Celebrate Monrovia through the eyes of artist Rob Sato

Rob Sato’s artwork reflects the many public spaces of Monrovia where wildlife mingles with suburban life.

Metro commissioned artist Rob Sato’s colorful vignettes depict flora, fauna and community in Monrovia in the latest Through the Eyes of Artists poster.

The bright box with individual illustrations was inspired by artifacts at the Monrovia Historical Museum. Sato felt Monrovia could not be summed up in a single image, so he drew an assortment of the natural and cultural assets found in the San Gabriel Valley city.

A craftsman home is cradled in a hand opposite a wildflower blossom. Residents visit the local library, gather under a fig tree, hike in the local foothills or listen to music on Myrtle Avenue.

The artist’s goal was to capture “…Monrovia’s mellow yet vibrant quality that I experience almost daily from working in my studio there. There’s the bath of golden light under the big Southern California sky with clouds puffing or streaming out from the west, and the quietly dramatic presence of the foothills.”

He did just exactly that.

The poster can be seen on Metro buses and trains from now through end of May 2021. Monrovia is served by Metro’s L Line (Gold) and Metro’s 264 Bus, as well as Foothill Transit.

About the artist

Rob Sato (b. 1977, Los Angeles) is an artist, illustrator and writer living and working in Los Angeles. He weaves autobiographical, historical, and fantastical imagery to create works that mix humor and beauty. He has exhibited artwork throughout the world, including several occasions at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. He has been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz magazine, The New York Times, Giant Robot magazine, and New American Painting.

About Through the Eyes of Artists

In the tradition of colorful travel destination posters, Metro Art commissions L.A. area  artists to create original artworks for the Through the Eyes of Artists poster series. Established in 2003, the posters are displayed on Metro trains and buses.

View other works in the poster series in our publication here.

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Poster for Through The Eyes of Artists Monrovia

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