Service Advisory: buses replace C Line (Green) service between Crenshaw and Redondo Beach

This Saturday, June 12 from 5 a.m. to close of service, there will be no C Line (Green) trains between Crenshaw/I-105 and Redondo Beach as crews perform track maintenance and work to tie in the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project tracks. 

The following stations will be closed: Hawthorne/Lennox, Aviation/LAX, Mariposa, El Segundo, Douglas and Redondo Beach. 

Eastbound train service will begin at Crenshaw Station. All westbound trains will travel as far as Crenshaw and turn back to Norwalk. 

Service will be maintained with free bus shuttles between Crenshaw and Redondo Beach, and buses will match the train schedule as best as possible. 

Normal rail service will resume Sunday, June 13. For the latest service updates, please follow us on Twitter @MetroLAalerts. 







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  1. A clarification please I believe it was reported that it would cost an additional $25 million dollars to provide the additional service trains from Redondo Beach to the Rosa Parks station transfer station to the Blue line. Could someone please confirm what I read in the public press about the amount of money this will cost is 25 million correct.?

  2. A suggestion for all Metro publications (like this advisory) :
    Always use the line symbol (the colored circle with the letter). This visual on all media mentioning the line will help reinforce it and help people learn the line letters. For this advisory it should be in the gray banner and the first mention of the line name in the text. Also for your website make sure that each line has an ALT tag attached to the image for screen readers, etc. Example:
    See for tips for best practices. I don’t see those practices being followed on This is not in keeping with the mandates that public agencies are accessible in their online presence.

    • Hi Derick;

      We don’t have a date yet. When we do we’ll definitely share it far and wide.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source