Mask dispensers now available on Metro buses and trains

Both Metro and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention require riders to wear face masks on public transit (except for those with a medical excuse).

To make it easier for riders who may have forgotten or misplaced their masks, Metro will be installing more than 2,000 mask dispensers on board our trains and buses, Metro Micro vehicles and at Metro Rail stations. Five hundred dispensers are being installed this week and another 500 in the week to come.

The dispensers are manufactured by BYD and they will be replenished daily. While the masks are available for anyone who needs one, we kindly request that you only take one at a time.

The installation of dispensers is a top priority and our Operations team is working hard to install them as soon as they are received. Metro has also stepped up cleaning of buses and trains and is working to ensure adequate ventilation on its vehicles.

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  1. Thank you for the free masks. Because I saw an empty mask dispenser with trash in it. Can you please clean the inside of the mask dispenser? Thank you again for the free masks! : )

    • Hi,

      Thank you for letting us know, dispensers are also cleaned regularly.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. How is this just happening now? The pandemic is likely over this summer and we’ve had 10s of thousands of people die in LA…. this should have been done last march

  3. Really? We’re over a year into the pandemic, and there’s still people who “forget” or “misplace” their mask upon entering public transit? Anyone who isn’t wearing a mask in public at this point is just a moron who is much more likely to refuse to wear a mask and will just take all the masks out of spite and/or resell them on the street, or toss them in the gutter after exiting the bus. People already have chances to forget their mask upon leaving their home and seeing everyone on the street wearing them, so whoever is getting on a bus or train maskless at that point isn’t going to benefit from free masks at the door. It’s just like the free masks they give out in Vegas casinos, people already are wearing them, they just take a handful to keep for themselves. This program will only create more waste in our oceans and streets.

  4. Makes me happy to see this! Great for keeping riders and operators safer!

    • Thank you for the free masks! But, I saw an empty mask dispenser with trash in it. Do you clean the inside of the mask dispenser? Thank you again for the free masks!