Hello private mobility operators: want to plug into TAP?

Metro is looking for mobility partners to expand access to multi-modal travel across Los Angeles County. Metro has developed a platform called TAPforce that can integrate with private mobility operators. This platform will let customers who already pay for ride buses and trains with TAP also use it for carshare, rideshare, ride-hail, shared scooters and bikes, and anything else with two to four wheels (maybe one wheel – shared unicycles anyone?).

Metro plans to pilot this “mobility wallet” concept in South L.A. through a partnership with the city of Los Angeles. We are seeking private mobility providers interested in authorizing payment through TAP to help provide customers with access to their services.   

Who are we looking for?

Private mobility companies that want to help Metro provide more mobility options in one account with a seamless payment option.

How does this benefit your business?

  1. Expand your customers’ payment options
  2. Receive assistance with setup
  3. Grow your business by enabling multimodal access for TAP’s transit customers
  4. Choose to create customizable discounts utilizing TAP’s already-established groups (students, seniors, disabled and low-income)
  5. Take advantage of our no-fee payment platform!

What do I need to do to participate and how does it work?

Eligible organizations and companies must be willing to work with Metro TAP and complete the following steps:

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the TAP program manager ChavezR6@metro.net.

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  1. Now expand this to all convenience stores or all retailers near major Metro stations please.