A huge thank you to our bus and rail operators on Transit Operator Appreciation Day!

Over the last decade, Metro has joined other agencies in celebrating Transit Operator Appreciation Day; a day  that recognizes the public service of public transit vehicle operators. This celebration will occur on March 18, the day when modern transit — horse-drawn carriages — began running in Paris in 1662.

LA Metro today has about 4,600 bus and train operators working on our 119 bus lines and six rail lines. Many of our operators have been with the agency for years and decades, proudly providing rides and great service to our customers 24-7-365.

To our operators:

We THANK YOU for your commitment to Metro and our ridership when operating under tight schedules, working early and late hours, on weekends and even holidays.

We also thank you for your willingness to go above and beyond for everyone, including our transit dependent riders.

We know that you have a challenging yet instrumental role that keeps LA moving.

To put it another way, we couldn’t do it without our operators and our entire Operations staff that maintains our equipment and all the infrastructure it takes to run one of the nation’s busiest transit systems.

We hope all riders can take a moment today to thank their bus and train operators — they’ll appreciate the kind words as they work hard to ensure they get you to the places and people that matter most to you safely! Please feel free to share this blog post and the above video, which we’ll be posting on social media.

And this reminder: Metro is currently hiring more than 500 bus operators and is offering a $3,000 bonus for coming aboard. This is a great career opportunity. Metro offers competitive hourly rates starting at $19.12 with benefits that include health insurance, tuition reimbursements, paid training, retirement plan options and flexible working hours. Please encourage friends, family and community members to become a part of the Metro team that provides excellence in service and support and keeps our region moving. Apply at metro.net/driveLA.

5 replies

  1. Metro why are you’re routes not departing, the 256 takes a whole hour to come and at 6 7 & 8 they don’t depart or arrive. You’re asking to fail…. That’s crazy.

  2. It is tough job indeed!

    Many rules are there forever and people just accept and follow.

    Rule: Passenger in wheelchair boards the bus first, then the other passengers board.

    Has anyone or Metro ever thought about, letting the other passengers board first then let the passenger in wheelchair board, would actually make the boarding process as a whole, smoother and more efficient? The other passengers would not need to get in the way unnecessarily, and the passenger in wheelchair can still have all the space he/she needs. The entire boarding process will become shorter.

  3. Which active operator has the earliest badge number? I know my dad is 4677 and he’s still at it at Div 9.