Meet Metro’s Employees of the Month for June 2022

Metro and the Metro Board of Directors every month honor employees who are stellar at helping keep our bus and train system running.

Please meet this month’s two winners — who accepted their award at their workplace from Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins.

First video: Traction Power Inspector Leader Daniel Magtoto has worked for 18 years for Metro. He helps ensure the systems that deliver power to our trains are in good working order. Daniel works out of downtown L.A. and is known as being a great team player.  

Second video: Metro Micro Operator Monica Jones recently completed her first year of service as a Metro Micro operator in the San Gabriel Valley. Monica has earned raves from riders for her great customer service.


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  1. Do the top employees actually take marching orders from METRO or from METRO’s favored “client” Frank McCord’s Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit aka “The Gondola”? I mean with METRO facing a lawsuit by the California Endowment charity for essentially showing favoritism to Frank’s businesses without public comment, the tax paying citizens want to know.