Metro will run normal weekday service this Veterans Day

Metro would like to thank those who have served and those currently serving in the United States military. Happy Veterans Day, everyone!

Veteran’s Day is also a great time to learn more about veteran employment opportunities at Metro. Metro initiated its veteran hiring initiative in 2012 and has achieved Federal, State, county, and local recognition for its efforts since its inception. Veteran recruiting is considered a key strategy by Metro to fill numerous positions that will be needed to deliver the agency’s ambitious package of transportation improvements in the coming decades. More than 750 veterans who have served in the military are currently employed at Metro, and we made 39 veteran hires over the past year.

If you are a veteran who is interested in a career at Metro, use the Military Skills Translator Tool to find out what opportunities are available to you.

Finally, a note: Metro will run regular weekday service on Thursday, Nov. 11.

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4 replies

  1. Still waiting for a response to my question: Why was bus #94 on San Fernando Blvd that went directly to Burbank rerouted at Los Feliz Blvd to Brand Ave before turning on Broadway back to SFB to Burbank.

    Can’t figure out the reason for this circuitous route that does not add any more passengers. But makes a local trip even longer since I do not see any Rapid buses in service anymore on SFB.. Please advise..

    • Hi Joanne;

      The reason the 94 was changed was to better match that line with current travel patterns and with areas where there is the highest ridership (or expected ridership) — in particular downtown Glendale and North Hollywood. Like any change under our NextGen Bus Plan, we will continue to monitor the changes throughout our network to see if they have achieved overall growth in ridership. Please note that we did reply on the 5th. Hope that helps,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Steve: Thanks for responding. Did not see your earlier reply. Assumed the rerouting of 94 had something to do with passengers. Brand already has a few buses traveling along this avenue. The only added passengers would perhaps be when bus goes along Broadway to and from San Fernando Blvd. But it’s not enough to reroute a line so out of the way only to get back on SFB to Burbank. This is not going to move the ridership needle.

  2. Any veterans day cards this year? If yes, PLEASE make them available at TVMs!