New video: Metro front line employees show commitment, compassion and courage during ongoing pandemic

With the first anniversary rapidly approaching of safer-at-home orders, we thought it was a good time to post this video featuring some of Metro’s staff talking about their experiences serving the public in the past year.

There’s no denying the past year has been a tough one. Metro — and the transit industry — still has some big challenges ahead and the pandemic, of course, is hardly over. Many of our staff still need to be vaccinated. Most schools are still not reopen, plenty of workers are still telecommuting, our local teams are playing games in front of empty stands and too many of our beloved cultural venues remain closed.

Hopefully, though, the worst is behind us. The video, I think, is a testament to the resilience of the many women and men who kept the bulk of our service running over the past year. Kudos to the many staff willing to be interviewed and thank you to the many riders who kept riding.

The video was produced by Metro videographers Adrian Hernandez and Joe Lemon. 


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  1. Thank you for this video it helps to know that others know what we have had to endure here at metro during this trying time. We have a lot of good people who have been steadfast through their own fears to come to work and provide a necessary service to the public. Please continue to keep metro frontline workers safe.