Help stop Asian hate: a resource guide

Help stop Asian hate. As you have likely heard, there have been several incidents across the U.S. and even one attack on a Metro bus last month. The suspect was thankfully arrested but it was still an awful reminder that hate crimes can happen.

To emphasize: all riders are welcome on Metro. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination. Anyone who is a victim of or witness to harassment can message or submit a report to Metro Security with the LA Metro Transit Watch App. Other ways to contact Metro Security include calling 1.888.950.7233 or texting 213.788.2777.

You also have the option to receive personalized follow up from a 211 care coordinator. Information can be submitted anonymously online, by calling 2-1-1, or by calling 800.339.6993.

Other ways you can help us build a kinder community:

  • Encourage those who experience or witness acts of hate to report an incident. Reporting helps us track these incidents, so that preventative policies and programs can be developed to keep all Angelenos safe.
  • Share safety tips with your friends and family on what to do if encountering or witnessing hate.
  • Be informed about what is happening and why. The City of LA’s Stop Hate Resource Hub offers links to numerous community organizations and more. LA vs. Hate offers resources to help build community and remind your friends and family of the importance of standing up to hate in our county.

Let’s work together to make Metro and our communities a place that is safe and welcome for everyone.

3 replies

  1. Democrats don’t care about Asians. They allow discrimination against them in college admissions. They imprisoned Japanese American families during WWII. Now they are exploiting them by creating a political issue in a woke attempt to divide society.

  2. Why don’t you convince Biden to continue it’s lawsuit against Yale for Asian discrimination in college admissions? This is the blind stop that give rise to Asian hate crimes. California tried again last year to repeal color blind admissions at colleges and universities. Why haven’t Asian and Democratic leaders cried out about Asian discrimination? Do you recognize the race of the person kicking and hitting elderly Asian victims? Their assailant is another person of color. Do Asian Lives Matter?
    Do you care if Asians are excluded from school admissions due to their race and not merit? Democrats certainly don’t care.

    • Why do you ask what race when applying for a job? That’s discrimination.