Two virtual meetings this week for aerial rapid transit project between Union Station and Dodger Stadium

Courtesy LA ART.

The private group planning to build the aerial rapid transit project between Union Station and Dodger Stadium — known as LA ART — is hosting two virtual public meetings this week to give the public the chance to learn more about how the project would work and the routing.

The first meeting is on Thursday, June 3, at 6 p.m. and the second meeting is on Saturday, June 5, at 10 a.m. Register here.

Some quick background on the project: In 2018, Aerial Rapid Transit Technology LLC (ARTT) submitted a proposal to Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation for an aerial rapid transit gondola between Union Station and Dodger Stadium. Metro agreed to act as the lead agency for the project’s environmental studies.

The appeal is easy to see: Union Station is the busiest transit hub in our region with access to Metro’s B (Red), D (Purple), L (Gold) and J (Silver) Lines, numerous local bus lines as well as Metrolink and Amtrak. As the crow flies, Dodger Stadium is close and in a typical season (non-pandemic) the ballpark attracts well over three million fans. Plus, the proposed system will have a station in Chinatown with great access to the popular Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Here are some renderings courtesy of LA ART:

Renderings courtesy LA ART.

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  1. Instead of pursuing a dumb monorail for the Sepulveda Line, a major arterial transit line, why not pitch it here? That way we get functioning HRT for the Sepulveda Pass and, because certain politicians are insistent about it, a monorail is built for the theme park transit attraction it is.

  2. Different angle. There will be no rail transit to Dodger Stadium for a site that has 81 home games a year. Kind of the same problem the Hollywood Bowl had with Red Line, not enough dates open for the expense of a station (although that could change with Northern Extension of Crenshaw Line- I would make the a big park and ride location on days without an event, plus it will be a turn back location for the line also). The Sky Bucket to Dodger Stadium works as long as a couple things happen- private funds pay for the building and operation, there needs to be an all-year round attraction at the top- most likely maybe a viewpoint , a restaurant, some housing with a view and sure, some retail. It could very well be a tourist stop just like people go to the Griffith Observatory to look over the city, well this location could also and be easier to get to. SO to emphasize, private built and operated please.

    • Mark, I think you’re hit the nail protruding from Mr. Blue’s ballcap on the head! I’ve heard talk of a 24/7 “Dodger$-Themed $hopping Mall” proposal for that vast, underused stadium parking lot, as though homelessness, pollution and preserving community cityscapes, including Union Station and LA State Park, from dangling lookie-loos, shouldn’t take precedence in a world-class city.

  3. 1. The development entity pursuing this project, should be required to post a permanent bond so as to cover the cost of demolishing this thing if it does not pan out economically. There is the threat that it could become a laughingstock eyesore otherwise.

    • I have the feeling with Metro running its popular and green Dodger Express at the same time as it’s being paid by LA ART to do the grunt work for the LA ART project which would be a competitor og the Dodger Express there exists the “appearance” of a conflict of interest, if not a real improper conflict of interest between them. So I contacted a high MERTRO official and that person suggested that I bring my concerns to the LA County Council. Consequently, I called the County Council and they gave me directions for filing an inquiry request–which I am about to do. When I worked for the US Postal Service, we were told that we could be fired if we only gave the “appearance” of dishonesty without actually breaking the law. Shouldn’t METRO at least operate at the same level as our post office?

    • Today, LA ART’s “consultants” promised, in effect, that they will be very, very careful safety-wise, when questioned about the recent tragic Italian cable car crash that killed 14 adults and a child. I’m sure my Italian compatriots were very, very careful too, but stuff happens! It’s not our city’s job, especially LA METRO’s job, to undercut our simple, green and successful Dodger’s Express so that “Mr. Blue” can open yet another doomed shopping mall in his parking lot.

  4. Why has my negative comment about LA ART not posted, did I hit the wrong key?

  5. Gondola systems cannot handle the expected passenger traffic that will surely draw far more people to use it than the current bus to get to dodger stadium. They’re already lines of nearly 3 hours for people to board the gondolas in Brazil simply because Ariel gondolas are not designed to handle Mass numbers of passengers. Also the additional station at Chinatown just presents even more likelihood of long lines and delays getting into dodger stadium and by the way the huge mass of people at the end of a doctor’s game who easily overwhelm the gondola system it will be a longer wait in line to get into the gondola then it would be to get in your car and slowly move out of the park at snail’s pace. This stupid gondola system is really about getting people up into a planned restaurant entertainment district in Chavez reading not about handling passenger traffic for ball games. However Ariel gondola’s could make sense in other parts of the city that are not near a fire hazard hillside such as dodger stadium that would not have to be stopped mid-air with huge smoke and flames trapping people in their gondolas. the other parts of the city were going to look could make sense and handle the anticipated traffic would be in more urbanized Central City type areas not near hillside that pose the significant fire risk. The best type of transportation to and from dodger stadium from Union station is some type of rail system that can handle thousands per train and trip.

    • Last evening LA ART had a public “scoping” meeting. During the meeting LA ART said there were only two companies that make such cable cars system. I asked if either of the companies were involved in the recent cable car wreck in Italy that killed 14 adults and children. LA ART never answered my question.

  6. They had a perfect straight shot from the Chinatown Station mezzanine before Blossom Plaza was built. Instead, they should extend the pointless circulator streetcar up Broadway with a short tunnel to the stadium (and possibly continuing up Sunset to Los Feliz)

  7. SoCal has written the book on amusement parks since Disneyland, and now everyone wants to get into the act! METRO “sold” Union Station to the Oscars @ 37 cents a passenger (METRO’S numbers). Now METRO is carrying the water for the Dodgers so it can use our parkland and sightlines to monetize its vast parking lots–24/7, even though METRO already runs a very good and green Dodgers Express to the games! Is METRO talking out of both ends of its cable car, or is it just a matter of ex-Councilman Huizar all over again? Thousands are sleeping along our streets, with no end in sight, and METRO wants us to fly over our problems to Blue Heaven! “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown!”

    • Isn’t that even more of a reason to build underground rail. Not only will rail provide access to Elysian Park, but it can be useful for a new community to be build when the Dodgers inevitably leave Elysian Park for a better Stadium elsewhere.

  8. Feels like something that’ll come down in a couple decades if Metro decides to extend the Santa Ana Line north from 7th Street/Metro Center into Echo Park and Silver Lake.

    • i wouldn’t hold my breath for Metro getting around to extending any transit line in any reasonable amount of time – especially underground rail

    • Instead, the West Santa Ana Branch light rail line currently being planned ought to be routed to connect to Union Station and from there in the future, be extended north to include a Kirk Gibson Memorial Light Rail Station at Dodger Stadium, a station in Atwater and a station in the center of downtown Glendale.

  9. It seems like a good idea to have a stop at Chinatown and Union Station. Finally a few extra options to go to the game and not get beat up in the parking lot.

  10. This is nothing but a amusement park ride that will prove to be a failure number one inadequate to perform as needed and number two at little use during the off season. Added to this is the violation of air right above owner’s property. And when the oil reserves dry up the Dodgers will be looking for a replacement of one of the oldest ball parks in both leagues.