UPDATE: A and E Lines resume normal schedules next week

Work to repair the A and E Line tracks near Pico Station in DTLA.

UPDATE: The first phase of work is complete and both the A and E Lines will resume their normal schedules next week. Thank you to all our riders for their patience during these necessary repairs!

More work needs to be done — and we’ll update you on the blog and our social media when that will take place.


Track repair for the A (Blue) Line and E (Expo) Line near Pico Station in downtown Los Angeles will continue through the close of service on Saturday. Tracks had shifted in the area and repairs are ongoing to stabilize the track bed and track structure. 

As a result, impacts to A and E Line trains and Metro Bus Line 30 will continue through Saturday: 

•A Line and E Line trains will be running every 20 minutes at all times through Saturday, April 9. Riders will board all trains on the northbound side of the platform at Pico Station. Please allow extra time for your trips. 

Metro Bus Line 30 will be detoured around the work. 

The detour for the 30 buses headed to East L.A. will be left on Figueroa, right on 12th, right on Grand and then left on Pico to resume Line 30’s regular route.

The detour for 30 buses headed to Beverly Hills will be right on Olive, left on 11th, left on Flower and then right on Pico to resume Line 30’s regular route.

To plan trips on Metro, we recommend using the Transit app — Metro’s official app for smartphones. Here are the links to get Transit for iPhones and for Android phones.

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4 replies

  1. Metro better get this section of rail right before Regional Connector opens. This segment will soon affect FOUR different rail line segments and endpoints, including Metro’s regional north-south AND east-west light rail lines! It is a travesty that Metro cannot build this section right, without traffic interference. This is the slowest part of Metro’s system, right in the heart of the system and downtown LA. The fact that it’s at-grade proves previous Metro planners had no idea what they were doing.

  2. 1 year of closures and $350 Million spent on the Blue Line in 2019 for “State of Good Repair”, reliability, and speed.
    It is 2022 and both rail lines are closed, the speeds are barely improved, and the trains stop at every light.
    Was the money spent just a giveaway to consultants and contractors for shoddy work?

  3. The fact that you don’t even know the western terminal for Line 30 is not Beverly Hills.

    See what happens when you hire people that have no day to day action of actual Metro Buses and Rail.

    Also, why is this being done?
    Wasn’t all of the track work done in 2019 during the New Blue?

    The public deserves the answers.

    Crazy how there was no heads up, like weeks in advance?!

    Step up Meteo!

  4. It would be better if you included DATES when you write updates like this, so that one does not have to spend time interpreting. I’m assuming work continues until SATURDAY April 9, 2022. But maybe you are being cagey so you can later say you meant April 9 2023 when it drags on.