New bus and rail schedules start December 19

Service changes for Metro Bus and Rail go into effect on Sunday, December 19. We’re adjusting some bus routes for easier access to key destinations and adding more frequent service.

Some bus stops will also be consolidated to improve bus travel times, while maintaining access to alternative stops.

The following lines will have extra trips added in December.


  • 10, 14, 16, 55, 60, 66, 70, 94, 108, 125, 152, 165, 166, 230 256, 602, 720, J Line (Silver)
  • Metro A Line (Blue), C Line (Green), E Line (Expo) and L Line (Gold) will increase weekday morning and afternoon peak hour service from every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes.


  • 256, 720


  • 94

Check for changes to your bus line with our online tool at Changes will be made to routing of Lines 2, 4, 51, 53, 79, 154, 177, 200, 230, 256, 260. New Line 179 will replace Line 79 between Rose Hill Transit Center and the L Line Arcadia Station, and a new Line 660 will replace Line 260 between Pasadena and Altadena. City of Commerce Line 200 will replace Metro Line 256 between Cal State LA and Commerce. Some bus stops will be consolidated on Lines 81, 180, 206, 217, and 686 to better balance access and travel times. A brochure with the bus service changes is also available here. If you use Transit app, Metro’s official smartphone app, schedule changes will appear by Dec. 19.

The changes are part of our NextGen Bus Plan to make our bus system easier to use and add more service on our busiest routes. We’ve been implementing NextGen over the past year. With these upcoming changes, much of the NextGen Bus Plan restructuring of bus lines will have been implemented, with the remainder to occur in 2022 — it’s the biggest overhaul of the Metro bus system in more than 25 years.

At this time, we are not collecting fare on buses. Regular fares apply on Metro Rail and other services. Fare collection on buses will restart on Jan. 10, 2022. See this recent Source post to learn how you can get discounted fares and half-price passes or follow us on Twitter @metrolosangeles for updates.

As part of these service changes, Metro is improving the accuracy of our real-time arrival data — and riders should see the better arrival info on Metro’s official app Transit beginning Sunday, Dec. 19. One note: the rollout of these updates on all platforms, including Google, will take place in the coming days.

We recommend downloading Transit to your smartphone and using it to plan your trips on Metro and for checking on the arrival of your bus or train. Download Transit in the Apple app store for Apple devices or the Google Play store for Android-powered devices.

Metro Micro will also begin service in a new zone, the UCLA/Westwood/VA Medical Center, on Dec. 13. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Friday. Rides are $1 and can be booked via the Metro Micro app, online at or by calling 323.GOMETRO.

Reminder: masks are still required when riding public transit. Please be sure to wear a mask on Metro.

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  1. According to Harry Kerry and EthanStudioLA, yes it does sound like a deal since happened by December 2020, June 2021 & September 2021 NextGen Bad Initiative Changes by destruction to put into endangered bus lines that are merge from rapid onto local is totally worse out there so that’s why to put end up on driving automobile vehicle according to previous of this blog post that will hurt by patrons (riders). These transit planners need to be realized and they shouldn’t be put in place with canceling important rapid bus lines including forced transfer for ending the rail stations also inconvenient rerouted bus lines that used to be operate former bus lines are eliminated with take over on the current bus lines. That is called join the movement no more because the main reasons for supported NextGen Plan that could be related as NIMBYISM but I am not here to blame with inconsiderate here okay. To be honest, we don’t want that are join the movement no more with operate to remove important portion on the bus lines and cutting rapid service. Hopefully by the way of LACMTA Line 258 will be end up not operate on the Interstate 10 Freeway in near of the future with shortened to Cal State LA University Transit Center just like what the transit planner of NextGen Plan did cutting portion of segments on Monterey Pass Rd (Monterey Park) & Fremont Ave (Alhambra) between Floral Dr & I-10 Fwy by July 2020 revised in favor with canceled on December 2020 is not acceptable. Thanks for nothing on the Phase 1, Phase 2 & Phase 2.5 NextGen Plan!

  2. Yes, I agree: please renumber bus route numbers to reflect the numbering system, It really is the ONLY way I can lookup lines that run into DTLA or NOT DTLA or N/S or E/W when trying to find my options because the automated trip maker is USELESS and nearly always WRONG!

  3. ethanstudiolosangles: Yes, it is really sad that every poor person’s dream in even the most densly public transit portions of Los Angeles is to get a car. Yes, do to the system, especially the bus changes, making transit less attractive. And then there is the GREAT motivation for the poor to get a car because they FEAR for their personal safety on the busses and even the trains, now. I can’t tell you how utter happy and the sense of relief that people I have talked to who were able to get a car because of the above problems. However, I would say that no longer having fear for the public safety on board Metro was their biggest relief–and they really wanted to love and use MTA services, but they are glad they are OUT and have a car, mostly in the recent years when fear of public safety on board MTA services has gotten worse.

  4. 1. I think the NextGen bus destruction was/is designed to decrease access to busses by those riders who most depend upon them for a viable transit option, but who live in lower ridership end portions of bus lines in order to redistrubute these resources to busier lines and those with higher ridership because–The MTA did not wan to do what it should have done: invest in additional busses and drivers for more frequent service to make the bus more attrictive in the heavier cooridors and KEEP Metro Rapid. Instead the MTA has played a “Rob Peter to pay Paul” strategy–and made it more difficult for our aging society to walk to and from bus stops near where they live. Yeah, and more on this that others have covered.

    2. The NextGen bus is a return to the pre 1979/80 RTD bus system that had far too many winding and indirect bus routes that cut into ride times and efficiency. The best Bus overhaul was back in 1979/1980 when the GRID system was instituted. This alloiwed for faster more efficient travel times and routes and in most cases required only ONE transfer to a bus to reach a destination. Before the overjaul to the Grid bus system–which makes a lot of sense for most of Los Angeles becuase of our never ending large Blvds. and Aves–it could often take at least 3 transfers by bus to get where we were going. The MTA is bulldozing what was a well desinged bus system based on the Grid. All that really needed to be done was to add MORE busses and drivers to meet the loads and invest in more bus lanes throughout the County while keeping LImited/Rapid services for skipping bus stops instead of taking away bus stops that make the bus a less attractive alternative to driving and a PITA to anyone who does NOT have a car.

  5. Don’t you just love your car? I am really glad that I have a car, I will always love my car, one of the main reasons are because Metro changed their routes to make it easier for their services but in return they made it harder for us, more people have to walk further, For a driver, I am glad they have Metro Micro but come on, buses should be available within at least a mile or two of each area. Some bus riders don’t even have access to phones so they can’t use Metro Micro. I also hope that they do make better changes in the future. I am confident they will succeed, why? It’s simply because we all need buses to get places. I shouldn’t have to walk a whole hour to get somewhere after taking the 90 bus, since it’s no longer 90/91. Same with other routes like 180/181, and 260/762.

  6. I agree with the comments on the bus lines numbering being inconsistent, namely 2 and 106. Similarly, Line 603 also does not follow the numbering scheme. It is also way too long to be a 600-series line.

    Nevertheless, Metro is doing a good job for this shakeup, by putting actual physical signs at the bus stops of the affected bus lines, explaining the specifics of the service changes, well ahead of 12/19.

  7. When Long Beach Transit talked about new routes coming to Carson, I brought up the fate of Metro 130 [which now runs from Artesia (Compton) station to Los Cerritos Center after the Redondo Beach portion went to Torrance Transit] at the meeting. Long Beach Transit told me that Line 130 will become a LBT Route in the near future. In other words, we don’t know when LBT will take Line 130 from Metro.

    Redondo Beach to Artesia Station- Torrance Transit Line 13 (since June 2021)
    Artesia Station to Los Cerritos Center- Long Beach Transit Route 130 (name to be announced in 2022 or 2023)

    RIP Metro 130

    • Since the phase 2 service change is very disappointed of the NextGen reasons and that’s how the patrons are becoming forced to driving with their own automobile. Here is for the suggestion few steps to avoid dangerous of Artesia Station because the safety concerns:

      1. Torrance Transit Line 6 should cut back east Cal State University of Dominguez Hills but instead for reaching last stop at Artesia Station with duplication service on the bus lines and the Torrance Transit Line 6 need to bypass of the Harbor Gateway Transit Center will not operate on the Torrance Transit Line 6 that’s the way will go directly portion of 190th St via Victoria St. Torrance Transit Line 6 (Del Amo Mall – California State University Of Dominguez Hills).

      2. If the Torrance Transit Line 13 are cutting back east of the Harbor Gateway Transit Center. So the Long Beach Transit Line 130 should be took over from the Harbor Gateway Transit Center to Los Cerritos Center Mall. Torrance Transit Line 13 (Harbor Gateway Transit Center – Redondo Beach).

      To avoid last stop on the Artesia Station and that will be lead a lot of sense on the patrons. But I feel bad of losing the one seat ride on the LACMTA Line 130 (Los Cerritos Center – Redondo Beach) for the patrons during NextGen Bad Initiative Changes is unacceptable in June 2021.

  8. Last December, MTA removed approximately one-half of the 260 bus stops north of Colorado Blvd. Most of those stops had existed for decades. Two of them were ones I used when leaving and returning home. (Interestingly, stops along the old 267 line in Pasadena and Altadena were left in place.) MTA claimed the 260 stop cancellations were implemented to increase bus travel times but didn’t specify what the existing and target speeds were or explain how much faster the 260 could legally travel given speed limits, traffic lights, and in my neighborhood, a narrow, uphill road.

    Since December 2020, my nearest bus stop has been much farther away, which has forced me to drastically reduce my ridership. This might have been MTA’s goal all along because a lower ridership probably helped justify the elimination of 260 bus service north of Walnut Avenue, which will take effect December 19. A new shuttle bus will replace the 260 north of Walnut but I couldn’t find its schedule and therefore do not know what its hours will be. Rumor has long had it that residents at the top of Fair Oaks Avenue object to the buses that have traveled past their homes for decades and it appears that MTA has acquiesced to their demands at the expense of us riders.

    As someone for whom MTA buses have almost ceased to be a viable mode of transportation, I think you can understand my negative responses to MTA’s constant efforts to present a public image at odds with reality.

    • .I live above Altadena Drive, that line is the ONLY way to get above Altadena Drive in Altadena. I find in unconscionable that anyone objects to that line going up Fair Oaks. Because of that steep climb, that line has been a lifeline when I am lucky enough to find it. Most of the time, the bus is a 260 that dies on Colorado blvd…really bad service in altadena period…and taking away the 264? Guess homeowners on rich side of altadena drive complained about that too. Cannot believe we are all stuck on this mountain when we are only 15 miles from DTLA! Easier to commute there to work in the 80s.

  9. Instead of continuously telling us to wear a face mask, why don’t you get a job designing fantasy rides for Disneyland, where your talents will be appreciated?

    I wear a face mask on Metro. But I see no effort by Metro employees, police officers, sheriffs deputies, security officers, homeless outreach persons, or anyone else to make other people wear a mask. METRO IS BREAKING THE LAW BY NEGLECTING THIS PROBLEM.

    On buses, I often see someone who is not wearing a face mask properly, and I move to another area of the bus. On your trains, there are so many people breaking the law that it is difficult to move to a safe area.

    • Have you seen what happens when a bus driver asks people to do so? Those people get VERY violent. Just keep your mask on and mind your business.

  10. Is there a reason you’re still not restoring late night rail service on the weekends?

    • I second that! What’s the deal here, Metro? You’re supposed to be restoring pre-pandemic service. Get to it!

  11. Wait, so you used to discontinue day time service of Line 4 & 20 due to its length causing hefty delays but merging 2 of the most heavy traffic-proned routes together, cutting yet another service to Downtown is okay just. . . cause?

    Can someone explain the validity of the contradiction here?

    Also, having to delay Line 4 service into Downtown just to get a transfer to another bus to complete that trip into Union Station is yet another example of LAs transit downfall.

    I really hope enough comments were received to oppose the Line 2 & 4 changes and keep them going to Downtown for the time being. Come June 2022, you’ll see previously canceled service getting restored, and Metro will pretend like these awful changes never occurred.

    If Line 2/200 merging made any sense, the RTD would’ve already have done that back in the 80s. The commute patterns for these 2 routes haven’t changed since then.

    • There will be higher frequency of Line 4. I don’t see how it’s a bad thing. It was redundant to have 2 bus lines having the same route from Sunset Junction to DT.

    • Hi Diami,

      This seems to be an issue with Safari browser. Try clearing the cookies as we have not been able to replicate this issue on our end, or you can use a different browser to open. Hopefully this helps!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  12. Since phase 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 of the NextGen drastic result implement service changes has completely inconsiderate so far with cancel important Rapid service to converted on the local bus lines including inconvenient rerouted bus lines as well and cut back east of truncated rapid service on Line 720 is gone very unacceptable but only 3 rapid bus left on Line 720 (Santa Monica – Downtown LA), Line 754 (Vermont & 120th – Vermont & Hollywood), and 761 (Sepulveda Station – Sylmar Station). I hope that Metro will end up of bringing back the Rapid service again on sometimes in future date. But the NextGen is not over yet and would be happen again since the Regional Connector completion will be turned into A (Blue) and E (Expo) Metro rail lines only around phase 4 or phase 4.5 or phase 5 future implement service changes. By the way, I have just asked for the ecomment to San Gabriel Valley Service Council to able bring back on the Line 259 service portion of Monterey Pass (Monterey Park) & Fremont (City Border Of Alhambra) via Oak Knoll (San Marino) / Lake (Pasadena) but just received from responded by Senior Transportation Planning Manager of San Gabriel Valley Council said LACMTA Line 258 would create services with frequencies of over 60 minutes by splitting on LACMTA Line 259 so unfortunately it did not existed to bring back on the LACMTA Line 259 service anymore since 2005 elimination service on the LACMTA Line 259.

    Here is my suggestion for San Gabriel Council of Senior Transportation Planning Manager optional in the future proposal changes might be:
    1. Proposed New Line 658 (East LA College Transit Center – Highland Park) with 31 feet bus along Collegian Avenue, Floral Dr, Monterey Pass Road, Fremont Av, Huntington Drive, Fair Oaks Ave, Mission Street/Pasadena Ave/York Blvd, Figueroa St and Garvanza Ave so if the LACMTA Line 258 get truncated last stop service on the Cal State LA University Transit Center which is the LACMTA Line 258 (Paramount Town Center – Cal State LA Transit Center) so the Metro transit planners should have been hand over to Montebello Bus Line 30 (Bell Gardens – Pasadena) for extending the MBL service to Lake Ave Station & I-210 Fwy which is Oak Knoll Av (San Marino) via Lake Ave (Pasadena) portions.
    2. If the LACMTA Line 258 get rerouted back again along Monterey Pass Rd via Fremont Ave for direct portion between Floral Drive to Interstate 10 that will be avoid for duplicate service of the Cal State LA University Transit Station with bypass for no longer to operate service Floral Dr, Eastern Av, Ramona Boulevard, Campus Rd, Circle Dr and I-10 Freeway on both directions that will keep going of continued to Highland Park. City Terrance / ELAC El Sol Shuttle should be alternative service to Cal State LA Transit Center. So the Metro should be providing MicroTransit service extension for the San Marino communities.
    3. Proposed New Line 676 (El Monte Station – Highland Park) along Santa Anita Ave, Valley Blvd, Mission Dr, Junipero Serra Dr, Las Tunas Dr/Main Street, Garfield Ave, Mission St/Pasadena Ave/York Bl, Figueroa St and Garvanza Ave. If the LACMTA Line 485 get a chance to bring back the ex-former services of newly destination from (Cal State LA Transit Center – Lake Ave Station) or Proposed New Line 661. So the LACMTA Line 258 will be shortened end service to Alhambra (Garfield Ave – Main St) that used to be back in 2016 including no longer to serve Cal State LA Transit Center on Line 258.
    4. According to previous comments, if the LACMTA Line 262 might come back in service of 2022 and extend service long-line (Hawaiian Gardens – Cal State LA Transit Center) leading of one-seat ride that includes short-line (Los Cerritos Center – East LA College Transit Center) for selected trips that runs from North-West Side: 226th St, Norwalk Blvd, Carson St, Pionner Blvd, South St, Gridley Road, 183rd St, back to Pioneer Bl, Telegraph Rd, Atlantic Blvd, Cesar E. Charez Ave, Mednik Ave/Monterey Pass Road, Fremont Ave, Hellman Ave, I-10 Fwy, Campus Rd and Circle Dr. From South-East Side: Circle Dr, Campus Rd, State University Dr, Eastern Ave, I-10 Fwy, Fremont Ave, Monterey Pass Rd/Mednik Av, Cesar E. Charez Ave, Atlantic Bl, Telegraph Rd, Pioneer Bl, 183rd St, Gridley Rd, South St, back to Pioneer Blvd, Carson St, Norwalk Blvd, 223rd St, Ibex Ave and 226th St. So it will lead to number 1 for adding service extension to Pasadena which is Montebello Bus Line (MBL) 30 from Bell Gardens to Lake Ave Station & I-210 Fwy.
    5. If no alternative options that will be lead to inconvenient bus line services just like Monterey Spirit Bus Route 4 from City Hall to back as for example and it will be stayed as is for the current NextGen Plan (December 2020 – present).

    Hopefully it will be might better chance for Pre-NextGen proposed changes could 1 or 4 that will lead to more convenient better bus lines on future date.

    • By the way, I have did reaching out to the Montebello Bus Line Moves project comment for adding new service extension of destination which is the Montebello Bus Line 30 South Gate to Pasadena. I do apologize for my mistake of the city destination with previously comments and it’s not Bell Gardens first destination on Montebello Bus Line (MBL) Local 30 by the way. It was the first destination of South Gate nearby Garfield Ave & Firestone Bl on Montebello Bus Line (MBL) Local 30. Hopefully the Montebello Bus Lines will make new service extension of destination to Pasadena that will help for riders of directly get to shopping, grocery and Cal Tech University.

  13. What about rerouting Line 66 between Soto st and Mirasol St to stay on Olympic instead of unnecessarily turning at Soto St and 8th St east of Downtown?!

  14. At least there are much fewer and better changes in Phase 3 than the other Phases from the NextGen. But here are some of my thoughts for this Phase.

    – Line 2 and 200 merge sounds good and interesting on paper especially the one-seat ride from USC to UCLA. But I wonder how riders on both corridors will end up with the new merge since it will be a weird experience when the change first occurs on 12/19/21. As speaking of Line 2/200 merge; since Line 2 no longer serves DTLA, it will be much better if Line 2 was renumbered to Line 100 to match with 100-199 series bus lines. I also feel ironic that Line 106 now serves DTLA, while Line 2 will no longer serve DTLA.

    – Line 51 new northern terminal is definitely the worse change on this phase. Line 51 will only serve until Westlake instead of Koreatown. Unfortunately, the new Westlake terminal will only be temporary. The new 7th/Flower will be a temporarily Short-line terminal, but end up being a permanent terminal for all trips. The entire 7th St corridor has high ridership from Vermont to DTLA according to the bus stop data. Service on 7th St west of Hoover to Vermont will be completely abandoned that riders on 7th St will now be forced to walk and/or transfer to a much crowded Line 20/720 or the extended DASH Line E. The DASH Line E is alright, but the worst part is that DASH Line E does NOT operate on major holidays. That means riders on 7th St corridor will not only lose one-seat ride and the fareless party; but, they will also lose service on holidays. The Line 51 change is completely unacceptable. I highly suggest that Line 51 should continue to serve from 7th/Flower to Koreatown as select trips OR extend DASH Line E to Koreatown via 7th St with expanded hour of operation AND operate on holidays.

    – Line 53 rerouting from Avalon Station to Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station is a huge improvement. This will provide better connectively to the A Line and the MLK Jr. Hospital.

    – Line 79 change to Line 179 is fairly reasonable. But let’s hope the new Line 179 won’t end up being discontinued in the future.

    – Lines 110, 154, and 177 reroutes are reasonable as well.

    – Too bad Commerce Transit is taking the southern portion of Line 256. At least Commerce Line 200 will increase its frequency to every 30 minutes; but, sadly the hour of operation has slightly being reduced from 5 AM-10 PM to 6 AM – 8:30 PM.