Metro’s 2021 L.A. County Goods Movement Strategic Plan now available for download

Metro’s 2021 LA County Goods Movement Strategic Plan has been finalized and is now available for public viewing.  The timing of this plan could not be better, as L.A. County continues its economic recovery from COVID-19, traffic picks up in our region and the importance of local and global supply chains is demonstrated by the impacts felt from the ship that recently blocked the Suez Canal.

The plan presents a roadmap of strategic initiatives and priority elements centered on Metro’s core values of equity and sustainability, as shaped by the myriad of stakeholders and local community groups that participated in the plan’s development.

The plan looks at ways to move freight more efficiently and cleanly through our region whether by truck, train, ship or plane. We also want to preserve the L.A. area’s economic competitiveness while emphasizing priorities such as a strong labor force and a safe multimodal system. 

Moving forward, LA Metro will begin implenting the five strategic initiatives identified by stakeholders that are at the heart of the plan’s vision for LA County: (1) creating an equity freight working group to increase community involvement in goods movement policies and programs developed in L.A. County, (2) deploying cleaner truck technology in the region, (3) forming a freight rail partnership to bring investment into L.A. County, (4) advancing the role of goods movement needs in curbside management planning and policies and (5) fostering workforce development programs to build good careers in the freight industry.

Some aspects of the plan have funding — such as the 710 Clean Truck Program, which has $50 million programmed by the Metro Board that will help attract other local, state and federal funds. Other programs will need to secure funding. And having a plan such as this will help Metro when pursuing needed funds.

Read and download the plan at this link. If you have questions about the plan, please contact

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