Go electric for Earth Month: Electric Metro Bike unlock fees will be waived in April

This April, give zero emission travel a try! From April 1 through April 30, the $1 electric bike unlock fee will be waived thanks to Bosch eBike Systems, the provider of Metro’s eBike technology. See the city in a whole new way and discover how easy it can be to bike in L.A. The standard riding fare of $1.75 each 30 minutes will still apply.

A pedal-assist Electric Metro Bike boosts a cyclist’s human power at speeds up to 17 mph. Bosch’s motor engages only when pedaling, allowing you to maintain a comfortable riding speed with less physical effort. Turn on the electric assist by pressing the power button on the display located on the handlebars. Make sure the bike is at a standstill before you press the power button, or else it won’t turn on.

Metro Bike Share stations that have Electric Metro Bikes docked at them display a pink lightning bolt symbol above the station icon on the station map or app. Learn more about where and how you can ride Metro Bike Share at metro.net/bikeshare.