Metro’s Employees of the Month for February ’22

Metro and the Metro Board of Directors every month honor employees who are stellar at helping keep our bus and train system running.

Please meet this month’s three winners — all of whom accepted their award at their workplace from Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins.

In the top video, we honor very long-time Metro train operator David Sanderson, who works on the B (Red) Line subway.  In the middle video, the honor goes to another veteran employee, stock clerk Thomas Hockenbury, who works at our Division 8 bus facility in Chatsworth. And in the bottom video, the winner is Chris McGee, a rail maintenance equipment supervisor at our Division 16 rail yard that will service and house trains running on the future Crenshaw/LAX Line.

Thank you to all our Operations staff who work 24/7/365!

And this: Metro is currently hiring more than 500 bus operators and is offering a $3,000 bonus for coming aboard. This is a great career opportunity. Metro offers competitive hourly rates starting at $17.75 for a 30-hour job as bus operators with benefits that include health insurance, tuition reimbursements, paid training, retirement plan options and flexible working hours. Please encourage friends, family and community members to become a part of the Metro team that provides excellence in service and support and keeps our region moving. Apply at

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  1. You diminish their honor by photographing them wearing a face-diaper. I see politicians and celebrities faces all of the time in the media. These Metro workers actually perform a service to society.