Upcoming Community Open-House Meetings for the C Line (Green) Extension to Torrance project

The C Line (Green) Extension to Torrance project is hosting community open-house meetings and a virtual meeting this month to provide an update on the project. The project is studying potential light rail route options between the existing Redondo Beach Station and the under-construction Torrance Transit Center. The Project would be 4.5 miles and provide two new stations. This extension will provide alternatives to congestion along the busy I-405 corridor and also more transit options in this region by connecting to the existing Metro Rail A (Blue) and future K (Crenshaw/LAX) Lines.

The project works to improve the customer experience and aims to:

  • Improve mobility in the South Bay by introducing frequent, reliable transit service to meet growing transportation needs.
  • Enhance the regional transit network by providing more direct connections from South Bay to regional destinations, including LAX, future Inglewood Clippers Arena and Hollywood Park Stadium, West Los Angeles and Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Provide more direct connections from the South Bay to regional destinations​.
  • Provide an alternative mode of transportation for commuters currently using congested arterials and I-405 in the project study area​
  • Improve transit accessibility for South Bay community residents.
  • Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by making transit a more viable transportation choice​.

The Project will help advance Metro’s implementation of the equity platform that addresses the growing need for better access to public transit for disadvantaged communities, students, transit enthusiasts, seniors, special needs, among others.

Metro invites you to visit our online interactive StoryMap to learn more about the project and explore the information on your own time.

The community open house meetings will give you an opportunity to:
> Learn more about the project
> Explore project visuals to provide input on proposed design options
> Ask questions directly with project team members

City of Redondo Beach
Thursday, August 11, 6–8pm
Adams Middle School, Gym
2600 Ripley Av
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

On Zoom
Monday, August 15, 11am–1pm
To join visit: bit.ly/cletmtg
Phone: 877 853 5247 (toll free)
Meeting ID: 884 3340 6820

City of Torrance
Tuesday, August 16, 6–8pm
Torrance Cultural Arts Center
Toyota Meeting Hall
3330 Civic Center Dr
Torrance, CA 90503

City of Lawndale
Wednesday, August 17, 6:30–8:30pm
Leuzinger High School, Gym
4118 W Rosecrans Av
Lawndale, CA 90260

All Metro meetings are accessible to persons with disabilities. Spanish translation will be provided. Other ADA accommodations and translations are available by calling 213.418.3082 at least 72 hours in advance.

For more information or to share your feedback, please visit the project website at metro.com/clineext, call 213.922.40042 or email greenlineextension@metro.net.

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10 replies

  1. I live adjacent to the railroad tracks and I think the green line up against my property line would be intolerable I Have a right to quality of life and quiet. Please Consider the alternative route on Hawthorne Boulevard where it won’t be up against residential properties.

  2. My understanding is a station at 190th and Hawthorne was eliminated a while ago.
    The money saved on that should allow for an short extension into Downtown/Old Town Torrance-this line has to have some traffic generators or destinations (until the point we can get this line to Long Beach)
    Please use the existing Metro owned ROW, don’t spend endless dollars to go off on some other route, keep the route on the ROW, give the community sound walls if they want, quad gates with quiet zones, but keep it straight and short on the existing ROW.
    South Pasadena managed just fine with the Gold Line through town, these towns can too.

  3. Come learn why Metro wants to spend billions of dollars to extend a lightly used South Bay tail further south in hopes of attracting ridership from oil refineries and giant surface parking lots in an industrial area! This project, along with the Eastside 2 subway to the Citadel for $5 billion, are the two projects that will tarnish the Measure M program and transit in Los Angeles forever, and lead to the repeal of the sales taxes we all pay for these empty trains to oil refineries and outlet malls.

    • No it won’t. At least not this project. I will admit Metro outright dwarfed ridership p otential by curtailing to the worst part of Torrance instead of Vermont/Harbor City area, but at least an Extension to the South Bay Galleria Area will definitely suffice here, plenty of homes and businesses in the area that can bring ridership levels. This won’t be hitting the $5 billion mark either.

      A stop only to the Citadel on the other hand is NOT worth $5 billion at all.

      Ultimately though, Metro should have built Commuter Rail over the ENTIRE Harbor Subdivision. That whole “lack of space” crap isn’t an excuse either. Slauson could’ve been shrunk to add room for a 2nd track.

      • Agree 100%. This line is completely useless as a light rail line and corridor. Nobody in the South Bay wants this line (that’s being kind) and even the bloated anticipated ridership is abysmal. The whole subdivision should have been repurposed as a commuter rail line. Building the El Segundo spur wasn’t Metro’s fault (thanks Judge Pregerson) but at some point we need to cut our losses. Someone with a half an hour and google maps could get this line from the subdivision into downtown Long Beach too.

  4. Whom ever wrote this story must not frequent the MTA Bus and Rail lines. An extension I’m assuming for the project will continue south from its current terminus. What does this have to do with the connection of the Crenshaw Line to the Green line. Furthermore the Green Line already connects to the Blue Line at the Rosa Parks Station.

    • When the Crenshaw/LAX line is fully operational (after LAX people mover station is complete) all South Bay trains are planned to continue north to Expo. Trains to/from Norwalk will no longer serve the South Bay (terminating instead at LAX or Century.

    • Actually, in typical Metro fashion, their shortsightedness and cheapos that they are, riders were given a choice, have Green Line trains travel from Norwalk to Expo, or have Crenshaw Trains travel from Expo (eventually Hollywood) and Torrance, with Green Line trains terminating at LAX, so we go with Crenshaw to Torrance and Green Line to LAX. Unfortunately you can’t play zig-zag, you’ll be literally destroying both rail lines by do so (apparently).

      What this does mean though is the Original 1980s proposal of the Green Line going to LAX and eventually Santa Monica (via Lincoln corridor) will come to reality as intended.

  5. hi steve extension this line out to disneyland.