Tune in Thursday, April 22 to the FY22 proposed budget briefing and provide your comments

As the economy and Metro financials gradually recover from the last two fiscal years of COVID-19’s impacts, Metro’s budget outlook for FY22 is slightly more optimistic. Vaccinations are now readily available, schools and the economy are opening up, and Metro is gearing up to support the region’s recovery and preparing for our new normal.

Metro’s proposed FY22 budget focuses on this recovery with service restored to pre-COVID levels by this September 2021 while evaluating budget resource allocations through an equity lens, supporting initiatives to enhance the customer experience and redefining our security model. Additionally, the NextGen Bus Plan will be fully implemented this fiscal year, updating our vast bus network and expanding Metro Micro service. The FY22 proposed budget also includes continued federal stimulus funding from the Coronavirus Response Relief And Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA).

Progress will continue in FY22 on all Measure M and R projects. We will continue to work toward environmental clearance and shovel readiness which includes the building of new highways and transportation infrastructure as well as planning and providing funding for regional transportation activities.

Join our virtual FY22 Proposed Budget Briefing hosted by Metro’s Regional Service Councils this Thursday, April 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. to learn more about Metro’s proposed FY22 budget and provide your comments.

· Watch online: link to stream will appear here under Upcoming Events when the hearing begins.

· To listen by phone, call 877.422.8614 and enter meeting extension 3462108# to listen in English, or 4127050# to listen in Spanish.

· To provide public comment by phone, call 877.422.8614 and enter meeting extension 3756328# to comment in English or 4127057# to comment in Spanish.

If you can’t join us at this Thursday’s session, you can:

· Fill out a brief questionnaire in English or Spanish and tell us what’s important to you here.

· Provide your input via email at budgetcomments@metro.net.

· Submit by regular mail to:

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
One Gateway Plaza, M/S 99-3-1
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2932
Attn: Christina Goins

Comments received through these channels will be accepted through May 18, 2021.

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  1. In my opinion, one of the most important questions concerning Metro’s budget future is how well it has managed the public weal so far in 2021. Fore instance, how much did the Academy of Motion Picture Arts (The Oscars) pay METRO (the tax payers) for near exclusive use of L A Union Station for a month. Of course the “Industry” has put a lot of paychecks into the pockets of Angelenos during this pandemic, but still how much for a month’s use, not just a couple of days, of getting in the way of travelers / taxpayers. No one I called at METRO seems to know or even got back to me when I left messages. Given Union Station’s former council person’s troubles with the FBI, one wonders if this is could be another example of “Pay-to-Play” or just innocent, standard operating procedures for using public property. Because, if the rent paid was below the going rate, that might be interpreted as a “Gift of Public Funds”, a serious no- no. LA wants to know, how much did we get for renting Union Station? That think that needs to be made clear before we start talking about 2022’s budget, at least in this taxpayer’s opinion.

    • i asked this question in this blog a week ago – no answer. seems pretty shady to me