Regular 1-Day, 7-Day and 30-Day passes are now half off

Get a regular 1-Day, 7-Day and 30-Day pass for just half price now through July 20, 2022! That means you will pay only $3.50 for a day pass, $12.50 for a weekly pass and $50 for a 30-day pass if you are not enrolled in a discounted program.

The fares are available on our TAP vending machines, at and at Metro Customer Centers. For more info visit

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  1. Why is the red line still operating at 12 minute headways? During peak hours no less?? LA has a population of 4 million people. Chicago has 2.5? they have been at full service on the El since 2020. this is a disgrace.

  2. Can somebody confirm that this promotion will not be happening for the EZ Transit Pass? It seems like the question that nobody wants to answer.

    • Hi John,

      EZ transit pass is a regional pass and is not included in the Metro fare promotion.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source