Arts education through artists commissioned for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project

As part of our celebration of National Arts and Humanities Month, Metro Art is taking a look at arts education and opportunities for creative learning and expression with youth and artists commissioned for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project. 

In early 2020, station artist Rebeca Méndez, whose mosaic artwork commissioned by Metro Art will be integrated in Expo/Crenshaw Station, invited the Girl Scouts troop associated with nearby West Angeles Church to her UCLA studio, where she shared photography techniques and showed  how to use professional cameras. 


The Girl Scouts explored the campus shooting photos, experimenting with angles, focus, and subject matter. Later, they went back to the UCLA photo lab and learned how to edit and print their works. 

Students play with new art techniques for a Sherin Guirguis x Free Arts workshop.

Students play with new art techniques for a Sherin Guirguis x Free Arts workshop.

Sherin Guirguis, whose artwork will be at Aviation/Century Station, collaborated with local organization Free Arts to develop a workshop for young people the organization serves. Through the art making activity, students were introduced to the unique techniques of painting and paper-cutting techniques Gurguis used in her artwork commissioned by Metro Art.  

The artist provided laser-cut paper templates. Students made creative, personalized artworks by pouring small amounts of watered-down acrylic paint and blowing it with a straw. This created intricate patterns and shapes, and the students discussed their creations together.  

Leimert Park Station artist Ingrid Calame worked with young people from The Rightway Foundation, who assisted in creating large scale rubbings of significant features in Leimert Park such as drums, handmade tile and doorways. These rubbings form the artwork design for the glass pavilion at the entrance to the future transit station. 

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