Reminder: new schedules start this Sunday, Sept. 12

Reminder: Metro service changes will go into effect this Sunday, Sept. 12. For the list of bus lines that will have additional trips, see our previous post here.

Check for changes to your bus line with our online tool at You can get info specific to your trip, or download the new schedule and map for the line. A brochure summarizing all bus service changes is also available here. If you use Transit app, Metro’s official smartphone app, schedule changes will appear by Sept. 12.

Metro Micro will also begin service in a new zone, the Northwest San Fernando Valley, on Sept. 12. Hours of operation are 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily. Rides are $1 and can be booked via the Metro Micro app, online at or by calling 323.GOMETRO.

Masks are still required when riding public transit. Please be sure to wear a mask on Metro.

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  1. Current bus trips do not appear to he operating as per the new schedules. on the 240 for example, live bus tracking is showing huge gaps in frequency that do not match the new headways. This seems to be happening on alot of the lines. I guess this is an unstated staffing issue as others have pointed out? Also, it seems like few lines are actually getting any stop consolidation. If you guys are set on eliminating the rapids, than you should at least consolidate stops on more of the local equivalents, currently there are still stops at least every 1/4th of a mile on many routes. Is that really necessary? these lines get slowed way down by having to stop so often. I understand the need to balance access with speed but it still feels like there are too many stops for the most part.

  2. I’m flabbergasted that the Gold Line shuttle is not a circular.
    The first time this branch shut down, it was a mess and quickly made into a circular.
    Now month after month, it’s in the most inefficient shape possible. And now it’s updated to remain…inefficient.

    The design wastes the time of all riders except those at Little Tokyo station.
    But it does generate massive amounts of excess billable hours for Metro staff.
    If I were to design the system to bilk Metro at the expense of the riders and the taxpayer at large, this is how I’d design it.

  3. Day 5 of the new Next Gen. Multiple routes experience cancellations resulting long wait and crowded situations everyday. Buses and trains are consistently running late every time I ride. The worst is yet to come. You never intend to run service as promised under the plan. Rapid system gets eliminated. Micro is another failure with long delays. Metro passengers it’s time for you to drive as MTA is no longer reliable.

  4. This is why the Metro has an major staffing shortage issues during the NextGen Blunder Plan since phase 1 and 2 as well. Period! So basically the Metro system map of 2016-2019 is not going back the way it was due to concerns as for example, Nimbyism and could be related for not accurate with invisible border going on during the history.

  5. Is Metro’s unresponsive Management ever going to realize that (according to Metro’s own past surveys of ridership) many of Metro’s bus (and train) riders DO NOT HAVE SMART PHONES?

    If so, WHEN?

    As a consequence of riders’ lack of smart phones, large numbers of us historically have relied (for information about routes and schedules) upon PRINTED SCHEDULES (especially for buses)–which Metro, inexplicably, has not bothered to provide to us for almost the last two years.

    Ever since December of 2019, Metro has continued to excuse its bureaucracy from the courtesy of providing printed schedules for its riders who DO NOT HAVE SMART PHONES.

    Given the amazing amount of money that Metro wastes (not to mention Metro’s steady deterioration in the quality of its bus service), it is hard to believe that a sudden urge to save money is the reason underlying Metro’s termination of a decades-long practice of making available printed schedules to those who want them. However, if Metro really is seeking to save money (for a change), your Metro simply could charge riders who want/need printed schedules for particular lines.

    Without easy access to route and schedule information for those of us without smart phones, planning trips (other than frequently repeated trips, like daily commutes to work) on Metro is incredibly onerous.

    It would appear that Metro’s real long-term goal is to become primarily a rail operator, by driving its passengers away from using its shrinking bus system.

    • “It would appear that Metro’s real long-term goal is to become primarily a rail operator, by driving its passengers away from using its shrinking bus system.”

      You know, this may sound like an awful thing to say, but at this point I would actually welcome a new agency operating LA county bus routes, cause it’s clear that Metro no longer wants to even bother with doing so.

      But Metro even sucks at rail to begin with (e.g. the Expo and Van Nuys Lines). Metrolink or a state established agency like Sound Transit in Seattle should be in charge of ALL RAIL Operations as that will finally solve the county line issues that lead to false promises or gotcha stunts on the Gold Line to Montclair or the Santa Ana line to you know. . . actually going to Santa Ana!!

      Either that, or the agency is in serious need of an executive overhaul, but I doubt that can even happen until Garcetti and the rest of the Metro Board gets out!!

  6. Why only very few stops are being consolidated on 4/33? I expect at least 25% local stops are combined/ removed as many local stops have very low usage. Also I noticed that there are more trips getting canceled due to “staff issue” or whatever reason you have. How are you going to ensure running as frequent as you promised on affected routes, mostly Santa Monica Blvd and Venice Blvd as you cut the rapid?

  7. Hi there! Is there anywhere we can see a list of what bus stops are being removed on lines where stop consolidation is taking place? I specifically am curious about the 2 and 4 but I’m sure others will want to know about their own lines.

    I posted this question previously on the Source and was told a document would be available by Sept 1, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, unless I’ve missed something.