Metro creates its first Youth Council!

In October 2021, Metro announced that it was creating its first Youth Council to develop the capacity of young people to engage with and participate in Metro’s plans, projects, programs and initiatives.

The first council members have been selected after receiving over 200 applications countywide. When selecting youth, staff were committed to ensuring membership was equitable and consisted of young people that reflected the diverse demographics of Los Angeles County.

Metro Youth Council is made up of 27 members between the ages of 14 to 17 years old.  Members will serve for a 1-year term where Metro aims to:

Listen to their concerns

Learn from them and receive new ideas and perspectives

Engage our future community leaders and increase their awareness of Metro

Empower youth to share their voices in transportation decision making

And Create life-long riders


Please help us welcome our first cohort of the Metro Youth Council!

Treyvon Hale lives in the LA’s Historic South-Central neighborhood, is passionate about technology, fashion, environmental science, and social justice — and is currently seeking exposure to fields in hopes of finding a future career.

Christian Recinos lives in Panorama City, is part of his high school’s marching band, jazz band, orchestra, and is also equipment manager for the music department. Outside school, Christian is part of the LAPD Cadet program Students Run LA.

Brian Medrano lives in the City of Downey, enjoys helping around his school and is looking forward to doing many things to help the community further itself in transportation.

Evan Wilson lives in Sierra Madre, plays for his school soccer team, enjoys projects that include the tinkering with or rebuilding of objects, and is very excited to help share his opinions and help with the betterment of the Metro system as a whole.

San Ly resides in the San Gabriel Valley, works at her local community center and finds joy in exploring the diverse cuisines around Los Angeles. San hopes to develop her interests in community work and advocacy through embodying leadership roles for young people offered by programs like Metro’s Youth Council.

Paul Holland-Smith lives in the Baldwin/Crenshaw, is part of his high school’s BSU, GSA, ASB, and Debate team. Paul enjoys meeting new people, sharing ideas, and wants to raise awareness for his community.

Caroline Nicho lives in the San Fernando Valley, is part of her policy debate team, enjoys reading, and aims to work alongside fellow high school students to combat issues LA youth are currently facing.

Iris De Leon lives in Central Los Angeles, is part of her school’s track and field team, is motivated into bringing positive change and supports her community by being part of the LAPD Cadet program at Rampart Station through community events and motivating youth to take a stand and seek a bright future.

Johntaye Hines lives in South Los Angeles, and wants to learn how to speak more actively.

Himansi Gupta lives in Diamond Bar and is a part of her school’s math team, enjoys reading thrillers and hopes to encourage communal activity among youth.

Noah Suboc lives in northwestern Los Angeles County and is part of his high school’s cross-country team, likes to spend time with friends and family, and is passionate to serve his community through collaborative ways.

Ulysses Spencer lives in Echo Park, enjoys producing and recording music, graphic design and fashion design and wants to contribute to his community by advocating for public transit as a preferable alternative for cars.

Farrah Eshaghian lives in West Los Angeles and participates in her high school’s social advocacy group for struggling youth. Farrah loves cooking, and wants to improve her community’s youth by working with them and spreading awareness.

Catherine Chan lives in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw District and is a member of numerous school clubs. Catherine wants to help her community by drawing more attention to issues that affect young people.

Paisley Grutter lives in Sherman Oaks, is part of her high school’s volleyball and track and field teams and likes to read and spend time with her friends. Paisley wants to spread knowledge and help others learn how to lead more impactful and supportive lives.

Chris Jun lives in West Los Angeles, and is on his school’s student council. Chris likes to play video games, loves to laugh, and wants to work to help his community.

Juliana Domingo lives in Rancho Palos Verdes and participates in handling events at her school, adores music and engaging with others. Juliana is ready to help make changes which benefit our youth.

Sheyla Aviles lives in the Antelope Valley and is an active member of her high school’s Robotics team the Botsquad 5011. Sheyla loves to invest time on building, team bonding and forming fun outreach events throughout her community.

Wilmer Roblero lives in South-Central Los Angeles and is part of his school swim team, enjoys math, and wants to make his community a better place.

Orisha Lamon lives in the Antelope Valley, and is interested in promoting essential resource access in her community, discovering STEM-based solutions, and helping amplify marginalized voices.

Alicia Harris lives in Inglewood, and is a part of her school’s cheer team. Alicia  is also a dance studio choreographer, loves meeting new people.

Amir King lives in the San Gabriel Valley and serves on the Temple City Youth Committee. Amir looks forward to bringing the concerns of his peers and his community to his tenure on the Metro Youth Council.

Pine Garcia lives in the Long Beach area, is creative and interested in environmental issues and wants to help people.

Pauleth Nava lives in South Gate and is part of her school’s English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) as a student representative and wants to contribute to her community.

Jayviel Magdaleno lives in the Antelope Valley and is part of her school’s ROTC program, plays various sports and wants to help others navigate public transportation.

Dennis Fuentes lives in Central Los Angeles and is the captain of his high school’s swim team and wants to contribute to his community by finding innovative ways to make Metro more effective and more accessible to more people.

Allen Yamin lives in Calabasas and is part of his high school’s swim and robotics teams. Allen would like to pursue a career in civil engineering and wants to help increase awareness among youth on how to access transportation.

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