USDOT awards $104 million to Metro for 160 zero emission electric buses

Metro has received a $104-million federal grant for the purchase and deployment of 160 battery-electric buses as well as for the procurement and installation of en-route and depot charging stations. Above is a video from the city of L.A.’s Channel 35 on the news.

Electric buses are cleaner and quieter than buses that run on compressed natural gas. They help Metro fulfill its goal of improving air quality in  our region and producing fewer greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change.

The grant will enable Metro to support the transition to zero emission bus service on routes operating out of Metro’s Divisions 9 (El Monte) and 18 (Carson) including the J Line (Silver). The grant also funds related workforce development and training activities.

The grant, announced earlier this week by the U.S. Department of Transportation, is via a national competitive process from the Federal Transit Administration’s Low or No Emission Grant Program.

The Metro Board of Directors has approved a goal of converting Metro’s bus fleet to zero emission by 2030 — well ahead of the state deadline of 2040 for transit agencies. The G Line (Orange) already has an entire fleet of electric buses.


“Metro is thankful to U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his talented team at the Federal Transit Administration for issuing a $104 million Low or No Emission Grant for our agency,” said Glendale City Councilmember and Metro Board Chair Ara J. Najarian. “This grant for Metro’s Zero Emission Bus and Infrastructure Deployment Project will help bring our agency closer to having a fully electric bus fleet in the coming decade. On behalf of our Board of Directors, I want to personally thank the Biden Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation – and of course – our Los Angeles County Congressional Delegation for supporting Metro’s successful effort to secure these valuable federal funds.”

“The J Line, aka the Silver Line, is a vital link for our regional economy, but residents of Wilmington and San Pedro should never have to pay a price for it with their health,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro Board 2nd Vice Chair Janice Hahn. “We need to fight air pollution in our communities with all the tools and technologies available, and with this switch to a fully electrified J Line, we’re accomplishing that.”

“As we navigate rising temperatures, longer and more severe droughts, and a myriad of other consequences of human-made climate change, let’s not forget our commitment to future generations,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Through electrifying our transportation system we have so much ground to gain in the fight against climate change — cleaner air, lower emissions, and healthier communities. This historic investment brings us another step closer to meeting our goals and furthers our fight against climate change.”

“We are appreciative of the strong support from the federal government in Metro’s commitment to convert its entire fleet of buses to zero-emission electric buses,” said Metro Board Member and Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “These federal grant funds will also be used for workforce training for the operation and maintenance of our growing zero-emission bus fleet – which is vitally important in providing good jobs for those that need them the most.”

“Metro’s partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation has never been stronger,” said Metro CEO Stephanie N. Wiggins. “This grant will strengthen our agency’s efforts to provide clean, dependable zero emission bus service to millions of transit riders. Thank you to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez, members of the Los Angeles County Congressional Delegation, and the Metro Board of Directors for supporting this grant request. I cant wait to get these new buses on the road!”

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  1. Manufacturing Wind and Solar equipment is not a carbon free process and when they break most of the material is not recyclable. China is building coal fueled generators because they have a plan to dominate, while we go broke.

  2. While electric buses seems to be the latest trend it falls short in reducing emissions since it substitutes one source of pollution for another. In Los Angeles electricity is not produced by wind power or solar but instead by Natural Gas and both the DWP and Edison have no viable near future plans to change. Unless the MTA has plans to convert other lines originating out of Division 9 & 18 the Spare Factor will be huge since 160 buses far exceeds the number of buses needed for the Silver Line