Virtual Town Hall on Thursday evening on advancing transportation in San Fernando Valley

As the pandemic eases (again) and traffic ramps up in our region (again), readers may be interested in the above event. It’s a good chance to hear about current issues as well as some of the big projects on the table for the Valley.

You can RSVP at

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  1. I think Metro really needs to look at these high gas prices and how to retain patrons who have left and are driving paying $7 for gas instead of paying $1.75 for the mustard bus or train pictures have been complaining about really bad service and the roads are being clogged up around noon everyday and all the way through the midday all the way through the evening I think Metro really needs to look at how to draw patrons back on the trainer bus due to these very high gas prices and we as operators bus and train are paying a very high price for gas as well I hope that Metro really looks at trying to help employees as well thank you