Metro reminds public to take advantage of discounted transit fares

With the price of gas, housing, food and everything else sky high, Metro continues to offer half-price transit passes to help you save money.

Metro’s regular 1-Day, 7-Day and 30-Day passes have been discounted a whopping 50 percent. With the discount, Pass fares are:

•$3.50 for a Day Pass

•$12.50 for a Weekly Pass

•$50 for a 30-Day Pass

Discounted pass fares are now available for purchase at Metro TAP vending machines, Metro Customer Centers, TAP retail vendors throughout L.A. County and on

Metro continues to offer even steeper discounts for eligible low-income riders who enroll in the Low-Income Fare is Easy (LIFE) regional transportation assistance program. The discount on a pass for LIFE participants is currently:

•$24 off a 30-day pass, additionally reducing the promotional fare to $26, less than $1 per day for unlimited rides on Metro.

•$6 off the current weekly pass for a total promotional cost of $6.50.

Metro encourages all riders who are qualified but not yet signed up to act now and take full advantage of this low-income fare assistance program. Discounts translate to less than a dollar a day for unlimited rides on the Metro Bus and Rail System.

Low-income riders interested in participating in the program should visit for information on eligibility and to apply online. The new household income guidelines between July 1 and June 30, 2023, are:


Free 90-day pass for new LIFE enrollees: New patrons get a free 90-day pass after signing up (not valid for riding Metro Express Bus or J Lines). After the free pass expires, patrons will be able to load the LIFE discount fare onto their TAP cards.

Glendale Beeline has joined the LIFE Program: We’re happy to have Glendale Beeline join as a participating operator! Patrons can use their LIFE discount with them and: Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA), Big Blue Bus, Culver City Bus, Foothill Transit, GTrans, LADOT, Long Beach Transit, Montebello Bus Lines, Norwalk Transit, Pasadena Transit, Santa Clarita Transit and Torrance Transit.

Pop-up eventsFind out when we’ll be in your neighborhood to help you enroll in LIFE at Upcoming Events › LIFE (Low-Income Fare is Easy) › – LA Metro

Free 90-day pass for new LIFE enrollees: New enrollees get a free 90-day pass after signing up (not valid for riding Metro Express Bus or J Lines)! After the free pass expires, patrons will be able to load the LIFE discount fare onto their TAP cards.

Half off passes promotion (patrons can save even more with LIFE Program). The Board approved the extension of half-off passes promo through December 2022.

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  1. Thanks for the update on the extension of the half-off promotion. Signage will probably need to be updated to reflect this before July 20, 2022. Also, it makes no sense that you’re trying to remind your passengers to take advantage of this promotion when you are doing nothing to increase access to the most basic of these three passes, the day pass, meant for spontaneous trips. Most of your riders cannot even take advantage of it because the day pass is not sold on buses, which the vast majority of your riders use. For me, the nearest TVM is 2.5 miles away, and the nearest Tap vendor is a little closer, at 2 miles away. The day pass in reality is $5.25, assuming my trip takes me to a TVM, and going to a Tap vendor to buy a day pass for $3.50 seems kind of weird and a hassle (they may make you wait for the Tap reader person to come, or say that he’s off that day). Buying a day pass online supposedly takes up to 48 hours to load, but it’s never worked for me no matter how many hours I wait if my first tap is on a bus. It only loads properly at a validator at a station or on a TVM. You should allow day passes to be sold on the bus again, and if you are concerned about wasting too much time at the farebox, you should impose a minimum load amount of $5 for stored value reloads on buses (but keep current rules at TVMs).