Line 18 route returns to 6th Street

With the new 6th Street Bridge open in downtown Los Angeles, Metro’s Line 18 is returning to its regular route beginning with the start of service on the morning of Sunday, July 17. This means Line 18 will take 6th Street across the L.A. River instead of 7th Street. Here is the info:

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  1. To be honest, Line 18 should come back at 7th St because of the safety issues that were happening at the bridge. I mean I don’t oppose the reroute to its original route. But for safety reasons, I believe it should still serve at 7th for a bit longer. A benefit from 7th St was Line 18 serving at the Greyhound Station. Too bad, riders from Greyhound have to walk further to catch the 18 now.

  2. hi steve. ihear a news about the new 600.million dollar bridge about take overs its a crime how to stop it they damge the new bridge how to fix it.

  3. Bring back the 720 to East LA!
    You took it away to serve only the westside, what about the eastside?…

    The eastside would benefit from the 720, it has since 2000.
    Why take it away, for a slower moving 40 foot bus.

    • I second that! The 18 is sometimes unreliable, especially on weekends now coming back from my aunts in east la. Please bring the 720 service back to east la!!!

    • Exactly, the LACMTA Rapid Line 720 needs bring full reinstate service to eastside or if not there will be split the rapid bus lines with future proposed new Line 718 for combine frequently Line 18 on Whitter Bl. LACMTA Rapid Line 718 (Wilshire-Western Station / East LA via Commerce) would be expected future proposed service changes if Line 720 doesn’t bring back full reinstate service to eastside by transportation planner. To be honest, according by rumor says ” it’s amazing that the Federal Funded Transit agencies does not care for it riders.” so here is reply to comment that Metro has not gone over the steps for rapid service on Whitter Bl should have keep permanently without slower moving 40 foot bus and need to be realize that rapid service on Whitter Bl is not low ridership that’s because Whitter Boulevard has more ridership on rapid service. Yes, I have already ridden on the LACMTA Rapid Line 720 from going westside to eastside of Whitter Bl has high ridership before as rather than add local bus line frequently unreliable service by mindless NextGen bad intiative going on back in June 2021 service changes for cutting back eastside on the LACMTA Rapid Line 720 6th St and Central Ave (Downtown LA) last stop layover is out of nowhere.

      By the way, not trying to be a negative but still the brand new Sixth Street Viaduct Bridge is very looking nice so I did already went to going on 6th Street bridge for second time with sitting on the car instead. Also I did see the news of 6th Street bridge are planned to add security camera footage by law enforcement police long story short.

      • So any idea of why this is? Because I tried to travel on it Saturday night and it was shut down. Went back Sunday and it was open but there was cops EVERYWHERE!!

        • Hi Dave;

          The police are trying to stop illegal and potentially dangerous activity on the bridge. There have been plenty of media articles about it.

          Steve Hymon
          Editor, The Source

    • How about a Rapid Line 718 instead of 720 to the Eastside. However, instead of ending at East LA/Commerce or Montebello. How about all the way to Whittwood Town Center or AT LEAST at Uptown Whittier. I’m aware this requires Montebello Bus Lines’ approval. But, this will benefit riders heading from the eastern Gateway Cities to DTLA. I would like to see Line 718 run every 10-15 minutes from Wilshire/Vermont or Western to Uptown Whittier, with select trips terminating at Whittwood Center. This will be a much cheaper, better, and most importantly safer than the E Line extension to the middle of nowhere.

      If they want the 720 to the eastside back, then I hope they can terminate at least at Garfield Bl to connect with Montebello Line 30. Extending the 720 to Whittwood sounds good on paper, but the 720 was 2.25 hours from end-to-end when it went to Commerce, and extending the line further would result reliance issues.

  4. Getting a picture of a line 18 bus on the bridge would make for a great publicity shot

  5. hi steve hymon extension of metro red and purple lines to the arts district 6th street station with a wsab line.

  6. Hey you know what other line would benefit from using the 6th street bridge? THE 720!!!!!!!