New video: Bob Baker marionettes visit Union Station

If you grew up in the Los Angeles area, you likely recall the Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s legendary puppet shows — a staple of local pop culture and children’s birthday parties for decades.

Cake, back stage waiting for its close-up

Over the weekend, Metro Art and the Theater premiered the above video, Bob Baker Day Meets Union Station. Featuring many vintage puppets and classic songs, it’s a nice ode to L.A. and our region’s busiest transit hub.

And, for those who last saw a Bob Baker show at a birthday party, the video even has a song-and-dance number featuring a singing cake on a little red wagon.

We hope the video brings everyone some smiles and takes you back to another time and a place we dearly miss. For even more virtual adventures, with the historic station presented in 3D, visit the week-long Bob Baker Day here.