Statement on audio issues with today’s meeting of Metro Board of Directors

UPDATE,  MONDAY, MARCH 29: Here is the link to the webcast of the meeting. If you click on an item in the list below the video you can go straight to that part of the meeting instead of having to listen to the whole thing.

Below is an embedded version of the meeting. Here’s the agenda with links to the staff reports.

UPDATE, 4:05 p.m.: The full meeting with sound will be posted to the Metro Board page on our website on Monday.

Due to a piece of malfunctioning equipment, the audio is continuing to drop frequently during today’s virtual meeting of the Metro Board of Directors. That has made it very difficult for the public and stakeholders to follow discussions and the voting on key items involving policy and the expenditure of public funds.

Metro deeply apologizes for this failure. Unfortunately, we will not be able to replace the malfunctioning equipment today. We are, however, preserving sound from the meeting and we will post the full web stream of the meeting — with complete sound — as soon as possible. 

4 replies

  1. Unacceptable! Having one 60 second opportunity at the start of a lengthy meeting to comment on ALL the agenda items before the Board discusses, offers amendments, etc. is a disgrace! And the lapdog General Counsel allowed this travesty to go forward? For shame!

    I thought nothing could exceed the careless chairing by past L.A. Mayor Riordan. Congratulations, Mr. Empty Suit Garcetti! Hopefully the ACLU or Public Counsel sue to stop this trampling of the Brown Act!

    And knowing we would only after the fact hear most of the discussion they went forward? I guess the big shots not us unwashed masses are the important participants in this “exercise in democracy”.

  2. It was a disaster!! I took off work to both listen and comment on three items and was only allowed one comment at the start of the meeting. I had my hand raised in accordance with the written instructions on the agenda for the other two items but was never called on again. It appears that they stopped accepting comments despite the instructions clearly stating that we would have that opportunity. I was able to listen to slightly less than half the meeting until the “repair” break at 11am, but after resuming the meeting at 1130, I was able to hear maybe a combined 20 minutes. Does the Brown Act still exist at Metro?

    • Apparently NOT, when it comes to the METRO board meetings. Metro doesn’t really care. If they really cared, they would cancel the board meeting, today, along with all actions and re-schedule the entire meeting later this month.

    • They announced at the start a new policy of holding public comment on agenda items at the start of the meeting which indeed doesn’t conform with the procedures outlined in the agenda.