Video recording available of this week’s Women Build Metro Los Angeles virtual meeting

Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins on Thursday joined Metro Board Director Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker in welcoming about 65 women to the agency’s virtual Apprenticeship Readiness program to discuss lucrative trade jobs in construction and transportation industries as part of the agency’s Women Build Metro Los Angeles (WBMLA) program.

To view a recording of the Women Build Metro Los Angeles virtual meeting, click here.

The WBMLA virtual event was a meeting of community advocates, stakeholders, and decisionmakers from private and public sectors committed to increasing the ranks of qualified women candidates for apprenticeship and job placement with building trades.

Attendees to the virtual event were able to learn about trade union apprenticeships, meet prime contractors, learn how to apply for apprenticeship programs with different organizations and hear from other women who are now working on the construction industry.

Kimberly Taylor, a gas tester working on the Purple Line Extension Phase 1, participated in the virtual meeting and spoke about her experience: “One of the most difficult parts of my career was to be in a male dominated field. I’m the only women working as a gas tester. You don’t see any other woman doing this kind of job, and I’m okay with that. You work a lot harder because you want to be equal to everybody else, your peers, you foreman, your supervisor. You also need to build relationships to be able to be part of the team. And finally, if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it as many times as you need it.”

Construction jobs give women the opportunity to excel physically and intellectually, establish themselves as hard working role models and strong providers for their families.

“Women Build Metro Los Angeles was designed to increase the number of women in the construction industry and create better opportunities for women who take the first step in a long journey to improve their life,” said Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins. “Someone held the door open just enough for us to walk through. I did myself and now I’m here. I remember my dad always saying: ‘if you can see it, you can be it.’”

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