Metro to run on Sunday/holiday schedule on Monday, July 5 in observance of Independence Day

Metro will operate on Sunday/holiday schedule on July 5 in observance of Independence Day. This means buses that do not run on Sunday will not run on July 5.

For those who plan on taking transit to any fireworks shows or other Fourth of July events throughout the weekend, please note that Metro has recently updated service on bus and rail. We encourage you to use Transit app to plan your trip.

Reminder: masks are still required when riding public transit. Please be sure to wear a mask on Metro.


2 replies

  1. Since no one is answering the phone today, will there be Metro Micro service in North Hollywood on Monday?

  2. It is my suggestion to add reminders to this post, regarding resumption of front door boarding and fare collection.

    Metro can also do what Foothill Transit meticulously did, to put an extra large conspicuous notice at the front door on each bus (perhaps also inside the bus) to let riders know, front-door boarding and fare collection have been resumed. This simple task can avoid most arguments at the farebox area.