Connect to Metro Security using the LA Metro Transit Watch app

The LA Metro Transit Watch app is a quick, easy and anonymous way for you to directly connect to Metro Security anytime. Use the app to submit reports for non-emergency incidents, suspicious activity or safety issues, as well as call or text Metro Security.

If you have the previous iteration of the Transit Watch app on your phone, the app will ask you to update to the newest version upon launch. If you don’t have the app yet, search for the LA Metro Transit Watch app in the App Store on iPhone or Google Play on Android.

To report an incident:

  • Fill in incident type, description, location, time and date
  • Add a photo and personal information if desired
  • Submit directly to Metro Security

You’ll be able to set up an account and view previous reports that have been submitted, as well as the current status of any reports you’ve made.

You can also use the app to contact Metro Security by text message or phone, or receive push notifications with critical alerts from Metro. All incoming messages are monitored 24/7.

Other ways you can contact Metro Security:

  • Text: 213.788.2777
  • Call: 1.888.950.7233
  • In case of emergency, dial 911

To alert Metro staff of issues, use the train intercom or station intercoms marked by red signs on station platforms.

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  1. Will this work to report people on the bus or train either improperly wearing masks or completely unmasked? Is there a potential for actual ENFORCEMENT of the mask ordinance? Every time I go on the bus or the train there are mask scofflaws. I have gotten both vaccines, but there is a very tiny chance I might get COVID from these clown comics.