A time-lapse video of massive artwork being installed at Downtown Santa Monica Station


Check out the above time-lapse of the artwork The Crying Rock and Saint Monica at the E Line (Expo)’s Downtown Santa Monica Station. The artwork can be seen on the west side of the station at 4th Street. The video shows 10,000-pound stones being installed, with more photos below.


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The sculpture is by Walter Hood, who this year was among two other Metro-commissioned artists recently inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters — the “Oscars” of the art world. Hood was also lauded with the Architectural League’s highest honor, the President’s Medal.

The sculpture shows the geological and cultural histories of the City of Santa Monica’s namesake — and invites people to feel the awe of nature and heft of cultural memory. The work was advised by late Tongva elder and cultural consultant Julia Bogany. Learn more about the artwork here.

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  1. This is near Tongva Park. I looked them up. It was an interesting read, and also sad.