UPDATE: L Line (Gold) repairs completed, trains resuming scheduled service

UPDATE: Cleanup and removal of debris from the L Line right-of-way has been completed. Trains will resume scheduled service between APU/Citrus College and Union Station; bus shuttles cancelled. Thank you for your patience!



L Line train service between Sierra Madre Villa and Allen Station is currently suspended due to a semi-trailer truck crash on the 210 freeway near Sierra Madre Villa that occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m.

The truck landed across the tracks. No trains were in the area at the time. The overturned truck has since been removed and crews are working to repair the rail right-of-way to allow train operations to safely resume.

Bus shuttles are in service between Sierra Madre Villa and Allen Stations. Trains will be running every 12 minutes between APU/Citrus College and Sierra Madre Villa Station and between Allen and Union Station through this evening. Please allow extra time to travel through the impacted area.

If traveling between Pasadena to Azusa, consider Foothill Line 187. Metro Micro is also in service in the Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre area, or consider Pasadena Transit.

For live updates, please check @metroLAalerts on Twitter or use Transit app.

As some of you may know, this is not the first time a truck traveling the I-210 has crashed onto the L Line tracks.

Metro has been working with Caltrans to design new barriers that will enhance safety along this corridor. Metro intends to submit proposed designs for Caltrans’ approval later this year. Upon acceptance of these design proposals, Metro will seek construction funding while it completes the year-long design process — which will clear the way to begin installing new barriers.


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  1. Ridiculous. Time to pressure Caltrans to get going on the higher barriers. Why is it they can there out barriers in centers of freeways all over and rebuild them, but we can’t get the one done on the 210 freeway??

    It would also be lovely, but will never happen , at the same time sound walls done to cut the horrible noise at Lake, Allen and SMV stations..Would be nice to have both done at same time, but its Caltrans, so there will be another study and many years to wait

  2. Will the new barriers also block sound? Waiting at the stations on that whole I-210 corridor are awful because of the overwhelming sound of the cars whizzing by.

    • Hi TinLA;

      A good question but that remains to be seen. Probably really depends on the ultimate height of the new barriers and materials and the way that acoustics travel in that area.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Most likely new barriers to stop trucks will not help with the sound. Concrete is generally bad for dampening sound. For example, go to the B (Red) line stop at Union Station. Listen when they make an announcement. The sound bounces off all that hard surface and makes a mush. There is a reason that sound walls normally have blocks with a rough surface. That causes the sound to interfere with itself and it lessens the noise. Panels with 2 or 3 layers and strategic perforations would be much better than rock. Another place in the system that needs sound mitigation work is the tunnel exit for the A line south of 7th/Metro. That hard smooth surface makes the vehicle noise very bad. I would guess that on board sound in the passenger compartment is nearly 80 dB with a weighting toward the higher end of the spectrum. But that would not be an OSHA thing as the operator is ahead of the noise.