Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station improvement project is now officially completed!

Metro today announced the completion of the recently renovated Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station, which has been transformed into a state-of-the-art transit hub that offers a variety of improvements for riders and surrounding neighborhoods.

These upgrades serve some of the most underserved communities of Los Angeles. The Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station connects customers from the A Line (Blue) and the C Line (Green), and several bus lines, including: Metro Bus lines 55, 120, 202 and the 205; Metro Micro on-demand service; GTrans 5; the LINK A and B King Medical Campus Shuttle, and; the Lynwood Breeze D Line.

The $129-million renovation and modernization includes:

•An extended A Line platform.

•A new at-grade pedestrian crossing.

•An expanded transfer mezzanine between the A and C Line.

•Electronic signs with real-time arrival times and wayfinding and signage upgrades.

•Custom LED lighting throughout the station and upgraded stairs and elevators.

•A new public plaza containing the Rosa Parks Customer Center.

•New offices for Transit Security and Transit Court.

•A full service Mobility Hub with safe bike parking.

•A pick-up and drop-off zone and nine regional and local bus bays.

•A modernized park-and-ride lot with new electrical charging stations.

•A pedestrian promenade connecting Wilmington Avenue to the station.

Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station is located at the intersection of Imperial Highway and Wilmington Avenue and is adjacent to the 105 freeway.

Since the completion of the Metro A Line (Blue) in 1990 and the Metro C Line (Green) in 1995, the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station has evolved from a neighborhood station into the fourth busiest station in the Metro system.

The station now provides Metro patrons access to local amenities such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Campus. the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science and the adjacent Kenneth Hahn Plaza Shopping Center.

The station renovation was part of the New Blue Improvements Project State of Good Repair Program that included the $350-million overhaul of the entire A Line (Blue). The federal government provided a $10-million TIGER grant to help fund the project.

Here are some pics of the improvements:

New Artworks

As part of the improvements for the renovated station, two new site-specific artworks have been installed; the artists were selected through a competitive, community-based process.

One of the two photo collage murals by artist George Evans is installed above the customer center windows. Evans developed layered photo compositions that celebrate South Los Angeles’ distinct neighborhoods, personalities, landscapes, music and oral storytelling traditions. In line with his 30-plus years of cultivating the next generation of young artists and teaching students the skills needed to work in creative fields, the artwork is aptly titled Gifts of Freedom and Knowledge.

Second Line is a series of sculptural parasols by the artists Jamex and Einar de la Torre flanking the plaza and offering shade for transit customers. The grouping of sculptural artworks in the form of parasols explores the legacy of Rosa Parks and pays homage by including Parks’ iconic image and symbols from the civil rights movement in each parasol canopy. The design also reflects the folk art traditions of ????? ?????? and at-home lacemaking in the form of doilies, as well as the second line of spectators who join walking parades in New Orleans. To learn more about the artwork fabrication process, see our recent The Source post.

For more information on Metro Art programs, including newly refurbished artworks at this station, please visit metro.net/art and follow Metro Art on Instagram and Facebook.


“The Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station completes its renovation at a time when Metro is driving an equitable relentless recovery from the pandemic,” said L.A. County Supervisor and Board Chair and Metro Board Chair Hilda Solis. “Implementing the NextGen program and all its elements and now the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks, Metro supports its transit riders with a renovated, secure and reliable system to come back to transit.”

“Metro brings equity to this underserved community with improved Metro services such as the Rosa Parks Customer Center, Transit Court, and a Mobility Hub that will provide Willowbrook residents with access to all Metro services without traveling to downtown Los Angeles,” said Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins. “Navigating this station has never been so convenient and easy. Everything is here to make a seamless journey for our customers and to enhance the customer experience for residents of Willowbrook and surrounding areas.”

“As the Supervisor for the Second District, I want to make sure anyone who rides LA Metro feels dignified, safe, and comfortable from the moment they begin their journey to the moment it ends,” said L.A. County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Holly Mitchell. “LA Metro’s investments at Willowbrook / Rosa Parks embodies that vision, with beautiful artwork, comfortable shading, and upgrades to make it easier to use all LA Metro amenities. Willowbrook residents — and neighborhood gems like MLK Hospital and Charles Drew University — deserve nothing less.”

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  1. So happy to see this station get the love, as its a major transfer point for a lot of transit users. Glad they widened the platforms and got rid of the concrete block seating. I wasn’t paying attention once, and took a header tripping over on once. Luckily the only thing hurt was my pride (and my shin)!

  2. Having no public restrooms is a missed fixture. You could do what El Monte station did, they have two restrooms, I think. Don’t those self open/close after like ten minutes?

  3. I really don’t get why the Metro Customer Center business hours are merely 10am-2pm Mon-Fri, so is the one at Union Station, etc.

    Most people are not those who can go to a Dodgers game at 1pm on a weekday. Most people are basically stuck at work during those hours.

    That’s not customer service.

  4. Did I see a public restroom sign inside the Metro Customer Center? Wouldn’t that make this the first Metro-built train station with a public restroom? If so, that’s huge news to the 12,000 passengers who are currently forced to just hold it for find a doorway or elevator to relieve themselves in.

    • Hi Eric;

      Sorry, but there are no public restrooms at this station. I have some more info since first comment: this is a difficult issue. Metro does have restrooms at three major stations (Union Station, El Monte and Harbor Gateway). We certainly understand the desire for restrooms — and we have also experienced the challenges and expense involved with keeping restrooms safe, cleaned and maintained for public use. The agency has certainly studied the issue and it is raised from time to time by the public. But a definitive solution has not yet been agreed upon.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Incredible. The elevators are constantly used as toilets, and thus have to be cleaned constantly. Seems like a simple public toilet would be preferable, to everybody. But what do I know?

      • No lie, this is one of those stations where a public restroom would’ve been a plus feature.