Pride TAP cards available at Metro Customer Centers and select TVMs

In honor of Pride Month, Metro is releasing a limited-edition Pride TAP card at Metro Customer Centers and select TVMs at Metro Rail stations (locations listed below). Cards will be stocked beginning today, June 14 through June 17.

Celebrate Pride with us and get your TAP card while supplies last! TAP cards are $2 each plus the cost of fare.

Metro A Line (Blue)
· Compton
· Del Amo
· Downtown Long Beach
· Pacific Coast Highway
· Pico
· Washington
· Willowbrook/Rosa Parks

Metro B Line (Red)
· 7th St/Metro Center
· Hollywood/Highland
· Hollywood/Vine
· North Hollywood
· Pershing Square
· Union Station
· Universal City/Studio City
· Vermont/Santa Monica
· Vermont/Sunset

Metro C Line (Green)
· Aviation/LAX
· Crenshaw
· Long Beach Bl
· Norwalk
· Redondo Beach

Metro D Line (Purple)
· Wilshire/Vermont
· Wilshire/Western

Metro E Line (Expo)
· Culver City
· Downtown Santa Monica
· Expo/Crenshaw
· Expo/La Brea
· Expo Park/USC
· Westwood/Rancho Park

Metro G Line (Orange)
· Canoga
· Chatsworth
· Reseda
· Sepulveda
· Van Nuys

Metro J Line (Silver)
· El Monte
· Harbor Gateway Transit Center

Metro L Line (Gold)
· APU/Citrus College
· Chinatown
· Highland Park
· Lake Avenue
· Little Tokyo/Arts District
· Mariachi Plaza
· Union Station

11 replies

  1. We definitely need a Dodgers Tap Card!
    After all they did bring Los Angeles a World Series championship, during one of the hardest years!

    • Lakers TAP card as well. This should be a promotional in kind as I know the Lakers wrap some Expo trains and the Dodgers market the Dodgers Express.

  2. I was wondering why there wasn’t any Tap Cards for,

    1. BLM Tap Cards, A George Floyd Tap Card, Say Their Names Tap Cards,

    2. Dodgers Tap Card,

    3. COVID-19 Variety Tap Cards, Wear your Mask, Stay 6 Feet Apart, Wash Your Hands Tap Cards,

    4. Get Vaccinated Various Tap Cards. Moderna & Pfizer Tap Cards

    Such missed milestone moments of opportunity.

  3. Is there any way to get a Pride card on its own without loading fare? I use Metrolink digital tickets, so I never have a Tap card with fare loaded onto it.

    • You should have a tap card, but you don’t need one because for the whole year, it’s free to ride Metro and only Metro and NO you can’t get these for s/d/m or reduced fare cards.

  4. It is also about time to give a fresh new well-thought-out design for the generic version TAP cards (both regular and reduced fare). The current boring designs, with no transit elements, have been in use forever.

    • Hi,

      Yes, stickers will be placed on TVMs that carry the cards.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source