A brief update on Metro Micro

Metro Micro is now piloting in seven different service zones across Los Angeles County — and we’re glad to see so many people giving it a try! However, as the service becomes more popular, some riders are seeing wait times longer than our goal of 15 minutes (or less).

If you’ve experienced a longer wait time than usual when booking a ride, we sincerely apologize and thank you for your patience. Rest assured that we are working to reduce that wait time and make your experience better. We are currently hiring more drivers to meet the demand and we hope you’ll help us spread the word! Interested parties can apply online.

Thanks again for giving Metro Micro a try, and we hope you’ll continue to keep it in mind as an option as you plan your trips. Since launching in December 2020, Metro Micro has provided rides to more than 58,000 passengers, and currently our average rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars.

If you have additional comments or suggestions regarding the service, please email micro@metro.net.

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  1. the following was my experience with metro micro highland park/eagle rock last friday july 23, 2021 that i reported directly to metro micro staff:

    • according to my request and the email confirmation i received, i was supposed to be picked up between 6:40-6:50pm at the SE corner of glendale and silver lake at the metro bus stop. (see attached email)

    • at about 6:50 pm i checked my metro micro app and it said i was supposed to be at the SW corner not the SE corner. it also said the driver would be about 10 minutes late.

    • i crossed to street so i would be on the SW corner instead of the SE corner

    • at about 7:10pm i checked the metro micro app and it said the driver would be there in 2 minutes. i checked again and it said 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 1 minute, then 2 minutes. the driver finally showed up at 7:16pm

    • then the driver went on a completely crazy route up the hill behind the CVS. the is actually my neighborhood that you don’t serve. i had to drive to glendale blvd so i could use the metro micro. the driver wound around all the hillside streets in my neighborhood and almost past my house. if they are going to drive through my neighborhood, then you can serve my neighborhood.

    • then the driver drove to the 5 freeway to the 110 freeway to the avenue 52 exit and then wandered around highland park to get to my destination. this was again another crazy route. if he would have taken the 2 freeway or gotten to eagle rock blvd to york blvd we would have been there more efficiently and not all through residential neighborhoods.

    • i didn’t arrive at my destination until 7:36m, 26 minutes past my promised arrival time. btw – there wasn’t any traffic congestion along the route, so that did not impact the timing of my ride.

    metro must do better with this service or people are not going to use it. when i arrived at my destination i meet up with a group of friends, many of whom are transportation planners, architects and others interested in great public transportation. everyone was very disappointed to here my report of my ride from silverlake to highland park/eagle rock.

    i am an active transportation consultant to la metro and i will surely share this experience with the metro staff that i work with in the first/last mile team. we are trying to get people out fo their cars and to take public transit. we must do better it this is going to work.

    again i am very disappointed in metro micro and hope that if i choose to take it again that i will be picked up where i requested, at the time period i requested and arrive at my destination by the time that metro promised.

    • Hi Deborah;

      Thanks for the detail and letting Metro Micro staff know how your ride went. Metro is working to improve the service and meet the demand for rides and we hope that you will give Metro Micro another try in the future.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Well that’s unfortunate but do note that this may have been all on the driver rather than the service itself.

      I did use the service once to go to the Glendale Galleria from the 99 cents store in Silver Lake. Apart from the 2 min pickup delay and having to cross the street. The route our driver took was straight forward using the Hyperion, Glendale and Brand route and was dropped off 10 MIN AHEAD of schedule on Broadway and Brand (even though I said Colorado and Brand). Considering pickup was 2 min late, I’m surprised at how early we arrived.

      Believe me I am NOT the one that defends Metro here, but this one definitely sounds like the fault of the driver rather than the service itself. Overall it felt great not dealing with the hassles of the 180 where drivers have had to shut down because riders have been refusing to wear masks on the bus and Metro isn’t persecuting these people because of political correctness.

      I had to get off 3 buses once because of this matter of people (sometimes even drivers) simply refusing to wear masks when it’s mandated by federal law.

      I do hope that if you give it another shot, you’ll have a much more pleasant experience. It was nice having an UberPOOL ride without having to pay Uber prices.

    • Hi,

      In some zones depending on time of day, there is a wait of up to 20 minutes. We’re working to reduce that to 15 across the board.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source