Photo enforcement program for rail safety on Crenshaw Boulevard begins Oct. 1

Beginning Friday, October 1, Metro and the Sheriff’s Department will activate a photo enforcement program along the future Crenshaw/LAX Line to deter motorists from disobeying traffic signals and illegally driving across the train tracks.

In October, motorists will receive warnings before actual citations are issued, starting November 1. We’re posting this now to give everyone a heads-up the program will be launching soon.

Why are we implementing photo enforcement?

Metro is working to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities associated with red-light violations at all streets and highway rail-grade crossings. Although we do not yet have an opening date for the Crenshaw/LAX Line, we want to get a head start on safety along the light rail line, which will run at street level on Crenshaw Boulevard between 48th and 60th streets through Park Mesa Heights.

The goal here is simple: do everything possible to prevent collisions between vehicles and trains and to prevent injuries and fatalities. We believe the program will improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in the Crenshaw District.

Metro began intermittent train testing on Crenshaw Boulevard in December 2020. The photo enforcement program is designed to detect motorists who make illegal left-hand turns across the train tracks and will operate at the following 10 intersections along Crenshaw Boulevard:

Southbound Crenshaw left turn to 48th St East

Southbound Crenshaw left turn to 52nd St East

Northbound Crenshaw left turn to 52nd St West

Southbound Crenshaw left turn to 54th St East

Northbound Crenshaw left turn to 54th St West

Northbound Crenshaw left turn to 57th St West

Southbound Crenshaw left turn to 59th St East

Northbound Crenshaw left turn to 59th St West

Southbound Crenshaw left turn to Slauson East

Northbound Crenshaw left turn to Slauson West

Motorists who disobey traffic signals and operate vehicles in an illegal manner after November 1 will begin receiving traffic citations in the mail from Los Angeles Sheriff Department for violations at the above 10 locations. Citations average around $100 and could include additional penalties and assessments.

Metro has previously implemented a photo enforcement program on its other light rail lines and busways that have sections that operate at street level, including the A Line (Blue), L Line (Gold), G Line (Orange), and E Line (Expo).

The Crenshaw/LAX Line will bring 8.5-miles of new light rail service between the E Line (Expo) and C Line (Green). The new light rail line will have eight new stations serving the Crenshaw, Inglewood, Westchester and LAX communities. Riders will have easier connections within the Metro Rail system, municipal bus lines and other regional transportation services.

Metro is also constructing the Airport Metro Connector (AMC), a transit station that will connect LAX to the regional rail system. The AMC will provide a direct connection to LAX’s future Automated People Mover.

For more information on the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project go to or call (213) 922-2736. You can also connect with us on Facebook and on Twitter.

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  1. Perhaps the most dangerous line, the Blue line, has had more accidents resulting in far too many deaths and injuries due the the stupidity of those who drive and walk adjacent to it. We had rail service both on private right of way and in street running until 1963 with few major accidents while at the same time having a less intense use of warning devices. We are fully aware our schools seem to be failing in many respects but common sense need not be taught, it should be inborn from an early age with the minimum of parental guidance required. Who in their right mind drives or walks into the path of a light rail train or for that matter any train both passenger or freight? When one travels too many rural areas in our nation many railroad crossings are only guarded by simple “cross arms” only. In my opinion a one hundred dollar fine is insufficient. A one year suspension of ones drivers license coupled with the requirement that the violator must attend a intense safety course which stresses the “Common Sense” they seem to be lacking before their driving privilege is restored should be required. A traffic accident involving a rail vehicle not only endangers the violators safety but those on the rail vehicle as well including the operator of that rail vehicle. As a prior Bus Operator and Supervisor with the RTD/MTA we were instructed that it it took one hundred and twenty feet to stop a bus safely. The hundreds and in some cases the thousands of feet to stop a rail vehicle in emergency mode due to a violators stupidity and lack of “Common Sense” dictates this response.