A closer look at the environmental graphic design at Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station

Environmental graphic design is an important part of transit station design and here’s how we approached the job at the rebuilt Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station.

The goals for the station graphics program – including signage and wayfinding – were to be visible, attractive and, most importantly, help people easily find their way to the various services provided at the station.

Signs range from newly designed station identifiers to a plaque honoring the memory of the station’s namesake, Rosa Parks.

It’s worth mentioning that Metro was honored by the Society of Experiential Graphic Design with a Global Design Award for Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station in the Placemaking & Identity category.

Check out some of the signage and wayfinding for amenities such as the station platforms, public plaza, Bike Hub and Customer Center:

Metro Bike Hub, station entrance and plaque honoring the station’s namesake, Rosa Parks, at the station.

Environmental graphics add to customer experience improvements at the station — including the new Metro Art-commissioned artworks Second Line by Jamex and Einar de la Torre and Gifts of Freedom and Knowledge by George Evans.

The Rosa Parks Customer Center and new signage and “Metro Pin” station identifier.