Hop on the Dodger Stadium Express for Dodgers vs. Braves

The Dodgers take on the Braves at home today and tomorrow for Games 4 and 5 of the NLCS. Hop on the Dodger Stadium Express to get to the games!

Dodger Stadium Express bus service is free to those with a game ticket and service from Union Station and Harbor Gateway begins two hours before game.

Union Station is served by many Metro and municipal bus lines and Metro Rail, as well as Metrolink and Amtrak. Board the Dodger Stadium Express at Union Station West, near the taxi zone adjacent to Alameda Street.

Harbor Gateway Transit Center, in the South Bay, is also served by several Metro bus lines, the Metro J Line (Silver) and Torrance Transit. You can also board at any of the following stations in the South Bay – Slauson, Manchester, Harbor Freeway, or Rosecrans.

At the ballpark, the Dodger Stadium Express from both Union Station and the South Bay drops off and picks up riders at the front entrance to the stadium. Return service runs for 45 minutes after the game ends.

To plan the route that’s best for you, download the Transit app or call 323.GO.METRO.

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  1. There are plenty of buses to Harbor Gateway but relatively few to Union Station and a long wait. One trick if you don’t mind backtracking is to take the Harbor Gateway bus and get off at the first stop, Slauson, and double back on the Silver Line. Or, just walk down the hill to Sunset and take the 2 or 4 bus. That’s what I did yesterday.

  2. This was nearly useless. The linked app operates fr a home address input; why not just an option of “current location”?
    Moreover the app is bulky & slow to respond.
    Makes sense I’m the 1st to comment; most peeps completely ignored the app.
    Site cites nothing we haven’t already heard on broadcast media this week.