Tune in to virtual community meeting for Segment B of the Rail to Rail/River Active Transportation Corridor Project

Tune in to an upcoming virtual community meeting for Segment B of the Rail to Rail/River Active Transportation Corridor Project that will build a bicycle and pedestrian corridor between the Metro A Line (Blue) Slauson Station and the Los Angeles River.

The meeting will provide an update on the proposed Segment B alternatives under study and the next steps for this important project that will help improve walking and biking options for residents of Huntington Park, Vernon, Bell, Maywood, and Unincorporated LA County, as well as adjacent communities of the study area.

Metro also seeking input from residents, businesses and stakeholders to help shape the project, gather ideas and information, and understand what matters to them.

The virtual community meetings have been scheduled as follows:

Thursday, September 9, 2021
From 6 to 8 p.m.
Zoom Link: bit.ly/3xm7H7w
Meeting ID: 812 3166 3724
Call-in: (213) 338-8477

Saturday, September 11, 2021
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Zoom Link: bit.ly/3xnJJII
Meeting ID: 898 7339 4223
Call-in: (213) 338-8477


Jueves 9 de septiembre de 2021
De 6 a 8 p.m.
Enlace de Zoom: bit.ly/3xm7H7w
Número de reunión: 812 3166 3724
Por teléfono: (646) 749-3335
Contraseña: 949-523-053

Sábado 11 de septiembre de 2021
De 10 a.m. a 12 p.m.
Enlace de Zoom: bit.ly/3xnJJII
Número de reunión: 898 7339 4223
Por teléfono: (646) 749-3335
Contraseña: 118-091-509

Both meetings will provide the same information.

The Rail to Rail/River Active Transportation Corridor Project is a pedestrian and bicycle corridor composed of two segments. Segment A is the Rail-to-Rail component and Segment B is the Rail to River component. Together, they will form one path connecting the future Crenshaw/LAX Line, J Line, A Line, and future West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Project to the Los Angeles River.

For more information on the project contact Tony Jusay, Project Manager by email at r2r@metro.net, visit the project website or call the project team at 213.922.9228.

Regular mail: One Gateway Plaza, Mail Stop 99-22-6-, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Recordings of the meetings will be posted afterwards on the project website — select “Connect with the Project.”