Metro Bike Share is back in North Hollywood with revamped stations!

Metro Bike Share has completed the installation of 12 revamped Metro Bike Share stations in North Hollywood.

This service area is now a “docked” bike share system that is compatible with all of Metro Bike Share in Los Angeles County. While this means that riders must return Metro Bikes to a Metro Bike Share station at the end of each trip, docked Metro Bikes and Metro Bike Share stations simplify the bike check-out and return process and help to improve bike availability and accessibility for all riders. As a reminder, riders will no longer have the option of locking these bikes to municipal bike racks.

Riders in North Hollywood will also be able to add some kick to their commute with pedal-assisted Electric Metro Bikes, which have proven popular with Metro Bike Share riders.

The following 12 stations are now open: 

  • North Hollywood Station
  • Chandler & Cahuenga
  • Lankershim & Hesby
  • Chandler & Laurel Canyon
  • Lankershim & Califa
  • Magnolia & Cartwright
  • Riverside & Cahuenga
  • Chandler & Colfax
  • Magnolia & Clybourn
  • Mariota & Riverside
  • North Hollywood Plaza
  • Lankershim & Vineland

Riders can find these new stations online or in the Metro Bike Share app and ride Metro Bikes for just $1.75 per half-hour. Also, 30-Day and 365-Day Metro Bike Share passes are available online at or through including Reduced Fare Metro Bike Share passes for as low as $5 a month for qualified riders.  Metro Bike Share is also available to Low-Income Fare is Easy (LIFE) participants.

Join us on Saturday, March 26th from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Vegan Street Fair to commemorate the re-launch of Metro Bike Share in North Hollywood. Say hello to the Metro Bike Share team who will be at Lankershim and Chandler and learn more about the updated bikes and stations.

Metro Bike Share launched in July 2016 in partnership with the city of Los Angeles. Since then, the program has installed more than 200 stations in downtown Los Angeles, Central Los Angeles, Westside, Hollywood, and North Hollywood. To date 1.3 million trips have been taken, 4.6 million miles traveled, and 4.4 million emissions of CO2 reduced. For more information, visit