COVID-19 update and Metro News; June 11, 2021

Pandemic-wise, California’s reopening is Tuesday and there remains good news on two fronts: the decreasing number of COVID cases and the increasing number of vaccinations among residents.

For those taking transit, here’s what to keep in mind:

•Transit riders still must wear face masks, per federal requirements. There are mask dispensers across our system for riders who need a mask.

•There are five vaccination sites at Metro stations — making it easy for riders to get their shots while commuting. Union Station is our latest addition, having opened this past Tuesday. Details on all five clinics at this Source post.

•With ridership on the rise, we’re increasing the frequency of bus and rail service on June 27. The line-by-line details are in this Source post.

The Transit app — Metro’s official app — is a great way to plan your transit trips, check crowding levels and schedule Metro Micro rides.

•With Dodger Stadium increasing to full capacity next week a reminder the Dodger Stadium Express runs between the ballpark and both Union Station and Harbor Gateway. The bus — free to those with game tickets — is a good way to avoid parking fees and traffic; details here. Should be fun watching the Dodgers, Giants and Padres battle this summer for the NL West title. Thus far, it has been a pretty good tussle.

•A ceremony was held in CRRC’s Springfield (Massachusetts) plant earlier this week to celebrate the arrival of the first of Metro’s new subway cars that are on order. Metro has ordered 64 cars with options to purchase another 218 — forecast arrival date in L.A. is 2022 with the new cars expected to help serve the Purple Line Extension. Here are some pics of the cars taken in Springfield:

Credit: Photos courtesy CRRC.

In the news…

Per the LAT, the Biden Administration is restoring $929 million in federal funding to the state high-speed rail project — funds that will help pay for the first segment between Bakersfield and Merced that is now under construction.

•Per Urbanized, Burbank looks to add housing in downtown and near its Metrolink station — smart. Burbank is already served by Metro bus lines and will be served by Metro’s NoHo to Pasadena bus rapid transit project that is in the planning phase.

•Our friends at OCTA down in Orange County are also restoring some service this month — their changes will get bus service back to 74 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

•A potential deal between Dems and the GOP over an infrastructure bill collapsed this week and what President Biden may do next remains to be seen. The transit industry is watching as earlier versions of the bill had serious bucks to help expand and maintain local bus and train systems.

•Not transit related but important: the LAT’s Robert Greene has won the Pulitzer Prize for editorials on “policing, bail reform, prisons and mental health that clearly and holistically examined the Los Angeles criminal justice system.” Links to his editorials here.

And that’s a wrap. Have a good weekend, everyone!


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  1. I like the modified seating and lots of grab bar and strap options. Starting to look like a real subway car.

    • Hi Mark and Ivan;

      Metro encourages customers to TAP currently.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source