board Member James T. Butts. “Little by little, we are becoming the world’s center of sports and entertainment and a whole array of benefits as part of Inglewood’s transformation.”

“Excitement is building for the opening of the K Line, which will provide improved transit connections for the people of Inglewood,” said Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins. “The Downtown Inglewood station is a state-of-the-art facility with a number of customer amenities such as easy access for bus and rail transfers, bike lockers and lockups and it is conveniently located for everyone who will ride the K-Line.”

Click below for a taste of performances on Saturday.

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  1. We’ll still need to take a taxi to LAX because rolling a huge suitcase to a train station is not feasible.

    • Huh? Yo, literally see people rolling large luggages in every train station that is directly connected to an airport and downtown area. I get that having children in addition to having to deal with large luggage’s is a challenge but that isn’t who the primary target is for. People are single or couples as solo travelers, businessmen, employees, etc. they are the ones who will be using the train to the airport because carrying a large luggage is a reasonable compromise compared to an overpriced cab.

      I’m going away from LA for a while, taking the LAX flyaway with one personal bag, one carry on luggage and one large rolling luggage. Apart from being dropped off at Union Station, LAX flyaway, considering it’s a bus, is for the most part a smooth experience for $9 one way. I expect that rail will be just as smooth if I leave the carry on at home.

    • Hi Christian —

      Is there an issue? The page looks okay on our end.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • I was referring to the lack of updates or fresh photos from the projects category.

  2. of course, instead of sharing the ROW Metro obliterates any chance of an Airport Express using the harbor subdivision (and don’t get me started on the whole last minute integration with the people mover)

  3. What’s the point of having Aviation/Century stop when the Airport Metro Connector will actually provide People Mover access to LAX? The difference is likely only a few hundred feet. Direct street access to the bus stop is probably the only reason. The AMC is taking so long when the People Mover will be finished in 2023 and the AMC will be finished in 2024 a year later. How to miss an opportunity.

  4. Where can i find out the station dedication date and time. I missed the other dedications and would like to be at the Westchecter/Veterans event.

    • Hi Chuck;

      The dedications are invitation only due to space limitations. Sorry about that! But we’re looking forward to the opening soon.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  5. I am really, really excited. I also cannot wait for the Westchester/Veterans station to open. However, there has been rumors from Transit enthusiasts that shortly after the K Line opens this Fall, several Metro Bus routes would have to be adjusted to reflect on the change. Here are some routes that would be changed:
    1. Line 40- Expected to stop at the Downtown Inglewood station, while…
    2. Line 212- …Line 212 extends from the Hawthorne/Lennox station with its new southern terminus at the South Bay Galleria. Whether or not the route will stop on 182nd St behind T.J. Maxx or at the Redondo Beach Transit Center is not known at this point.
    3. Line 211- Will split from Line 215. It is expected to be rerouted as a loop serving the Downtown Inglewood station and the Hawthorne/Lennox station. It will remain on Prairie Av. and Inglewood Av
    4. Line 215- Will split from Line 211. It is expected to be rerouted as a loop serving the South Bay Galleria and the Hawthorne/Lennox station. It will remain on Prairie Av. and Inglewood Av