Dodger Stadium Express ready for Opening Day versus Cincy

Service for the regular season begins on Thursday, April 14, when the Dodgers host the Cincinnati Reds in their home opener at 7:10 p.m.

The Dodger Stadium Express will be running for every Dodger regular season and playoff game in 2022 — as well as the All-Star Game on July 19.

The Dodger Stadium Express runs to the ballpark from two locations: Union Station and Harbor Gateway Transit Center with stops at four bus stations along the 110 freeway (Rosecrans, Harbor Freeway, Manchester and Slauson). The bus is free to those with a game ticket.

Union Station is served by many Metro and municipal bus lines and Metro Rail’s B (Red), D (Purple) and L (Gold) lines, as well as Metrolink and Amtrak. Harbor Gateway Transit Center, in the South Bay, is also served by several Metro bus lines, the Metro J Line (Silver) and Torrance Transit. There is also free and paid parking at many Metro stations — here’s the list. Harbor Gateway has free parking and Union Station has paid parking ($8 per day).

To plan your entire transit trip, we suggest using the Transit app — Metro’s official app for smartphones. The app is free and is available for iPhones and Android phones.

Here’s what you need to know to ride:

Where to Board

From Union Station:

  • Union Station service will operate out of Union Station West (the Alameda Street side of the building), near the taxi zone.
  • Service to the game begins 90 minutes before game time through the end of the 2nd inning for all home games.
  • Buses will pick up and drop off fans at the Top Deck and the center field entrance to the stadium. Service back to Union Station will pick up at the same stops after the game.
  • Return service ends 45 minutes after the final out or 20 minutes after post-game events.

From the South Bay:

  • Board at any of the following stations: Harbor Gateway Transit Center (Bay 9), Rosecrans, Harbor Freeway, Manchester and Slauson.
  • Buses run every 30 minutes starting 2 hours before game time, with the last bus leaving Harbor Gateway Transit Center at game time.
  • Buses will drop off at the right field entrance to the stadium. Service back to the South Bay will pick up at the same stop after the game.
  • Return service begins after the end of the 7th inning, with the last bus departing 45 minutes after the final out or 20 minutes after a post-game event.

Game Day Tips

  • The Dodger Stadium Express is free to ride; regular fares apply on all other connecting bus and rail service.
  • Be sure to wear a face mask while on board or while waiting to board.
  • Riders will be permitted to board at Cesar E. Chavez/Broadway if space is available.

4 replies

  1. Concerning the Dodger Express. I hope the current MTA contractor is better than the last one I encountered before I retired. A Dodger Express was sitting broken down on Sunset over the freeway when I signed on at 1:00PM and still there at 9:00PM when I was getting ready to sign off. The bus operator indicated no one had responded or contacted him for over eight hours. I requested BOC to contact the contractor. Note: I worked that assignment out of Division 1 and as a Supervisor when Special Service such as Dodger Stadium was a top priority.

  2. This is great news, and if the Dodger Express buses were battery powered it would be a homerun! But, it also means a foul ball for the Frank McCourt-Metro-Olvera Street Merchants’ “Union Station Esplanade” project. It will pave over the only parking spaces for me and my fellow disabled persons that are in front of Union Station, all for a “water-feature” (in the desert mind you) and a cableway cue-up station to Dodger Blue. Ask yourself, who in their right mind would pay good money to ride an aerial cableway–with 14-story cable towers–that’s steps away from Hooper Heliport (the world’s busiest) and its whirling blades, instead of hopping a free, swift and safe Dodger Express bus? Incidentally, Frank McCourt Inc.’s draft Environmental Impact Report (that Frank Inc. paid Metro to write) states that there is no airport within 2 miles of its “stairway to Blue Heaven.” Au contraire, the State of California classifies whirling Hooper Heliport as a real true-Blue airport. Oops, it’s in the courts already and we taxpayers are ponying-up Metro’s defense! Yep, it’$ “Chinatown” all over again!

    • It seems to me that the property that this Disneyland type ride is scheduled to pass over would violate the owners air rights. Plus this fiasco fails to provide a viable solution in transporting passengers to Dodger Stadium. Plus with Dodger Stadium being one of the oldest major league ball parks what is the guarantee the Dodgers don’t move to a better location?

  3. Be sure to wear a face mask? No thanks, I’ll skip this season again.