It’s Rail Safety Month and safety begins with you

Rail safety is a team effort and everyone needs to do their part in sharing knowledge and facts that will help deter unsafe behavior and reduce incidents along tracks and trains.

For those who need a refresher, here are our top five rail safety tips:

  1. Never walk on or around train tracks.

  2. Never go around lowered crossing gates.

  3. Obey all warning signals and devices.

  4. Look and listen for trains in both directions.

  5. Never run to catch the train.

Metro also provides transit safety presentations to schools within a half-mile radius of the A Line (Blue), E Line (Expo), and L Line (Gold). As LAUSD schools resume classes, Metro’s Community Education team will be conducting virtual presentations and virtual tours of Union Station, as well as offering our e-learning curriculum.

LA County teachers are welcome to sign up and try out Metro’s virtual transit safety presentation and tour, and students can access our e-learning curriculum here.

The presentation reviews safety concepts along all Metro’s light-rail alignments and is also available in Spanish.

If you have questions or comments, call 213-922-4080 or email

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