Reminder: new schedules start this Sunday, June 27

Reminder: Metro service changes will go into effect this Sunday, June 27. Many of the trips being added will be on our busiest bus lines. We’re also improving weekday rail service frequencies during peak times on the A Line (Blue), E Line (Expo), C Line (Green) and L Line (Gold). For the list of bus lines that will have additional trips, see our previous post here.

Check for changes to your bus line with our online tool at You can get info specific to your trip, or download the new schedule and map for the line. A brochure summarizing all bus service changes is also available here. If you use Transit app, Metro’s official smartphone app, schedule changes will appear by June 27.

Front-door boarding on buses resumes June 27 to accommodate the increase in riders, and all-door boarding on Line 720, 754 and J Line (Silver). Riders are encouraged to TAP when boarding where possible.

Masks are still required when riding public transit. Please be sure to wear a mask on Metro. Metro has installed mask dispensers on numerous buses, trains and at stations to make it easier for riders who may have forgotten or misplaced their masks.

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  1. La línea 237 le hicieron demasiados cambios está terrible yo lo abordo a la 6.50 y ese horario desapareció con los nuevos cambios pasa 1:30 más tarde está terrible estos cambios

  2. I hope someone answers this instead of remaining silent:

    Why are old stop signage still around? For example, as of right now in Eagle Rock, literally all stops still have the old signages. Nothing has changed. People waiting on the 28 and only the 251 is showing up. Apparently the 181 & 780 is still running according to the stop signages on Colorado Blvd, even though only the 180 is showing up every few minutes.

    This is pathetic. Anywhere else in the world and there would be public shaming regarding stuff like this. This is people’s livelihoods you are playing with here, and while someone with a smartphone may be able to realize exactly what is going on, someone who doesn’t unfortunately own one will remain in limbo regarding this matter.

    Yet another example on how all these changes should have been postponed until we are at least 90% post COVID. Own up to this Metro, this is really not the time to stay silent.

    “Service should be restore to pre-pandemic levels by September” – why not postpone these changes until then? Why on earth on you insisting on making things complicated?

  3. These service changes have unfortunately been poorly executed. I am hearing reports of stops throughout the system with old signage and the maps on Metro’s websites are from 2017-18.

    This all should have been rolled out together in advance, especially if fares were to be reinstituted. The “Is My Bus Line Changing” webpage is clunky. New systemwide maps illustrating the new service reflecting the new schedules should have rolled out well in advance.

  4. Metro really needs to have staff (supervisors, ambassadors, etc) drive around the canceled bus lines / stops / segments. The signs that are strapped to the pole are not enough. And no, not everyone has a smartphone. Even if they do, they may not be following Metro or aware of the shakeup. I saw people standing at some bus stops under extreme heat yesterday waiting for the bus lines that no longer exist.

    Also, all the canceled or old-information bus stop signs should have been removed before the morning of June 27.

    As far as fare collection, it may not be representative, but my driver this morning did a good job of asking people who are unaware of that, to remember to pay/TAP next time.

    For sure it is a lot easier for people to get used to not having to pay than to get used to paying again.

  5. If Metro is really collecting fares again they need to turn on the rear door fare validators. They have been off on Silver Line for at least the past year.

  6. Why discontinue line 83?? I travel everyday from downtown LA to York Blvd and now I will be forced get off the 81, which seems to be the only line going close and wait and transfer to another line, it takes time as it is and I don;t even think the new line 182 will run every 5-10 minutes, discontinuing line 83 will disrupt schedule for many riders, I’ve been talking to people in the bus and we’re not happy about it. This is crazy.

  7. “ Riders are encouraged to TAP when boarding where possible.”

    – This agency is really trying to find every excuse possible to go fareless, isn’t it? Stop fully enforcing fares is definitely one way of going about it. If the agency doesn’t respect the system it’s running, why would anyone else even bother?

    Also, like everyone else said regarding the 180, only a fraction of the stops were removed. This will be one of the slowest routes and shoving people onto the Red/Gold Line isn’t going to help especially on days of delays or midday maintenance. You just took the only plan B along this corridor. And what’s worse is when this whole thing eventually fails, Metro will not admit it, they!ll restore some the Rapid routes with modifications and pretend like these public non-approval changes never happened.

    Metro crippled the rapid lines by spacing stops less than 0.5 miles apart instead of 1 to 3 miles apart. The purpose of limited stop service isn’t to serve everyone, it’s to serve the busiest to Alleviate the local lines while still moving as many people as possible to stops that are the busiest.

    But I also blame the riders for failing to understand the concept of Limited Stop service and complaining about not having a stop on their block. The second Metro added a 720 stop at 6th/Central was the day I knew that the Rapid was probably going to fail. That also lead to the death of the Rapid Lines and it will probably be the reason why Express Train service will never manifest in Los Angeles. Hope everyone’s sense of entitlement to access just because he/she is a “taxpayer” was worth it. Luckily I made a smart choice in investing on an alternative vehicle so I only have to actually deal with the trains, and occasionally the Rapid 7 and 720 and 754 going forward.

  8. Way to cut service to the 720 to east la. If you live on the east side you basically don’t matter to metro

  9. Thanks for cutting the 720 off from East LA, been riding that line since it started and I was in high school. Still depend on it to get to work on the west side so now your adding more time by making me and others take two buses. All these cuts you’re making are asinine, as always you prove to outdo your incompetency Metro.

  10. im still confused by fares, i know that during the start of the pandemic on line 266, people would enter in the back and sit down, but the bus operator would say $1.75! and some would not pay the 1.75 and the bus driver would just sit there not moving the bus for like almost 10 mins. waiting for people to pay and this was like the only line doing this, while the rest of the buses and drivers wouldnt do that. so i can forsee this happening all over again but all over the bus system this time. this is just gonna be such a huge problem unless there is some clear explanation of the fare policy to riders and to BUS DRIVERS, so that arguments dont break out all over the bus system.

    • In March 2020 when rear-door boarding was implemented, Metro never said “free ride” and actually emphasized asking riders to carry the fare (cash or valid TAP card). Now front-door boarding is coming back, similarly, there is no such thing as “fare collection is resumed”, because riders have always been required to pay all these times, but simply technically impossible due to rear-door boarding (stay away from the driver), and that yellow chain thing.

  11. It looks like that means back to normal for fare paying / TAP-ing on buses.

    Today I notice the “COVID-19 Enter Rear Door Only” big sticker that has been put on the first window after the front door of the bus, is already removed.

    It is going to be quite a day on Sunday, even more so on Monday the first workday. Not only will many riders realize their normal bus stops literally vanished, but also many will be unaware of the front-door boarding resumption.

    Fact: Not everyone is on social media or reading this website.

  12. New route 237 fails to provide local service between NoHo station to Ventura via Vineland. By forcing people to walk or be forced to use the Subway and connect to other buses is time consuming. Having the New 237 end at Universal Station would have been a better and viable choice. The other route provides a haphazard service along vineland to burbank airport.

    • To hear the line 236 has been upsetting and disheartening from MTA. Going by a two year number count does not mean to cut the line completely. I ride the line Monday through Fridays all the way to Balboa and Foothill.
      This is not improvement AT ALL. I depend on the 236 to get to work; canceling due to ‘low utilization’ show the incompetence of those who decided to cut the line. I sent an email to the mayor’s office and a couple of supervisors from the Board of supervisors a couple of weeks ago. I have not received one answer. NOT ONE!!!
      Cutting access to lines where people need them most just to make a few more is not improving the situation. Advertising how Metro is making it easier for people to utilize public transportation has not made it better for us.

  13. The rerouting of 236, cutting off people from their jobs is a terrible idea

    • Yes, and I take line 236 to work everyday. They based it off of low utilization. I am furious how this is handled. How am I going to get to work? People work in the area where the line is cancelled at. I had sent an email to the board of supervisors, and the mayor on the 15th. No answers!! They claim they are improving services by….this metrogen or whatever. To me, personally, that’s cutting one’s livelihood.

  14. Is it front door only boarding resuming or all, including front door, boarding starting June 27th?

    • Hi Steve,

      All-door boarding will resume on the lines 720 , 754 and J Line (Silver). Front-door boarding will resume on all other lines. We encourage riders to board via front doors and exit via rear to allow for better passenger flow. Apologies for any confusion, I’ve updated the post to clarify. Thank you.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • Hi Anna,

        Does the resumption of front-door boarding for buses means the de facto free rides will end?

        Where it says “Riders are encouraged to TAP when boarding where possible”, it seems to imply that bus fare collection is not yet actually enforced.

        I am picturing the scenario where the bus operators and the passengers have different understanding on this, causing unnecessary arguments.

        Thank you!

        • Hi Jason,

          Our operators do not enforce fares, they may quote the fare for riders as they board. Thank you.

          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source

          • So to clarify, Metro will not require fares to board. Please be mindful, operators don’t always just “quote,” they will force you off a bus for no fare.

            So Anna, fares may be collected, or won’t be required? What’s the actual answer?

    • As one who relies on public transportation everyday, I find the cancelation of route 236 upsetting and disconcerting by MTA. Many people uses the route pass foothill to get to work. I had sent an email to some of the board of supervisors and the Mayor’s office. NOT ONE ANSWERED!!!! The money spent to improve transportation only to cancel routes in ‘certain’ areas show how much they care how people get to work or other places (i.e. Doctor appointments grocery shopping etc.) one needs to travel. If these hierarchies were in our shoes, taking public transportation every single day, had their route discontinued due to the ‘low utilization had to figure out how are they going to get to work, I believe they would figured out something because it benefits them.

  15. I don’t understand how Metro receives money from the federal government keeps the money and cuts service. I think the board needs to ride the length of the 180 route and then see if they want to cut the 780. What is it do they think they do at metro? Because it’s not transportation.