September is Rail Safety Month!

The K Line on Crenshaw Boulevard.

Metro’s Rail Safety Program works year-round to educate riders, pedestrians and motorist on the importance of rail safety.

This is hugely important topic. As many of you know, three of our light rail lines have sections that run at street level. The same will be true of our upcoming light rail projects including the K Line, L Line extension to Pomona and the light rail line that will run in the middle of Van Nuys Boulevard when it’s built.

Incidents between trains and motorists, people and cyclists are overall rare — but they do happen, often with serious consequences. Trains are huge and can’t stop on a dime. Rail safety is even more important in a day and age when there are so many digital distractions such as smartphones and headphones.

The benefits of rail transit are enormous in terms of speed and capacity and we want everyone to enjoy those benefits safely. But we need people to be aware of their surroundings.

That’s why our Rail Safety program conducts rail safety presentations to schools, recreation centers and libraries within a half-mile radius of the A Line (Blue), E Line (Expo), L Line (Gold), and K Line (Crenshaw/LAX).  

This year to recognize September Rail Safety Month, the program is pushing our Metro Safety Kids videos. The videos focus on the do and don’ts when riding Metro. The safety videos will be promoted throughout the month of September and remind everyone of these safety tips from our set of videos from 2020: 

Metro’s Rail Safety team, in collaboration Metrolink and Amtrak, will hosting interactive informational booths at Union Station’s East Portal on Thursday, September 1st from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. to kick off Rail Safety Month. Be sure to stop by, say hello and learn about our safety programs.

When around trains stay alert and remember, Safety Begins with You.

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  1. Your reply to Scott is ridiculous. He is trying to point out the lack of onboard security. Calling on the phone while a crime is in progress does nothing to deter the criminal and guarantees a bad outcome. Instead of art exhibitions maybe police presence would help.

    • Yes please post information on upcoming events for this month and rail safety TAP cards!

  2. Now that you have addressed the safety issue outside the train, can you address the issue of how a rider can stay safe inside the train with almost non-existent police force present, increased homeless and ticketless riders. Outside are the morons who want to race across tracks, ignore sins, etc. Inside are only the trapped ones with no place to go.

    • Yeah, what he said. I have to call the Metro cops on the app every time I take the train now (which is becoming rarer and rarer because every time it’s just rolling stock for the mentally ill). Last weekend on the E Line I had to call in on someone who was sharpening a foot-long knife on the train while shouting how he was going to use it on people. Not cool!

      • Hi Scott;

        Thank you for riding and thank you for taking the time to call security. We appreciate it.

        Steve Hymon
        Editor, The Source