New schedules start Sept. 12: expect additional bus and subway trips

Metro normally updates schedules every June and December, but as we recover from COVID-19 and restore bus service to pre-pandemic levels, we’re making another update in September.

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 12, we’re adjusting some routes and adding more bus trips to accommodate returning students and other riders. Some bus stops have also been removed to improve travel times.

The following lines will have additional trips weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays:

  • 2, 4, 16, 33, 45, 55, 70, 76, 92, 110, 117, 152, 162, 165, 169, 206, 212, 224,
    242/243, 246, 258, 602, 690

WEEKDAYS, the following lines will have additional trips:

  • 10, 14, 28, 40, 51, 53, 78/79, 81, 90, 108, 111, 115, 120, 127, 150, 161, 164, 166, 204, 230, 233, 234, 236, 237, 240, 251, 256, 344, 550, 662, 690, 720, 754, 761, 901, 910
  • Peak period headways on the B Line (Red) and D Line (Purple) will increase to trains every 10 minutes.

SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS, the following lines have additional trips:

  • 154, 155, 210

Metro Micro will also begin service in a new zone, the Northwest San Fernando Valley, on Sept. 12. Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Rides are $1 and can be booked via the Metro Micro app, online at or by calling 323.GOMETRO.

Check for changes to your bus line with our online tool at A brochure summarizing all bus service changes is also available here. If you use Transit app, Metro’s official smartphone app, schedule changes will appear by Sept. 12.

At this time, we are not collecting fare on buses. Regular fares apply on Metro Rail and other services.

Reminder: masks are still required when riding public transit. Please be sure to wear a mask on Metro.

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  1. Why Metro removed 704 it was very useful from union station. Please have more security in the red line specially early mornings it’s very scary and clean the station and trains there’s a lot of rats in your stations. Very disappointed with the changes. Is Metro thinking about the passengers at all? You should do a survey before you cancel one line.

  2. I miss the 770 garvey san gabriel with one bus its not enough, hope to see onthar buses,

  3. I am concerned about West Hollywood, Silverlake, and Echo Park losing their one-seat rides to Union Station with the folding of Rapid Line 704 into Line 4. My solution for this is to split this service into a Line 4 terminating Downtown at Broadway & Venice as now and a Line 5 terminating at Union Station.

    • They won’t do that, as that goes completely against the point of these changes, otherwise, Line 17 would’ve stayed in tact with 30 min headways into Downtown. The point was to have a “simpler” system but instead all we are seeing are slower routes coming every 7 min which will lead to bus bunching as traffic returns to normal levels, and routes that still zig-zag their way around the city (Line 182), or Lines with the most inconvenient terminals (Line 217).

      Feel bad for anyone who is now gonna be stuck on the 4 and 33 going crosstown. You’d think that instead of cutting the 733, Metro would advocate for Bus Lanes on Venice Between Rimpau and Lincoln, considering that is all within the City of LA as well.

  4. I don’t understand how does the elimination of the entire Metro Rapid system help improve my ride and travel time? 704, 720, 733, 754 have the highest ridership in the entire MTA bus system beside orange and silver line BRT, and yet Metro has been cutting the rapid in favor of slow local service since the failure bus plan begins. I don’t understand why do routes with low ridership such as 154 gets more service, while the one with highest ridership 700s gets eliminated. I will not surprise to see bus ridership continue to fall as riders are disappointed with the changes. This bus plan is organized by the Metro official who would NEVER take the bus, and the one that would suffer from this change is the regular Metro passenger.

  5. Let’s hope the Metro need to realize of starting restoring service bus change re-extend plan since happen by December 2020 and June 2021.

    Here are the suggestion for adjustment needed on the LACMTA bus lines list:
    1. Add back on Monterey Pass / Fremont segments because in the NextGen Plan is no mention for eliminations of due to low ridership on Monterey Pass Rd / Fremont Ave between Floral Dr and I-10 Fwy on both directions. Instead of turning from Mednik onto Floral until Eastern but it merged with duplications of the City Terrance / East Los Angeles College Shuttles on Floral Drive and LACMTA Line 256 on Eastern Avenue.

    2. Add back on Santa Anita / Sierra Madre segments by selecting trips on weekday or weekend schedule, or either both. Since happen on Santa Anita Boulevard and Sierra Madre Blvd (the city of Arcadia) but there is no pick up zone on the Metro MicroTransit in Arcadia.

    3. Add service extension of Normandie Ave segment from Imperial Highway to 182nd St until reach the Harbor Gateway Transit Center last stop on both directions. Because there was a bus base that operates on the Division 18 in Carson.

    4. Add back on the Rapid bus lines and limited stop services on the bus lines.

    That’s make lot of sense for the commute or not. Like I’m not trying to make inconsiderate period and if the Metro is not re-extend reinstating service extension change level otherwise it gets worst and no options.

    • Hey C.Trans, some of your suggestions are great, but here are my thoughts on your suggestions.

      1. Instead of rerouting Line 258 back to Monterey Pass, I would rather see a new Line 259 (not to be confused with the original Line 259) covering the Monterey Pass segment while Line 258 covers the Eastern/Floral segment. For my suggested Line 259, it would run from Paramount to Lake Bl Station on weekdays only. Since Line 258 runs every 40 minutes, it will require the 258/259 combined to run every 30 minutes while the branches could run every hour, so the branches won’t have an 80 minute wait.

      2. Either Line 287 or 487 should cover Sierra Madre segment as of select trips on weekdays, but all trips on weekends. Ridership in the Sierra Madre area isn’t very low, and it has a higher ridership than Pt Dume segment of Line 534 and the entire Lines 126 and 607.

      3. Definitely would love to see north-south lines being extended south of I-105. Line 206 should cover the Normandie segment to HGTC. Even though, GTrans covers a portion of Normandie south of 182nd to PCH, I would rather see Line 206 be extended to PCH or LA Harbor College, while GTrans Line 2 could run a crosstown shuttle from Imperial and 182nd via Vermont and Western similar to Norwalk Transit Route 2. As a replacement for the remaining of GTrans Line 2, I would also love to see Lines 204/754 (Vermont), and 757 (Western and Artesia) to HGTC. For Line 207, it would’ve been amazing if it ended service at Torrance Town Center (Crenshaw/PCH) via Western and PCH with a diversion to Vermont Station instead of Crenshaw. Unfortunately, it will probably never happen as Metro is slowly removing service south of I-105.

      4. The popular and moderate Rapid and Limited lines should be back. For worst performing limited/Rapid Lines like 740 (after 2012), 762, 364, 378, etc., I would rather see the worst performing Rapid Lines to be reduced to limited lines (except 740), while the worst performing limited lines (364 and 378) be cancelled. However, I would love to see Limited Lines 302, 312, 316, 351, 353, and 358 to be upgraded from Limited to Rapid. With my suggestion of upgrading some Limited lines to Rapid, I would love to see Limited Lines 316 and 351 to be merged into one Rapid Line, operating from West Hollywood (Santa Monica/San Vicente) to either Harbor Gateway Transit Center or Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station via 3rd, 5th/6th, and Avalon Bl. With the Rapid 740 being cancelled because of an overlap with the rail, I would rather see a new 712 running from Hollywood/Vine to Del Amo Fashion Center via La Brea and Hawthorne Bls.

      I also have some suggestions for what Metro should do with extensions on some lines, which unfortunately they won’t likely going to do these:
      Line 108 east to Telegraph/Carmenita via Slauson/Carmenita
      Line 110 east to Rancho Los Amigos via Florence/Old River School
      Line 265 north to Rio Hondo College via Whittier/Norwalk/Workman Mill or via Paramount/Beverly/Workman Mill, and south to LLBC via Lakewood/Del Amo/Clark
      Line 161 west to The Oaks Mall via Thousand Oaks Bl
      Line 258 south to either Lakewood Center via Cherry/Candlewood or Artesia Station via Cherry/Artesia
      Line 212 south to Del Amo Fashion Ctr via Hawthorne Bl
      Line 45 south to Harbor/UCLA Medical Ctr via Broadway/Main
      Line 66 east to Beverly Hospital via Olympic/Montebello/Beverly

      • Hello Not A Random Rider, I do agree 100% with your thoughts. The LACMTA Line 259 will be great alternative of Monterey Pass and Oak Knoll segments as well. Just like in the another route change by Sun July 18, 2021 on the LACMTA Line 236 is already combined with LACMTA Line 235 (Balboa segment between Rinaldi and Foothill).
        Let’s hope that Metro will give a chance back to the another route change until after or before phase 3 service change of adding the LACMTA Line 259 (Paramount Town Center – I-210 Fwy / Lake Ave Station) weekday service will be awesome.

        Meanwhile I did check on the Visioning Bus Rapid Transit Study of Metro recommendations by Wed Oct 7, 2020 with map overview of the future BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) network which is on the powerpoint (pdf) by the way rephrase called BRT-Vision-Principles-2020-10.pdf! They are planning to do the future Metro Rapid Bus Line services alignment of Venice (Downtown LA – Venice Beach), Olympic (Downtown LA – West LA), Western (Crenshaw Station – Hollywood), LA Cienega (Culver City TC – West Hollywood), Broadway (I-105 & I-110 Fwy Station – Downtown LA) , Sunset (ELAC TC – Glendale) and Atlantic (East LA College Transit Center – Downtown Long Beach) are expected by next year service changes until notice or not.

        Some of the Metro Rapid Bus Lines will be chance to return back on Atlantic (Line 762), Broadway (Line 745), Western (Line 757), Olympic (Line 728) and Venice (Line 733) probably. I am not sure about Sunset and La Cienega on the Metro Rapid Bus Lines will be.

  6. Hi, can you explain why subway fares are still collected but bus fares are not? Additionally why the red line is not restored to pre covid levels of service? it is getting more crowded but also an important life line for a lot of low income riders.

    • Hi,

      Metro is not currently a fareless system. During the past year while we implemented rear-door boarding on buses, we did not require fare collection on buses. The Board then passed a motion to continue this policy until they consider Metro’s pilot fareless program, which is scheduled for September.

      We are increasing service levels based on ridership numbers. Staff will continue to monitor and adjust as needed. As a reminder there is another service change scheduled in December.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • As Metro is gradually implementing NextGen with limited resources, increases are being targeted based on ridership numbers. However, the next phase of service changes in December is expected to the final phase of NextGen implementation. Will all the frequencies promised in NextGen happen by then?

      • Does this mean you guys are going to offer the fareless tap card or does this mean you guys are going to allow the riders just boarding without making anyone action as paying fare?

        • Hi,

          More info will be available at the September Board Meeting.

          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source

  7. I hope Metro considers routing every other bus on the 4 to Union Station. Many people relied on the 704 to go straight to Union Station. In addition, There are Westbound bus lanes between Alameda and Broadway that will go unused when the 704 gets cancelled.

    • Straight up! The 704 was one alternative to Union Station whenever the Red Line gets prone to delays due to incidents. Metro just straight up took that away. It legit is getting difficult to even bother with the system.

    • I wholly support this idea. They can split the Santa Monica Blvd. – Sunset Blvd. corridor into a Line 4 (between Sepulveda and Downtown) and a Line 5 (between the ocean and Union Station).

    • The 106 shouldn’t be cut from the White Memorial area.
      You should have the 106:
      WB(To Montebello/ELA)
      NEW Regular route to PATSAOURUS PLAZA,
      AND VICE VERSA heading Eastbound to Monterey Park.

      The White Memorial connection has been a staple for over 3 decades.
      It needs to continue, despite having close service.
      The actual ease for passengers close to the 106 route on both ends to have an additional hospital, mostly their home hospital/doctors office is needed.

      Metro needs to reconsider these need, rather than simply shoved this line only to DTLA.

      Service this line the right way.
      Please and thanks!

  8. I will not be surprised if Metro has already planned to get rid of the only 3 remaining Rapid lines altogether, not if but when.

    720: Let 20 take care of that corridor.
    754: Because 204 completely overlaps it.
    761: Make 233 owl route to become all day route.

    • Those lines will eventually be discontinued regardless.

      720: Purple Line Extension to Westwood by 2026
      754: Replaced by BRT and Eventually HRT by 2026/2028 (BRT) and the 2050s (HRT)
      761: Sepulveda/405 Line (Hopefully by 2028)

      But I get your point: Considering this is the worst agency the US has to offer (though I also blame NIMBYism as well), I really wouldn’t be surprised if those 3 remaining Rapids are prematurely discontinued like the 704 and 733 were.

      Meanwhile Santa Monica just rolled out the “Express 7” making only 6 stop between terminals and still kept the Local 7 and Rapid 7 at a respectable frequency throughout the day as well. Yet somehow Metro failed to even acknowledge that if they wanted to speed up door to door commute times, even faster bus service is needed.

      Even Seattle and Las Vegas bus service was actually more reliable then LAs, and many of them weren’t tents on wheels either considering those cities also have those own homeless problem.

      • Metro did run a “Rapid Express” back in 2007 on Wilshire (Line 920) and along the 40 Line (Line 940)….. But in the long run, it didn’t do two of the most important things it was suppose to accomplish. 1) Time savings along the corridor it operated on and 2) To many people complained that it didn’t serve their needs due to extremely distant spaced stops.

        Honestly, I don’t see that Santa Monica will have much success with that “Express 7”.

        Better spaced stops and more frequency on many of Metro’s routes will improve it’s service in my opinon.

        • 1) Time savings along the corridor it operated on – This I could agree with. Some days I would arrive 15 min ahead of schedule, some days on time, some days up to 10 min behind schedule. That type of variable wouldn’t be such a bad thing on one end. But the lack of bus only lanes definitely meant even the fastest bus line in LA could still end up in delays. The difference is we now have Bus Only Lanes for a good portion of the route, meaning that the 920s improvements on on-time performance will be there.

          2)Too many people complained that it didn’t serve their needs due to extremely distant spaced stops. – The only reason I disagreed with this statement is because I used the 920 on an almost everyday basis and many of them were always PACKED in the middle of rush hour. The issue IMO was actually 3 things that Metro did try to solve but was too little too late. One of which being it ran every 7 min reverse peak early on, which meant a LOT of empty buses in one direction. But I get why it had to be done. Metro did solve this problem eventually though. Second was the fact that the Line didn’t actually go into Downtown. Yeah, it may have made sense, but lets face it, people don’t like transfer. Even a simple extension to Westlake would instantly have boost its ridership. Third was the other pilot. The 940 was just a bad idea and did not help as a pilot. I guess that using another westside line would have not been popular, but the westside lines needed the Rapid Express service more than anywhere else. I was assuming that the 933, 954 or 961 would have made more sense as a second pilot route than the 940 only running peak commute, peak direction only. Had a second line that had the ridership numbers that could keep up with the 720 then maybe they would have at least stuck around

          “Honestly, I don’t see that Santa Monica will have much success with that ‘Express 7’.” – The only reason why I could agree with this statement is because of its premature implementation. the top 2 groups of riders I see using this line even over the Rapid 7 are Students and Westside Employees who live in Mid-city and Koreatown. For these 2 riders, even the Rapid 7 is still faster than having to take the Expo Line and then having to back pedal on the 28, 30, 33 and Purple Line or the north-south routes.

          The issue is though is that many SMC and possibly UCLA students are learning remotely so I actually expect ridership on all of the BBB and CC Lines to actually remain low until at least Spring 2022 at the earliest.

          • The 920 was a big joke. It only ran east to Vermont. If it was extended east to DTLA, then ridership would’ve boosted. This was probably one of the reasons why 920 was discontinued after 3 years of service. Line 940 on other hand was supposed to be replacement of Line 442 as it was supposed to be cancelled at the same time as Line 940 being implemented. But they’ve kept the 442 up when 940 was in service at the same time. Later, Line 940 was cancelled in 2008 due to extremely low ridership compared to Line 740. Line 940 would’ve been a biggest joke if it ended at Expo/Crenshaw Station just like the 2012 route of Line 740. I think Rapid Express Lines should’ve been implemented in SaMo Bl, Venice Bl, Pico Bl (DTLA-SaMo), Van Nuys Bl, and Vermont Bl instead of Hawthorne Bl as those corridors had a higher ridership. I do have a feeling the new BBB Line E7 will not last very long due to low ridership especially as it was released during the pandemic.

      • Idk if this has more to do with the way municipal transit operators operate or with the way cities manage infrastructure. I’m sure both SaMo and LA City can do way better with bus lanes, queue jumps, and all that good stuff. But LA Metro covers way more territory than Big Blue Bus. Yes, Metro should consider running express buses, like the ones they use to on Wilshire some 10-odd years ago but they won’t amount to much if the infrastructure doesn’t cooperate. I remember that 900-line bus had to deal with traffic and poor road conditions on Wilshire. The bus lane didn’t exist then.

  9. I just saw the the schedules for the bus with additional services added but I didn’t see the 70 or 106 schedule. What happened to those?

    • Hi,

      We’re still working on getting all the timetables up, they should be available by September 1.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  10. Why are the 233 and 761 service levels not being expanded on weekends? This leaves the Sepulveda pass with zero frequent transit options on weekends all day and weekdays after 9 pm (30 min headways or worse is not “frequent”). Its bad enough that we have to wait possibly 10 years or more before we get actual rapid transit through here (hopefully heavy rail subway and not monorail) because nothing has been done for decades, but the least Metro can do is provide bus service in the interim that is as frequent as any future rapid transit service will be. To not do so is contradicting the basic understanding that this corridor has very high travel demand and yet has very poor non-car transportation options. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  11. Please add more frequent service to line 617 on Robertson Blvd. This is the main route to get from much of the westside to the Expo Line without having to go all the way to the Sepulveda station. These buses come every 40 minutes and are packed.

  12. Hey Anna. I have two questions.

    1: Will Lines 4 and 33 still serve local stops during the late-evening/Owl periods? I know during the daytime, they will serve their rapid counterpart stops in SaMo, but I want to know if they’ll still serve the local stops during the owl periods?

    2: Will Lines 4 and 33 operate articulated buses on all or most trips at the time when both Lines 704 and 733 no longer exist?

    • Hi,

      Beginning Sunday September 12, 2021, Metro Rapid Line 733 between Union Station and Santa Monica will be permanently replaced by more frequent Line 33 service. This includes extending selected daytime Line 33 trips from Venice to Santa Monica and to LA Union Station, serving existing Line 733 bus stops in the Santa Monica area. The bus stops at Venice Bl/ at Ogden (westbound) and Genesee (eastbound) will be closed due to low ridership.

      Metro Rapid Line 704 between Union Station and Santa Monica will be permanently replaced by more frequent Line 4 service. As part of this change, selected daytime/evening Line 4 trips will extend to downtown Santa Monica making stops at the existing Line 704 bus stops as well as new stops at Santa Monica Bl/Corinth Av and Santa Monica Bl/14th St. These trips will follow the same route as Line 4 overnight Owl trips do now. However, the following Line 4 Owl bus stops west of the I-405 freeway will no longer be served due to low ridership and to maintain the same stop pattern for Line 4 daytime, evenings and overnight OWL:
      Santa Monica Bl at Sawtelle, Federal, Brockton, Westgate, Wellesly, Centinela, Berkely, Yale, Clover- dale, 23rd (eastbound), 21st (westbound), 17th, and 11th Sts

      Articulated buses will be used as needed depending on ridership. More details, including timetables, will be available in September.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  13. Does this mean you guys no longer collect fares onboard buses during the pandemic of covid-19?

    • Hi,

      At this time, we are not collecting fares on buses. We’ll have more information on when/if that will change at this September’s Board Meeting. Thank you.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  14. I am waiting on when Long Beach Transit will acquire the remains of Line 130. Also, it was rumored that Line 205 will skip the Harbor Gateway Transit Center and drive through Carson.

    • Have you been on the Red Line recently? Like Im not trying to sound inconsiderate here but it is hell on the red line right now. Anyone’s moral and sense of safety goes out the window the second you step on that elevator or escalator, and Im only speaking during the hours of 9am-7pm here. The only benefit late night service the trains would serve right now is homeless encampments and drug usage. I’d say no thanks, just let them run until midnight until Metro fixes THEIR homeless problem.

      • Yes but if Metro is saying they are reinstating pre-pandemic service levels then they need to do that, at minimum, period. Otherwise it should be clearly stated that said late night weekend service on metro rail and BRT is the one exception and is suspended until further notice or at least have some kind of timeline. This is bad communication and further exacerbates the problem of Angelinos not being able to rely on consistent public transit which further stratifies the rider base.

          • Right. Looks like I was mistaken about the BRT (orange (G) and silver (J) lines). In fact, I didn’t realize that the orange line (in addition to the silver line) technically now has 24 hour service, so definitely credit where it’s due. That was a good move by metro. Now we need metro to at least restore the 2am service on metro rail on weekends, as per the pre-pandemic service levels.

  15. Why is there no mention about the 704 & 733? How is that being upfront with the riders? Will the 4 & the 33 go to Santa Monica all day or only owl?

    • Hi Philip,

      The 4 and 33 trips will extend to Santa Monica during the day and evening like they do now for OWL period and will serve the 704 or 733 stops on the extension.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

    • Hi,

      Additional info will be added to along with updated maps and timetables on September 1.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • On 8/24/21, jfruh asked about finding a list of eliminated/consolidated stops affected by the new schedules. on 8/25/21, a response was made indicating more information on the subject would be forthcoming on 9/1/21, however, although the new schedules were posted, no information on the eliminated/consolidated stops is nowhere to be seen; given some riders whose regular stops may be affected by the sudden loss of their stops, prior, specific, notice of those changes would be a minimal courtesy. Will there be some sort of clarification or elucidation available before the new changes on 9/12/21?

        • Hi,

          It seems they have not fully updated the tool yet. I’ll request a status update. Specific information is also printed and available on board the buses, and on signage at any affected stops.

          Thank you,

          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source

  16. The 19 Metro Rapid bus lines got elimination is totally ridiculous and can’t believe how the Metro starts everything on NextGen Plan moment and down to 3 rapid left. Remember keep in mind the NextGen is not a bus plan and it was NextGen Software Virus (NGSV-18) that took away everything of turning out discontinued or cancellation, truncated and rerouting as well. After 3 phase service change so let’s start reinstate on those bus lines or if not otherwise it get worst. That’s remind as the 2000 Los Angeles Metro (MTA) Headquarters Strike Protest about 21 years ago so that’s why the NextGen SV are causing a lot of trouble as low headway ridership, lack of time management, forced by NIMBY reasons, idiot rerouting or routing plan, leaving 1 seat ride with transfer, reconstructing with cutting bus service as reduced and shakeup schedule. The NextGen Software Virus is totally waste arrangement plan. Period!

  17. Anyone notice the livery on the newer batch of XN60 and Axess BRT? It says “Metro Bus” and “Go Metro”. On those buses, it no longer says “Metro Local”.

    It is just my wild guess that, eventually, there will be no such distinctions as Metro Local and Metro Rapid.

    • I think the goal is to increase bus speeds systemwide as opposed to just a few lines. The tech that made Rapid buses “Rapid” could be more broadly applied. As much as the marketing was nice for a bit, I think riders will be able to tell which buses are which as long as the signs are clear enough.

    • The newer batch of XN60 and Axes BRT where it says Metro Bus and Go Metro on those buses they need to make a lot of these 40 Feet Smaller Buses on Lines 10/48, 51, 53, 105, 106, Future Line 134, 602, Future Line 610 and Line 617 and 60 Feet Longer Buses for Lines 2, 4, 14/37, 16, 20, 28, 30, 33 and 35/38 these are the major routes in the surrounding City of Los Angeles areas these major routes gets all packed up there’s no where to sit no room for other passengers because homelessness people, mentally people are on these major routes that’s why there’s no room I hope the Westside/Central Division 7 and 13 are going to work on that

      Thank you


      • I agree with this comment. It is scary riding the bus with these mentally ill men who seem to primarily pick on women to abuse. The bus and trains have become the new homes of choice for the crazy homeless and their dogs. The buses 2,4, are packed with people.very sorry to see the 704 go. My favorite bus because of fewer homeless, union station service and it does not stop at every stop eliminating the handicapped who take a lot of time getting on and off the bus. Wish micro service would extend to Hollywood. I would use that everyday to avoid the homeless.

  18. Santa Monica Bl and Venice Bl were two of the corridors that could use rapid service, at least part time. The 4 and 33 run 5 buses an hour and the 704 and 733 runs 3 buses an hour during the midday, and this could have stayed the same. When you have eight buses or more an hour you can split up rapid and local to have an option for longer distance trips. Where Metro got into problems were lines like the 28 and 728 where the rapid ran every 20 minutes and the local bus ran every 20-30 minutes, for five or six buses an hour. That is bad service that doesn’t help anyone. Over time as buses start bunching up because of the low headway, Metro will end up going back to introducing limited stop service again.

    • Exactly, the NextGen restructure plan has complete failure everything of drastic service change from phase 1, 2 and 2.5 as well what the Metro has done with inconsiderate issues. When after phase 3 final service change implementation completions by Mid-December 2021 and then it need to be reinstate back on those bus line major service changes with re-extend of SIerra Madre / Santa Anita (selected trips), Normandie (between Imperial and 182nd or PCH), Monterey Pass / Fremont (between Floral and I-10), Oak Knoll/Lake (between Huntington and California), and including Duarte as well. That’s how the Metro should be a chance to return service on Sierra Madre/Santa Anita (Re-extend Line 287 or Line 487), Duarte (Extend Line 179 From Huntington/Monterey To City Of Hope Station), Monterey Pass/Fremont & Oak Knoll/Lake (Created Line 259 Combine With Line 258) and Normandie (Extend Line 206 Last Service Stops To HGTC or LA Harbor College). By the way the Metro will be return Rapid service could be Atlantic, Broadway, Venice and Olympic but the Rapid Service of Sunset (ELAC-Glendale) and La Cienega (Culver City TC – West Hollywood) will be different. By the way of the Rapid service corridor of Atlantic (East LA College Transit Center – Downtown Long Beach), Broadway (I-105 & I-110 Fwy Station to Downtown LA), Olympic (Downtown LA – West LA) and Venice (Downtown LA – Venice Beach). To be honest, that’s why the Metro will end up going back to introducing rapid limited major stop service again just like what the Metro planned with future BRT Network in the powerpoint presentation called BRT Vision Bus Rapid Transit Study. There are the link of the BRT Vision

  19. Interesting and glad to see that another 100-series Line is returning to DTLA for the first time since truncation of Line 156 Owl. I think the new Line 106 modification will benefit more riders compared to the current route on State St. This modification will also remind me of a combination of old Lines 31, 68, 70, and 71.

    Sucks to see Lines 704 and 733 are the next ones being axed. I think those two Rapids should’ve stayed for the NextGen. For the “new and improved” Line 4, it won’t serve Union Station, compared to Line 704. Ridership on Line 704 is high on the portion where Line 4 won’t serve. I think select Line 4 trips should serve Union Station (at least trips starting at SaMo at daytime). While trips ending at Sepulveda Bl would end at Broadway/Venice. I believe it makes more sense to me. If Metro can’t modify Line 4 to serve Union Station. Then my alternative suggestion is to modify Line 106 to serve via Chavez, Figeroua, and 1st to cover the old segment of Line 704.

    Long overdue for an owl service on Lines 16, 162, and 224 (especially being extended to Hollywood on Owl trips). Maybe Line 224 should be extended to Hollywood all-day via the old 237-656. Also, to cover the Vineland segment of the old-237, I would like to see select Line 162 trips to be extended to Universal City Station.

    • sucks that 704 and 733 are getting cancelled. Will there be service in the daytime for line 4 to santa monica now or will it still be ending at nebraska/sepulveda? also will the 18 still be on whitter boulevard?

      • The 4 is taking over the 704’s stops in Santa Monica all day now, though I believe it will only be every other bus, more or less matching the 704’s old frequency.

      • Hi Diego,

        The 4 and 33 trips will extend to Santa Monica during the day and evening like they do now for OWL period and will serve the 704 or 733 stops on the extension. Line 18 will still travel along Whitier Blvd.

        Thank you,

        Anna Chen
        Writer, The Source

    • You have a point about a 100-series bus reaching DTLA! According to the numbering system, the 100s are for predominantly east-west lines that do not reach downtown. Is it time to renumber it?